steroids buy
21001hi800 00 22Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austincareerentered Congress in '59, protect beaches from oil drilling using "Roman" law
31001hi800 03 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austincareerpublic rights to beaches in spite of oil drilling rights
41001hi800 04 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austincareergreat-grandfather shipwrecked in Galveston 1840's, 1959 Open Beaches Act
51001hi800 06 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationconflict over passing Open Beaches Act, ammendments, trade-offs
61001hi800 08 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97AustinlegislationGov. Daniels conservative but favorable to environment, favors sales tax
71001hi800 10 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationprocedural workings on Open Beaches Act; one-man band
81001hi800 12 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationworked w/Baker, some Houston liberals favorable to environment
91001hi800 13 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationlawsuit challenge against oystermen & dredging dangerous so cancelled suit
101001hi800 15 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationultimately saved Galveston shell reefs, but dredgers moved to Corpus Christi
111001hi800 18 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationbeaches are rolling beaches and shifts - determine ownership after "Alicia"
121001hi800 20 50Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily historyhis ancestors shipwrecked on beach, partied in the sand, hunted deer, reefs 1834
131001hi800 22 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily historygreat-grandfather Kleberg appointed by Sam Houston, figure in TX history
141001hi800 24 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily history4 congressman from his family, some liberal some conservative "Lincolnists"
151001hi800 26 47Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily historyfather's cousin Caesar Kleberg left money for environment, ran King Ranch
161001hi800 28 27Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily historymade deal w/Humble Oil to use land at King Ranch
171001hi800 31 15Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily historygrandfather went to battle of San Jacinto on a mustang, war stories,
181001hi800 34 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinfamily historyfather raised in DeWitt County, was a cowboy, 11 children, well educated
191001hi800 37 12Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinearly influenceKleberg uncles, father friendly w/ Blacks & Mexican Americans
11001hi800 40 45Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinpoliticsonce he was blamed for being "too soft on the Negro thing", did the Christian thing
201001hi800 42 45Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austincareerbecame a lawyer, favorable to labor & minorities; law was dull-labor law exciting!
211001hi800 46 50Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austincareer1965 - peak time for labor law support & issues, represented CWA, steel workers
221001hi800 48 26Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austincareerrepresented teamsters union, brought bill to house on worker safety, air & water
231001hi800 49 52Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97AustinlegislationTSCA law was his baby, Reagan & Bush ignored it, tried private citizen right to sue
241001hi800 52 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationwriting history of U.S. presidents, ranking leadership quality like Schlesinger did
251001hi800 56 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97AustinpoliticsNixon's politics, distractions, 1970s presidents, worst leader quality rating period
261001hi800 59 30Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationworking on industrial safety, OSHA laws, involved with NASA & space committee
271001hi801 03 00Eckhardt, Robert02/19/97Austinlegislationcompromise on bill with Charlie Wilson, got 100,000 acres, protecting wildness
281002hi800 01 35Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstoncareerarrived in Houston in 1962, had BG in 3rd world development, foreign aid currency
291002hi800 06 40Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstoncareerfound that Buffalo Bayou was a neglected asset in Houston neighborhood
301002hi800 09 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstoncareerinterested in meeting on downtown redevelopment - no "plans" for Houston then
311002hi800 11 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonzoningw/o planning, zoning is a farce, zoning defeated in Houston election
321002hi800 12 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonzoninghistory of planning & parks in Buenos Aires is described favorably
331002hi800 14 30Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97HoustonzoningRiver Oaks dumped sewage in bayou, neglected area, she applied to organization
341002hi800 16 50Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningworked for "Civic Houston" organization to revitalize downtown & bayou profits
351002hi800 19 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningtedious work to track & find all property owners in downtown Houston, get dues $
361002hi800 24 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningJones & Meyer family conflict, poker debts, landowner conflicts, Rice Hotel
371002hi800 25 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningHouston Endowment, Meekum, ownership of Rice Hotel, George Meyer deals
381002hi800 27 20Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningfamily relationships and personalities did & still do control Houston deal making
391002hi800 30 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningHouston downtown housing stock torn down for parking lots, needed sidewalks
401002hi800 33 30Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planninginner city abandoned for developers & suburban sprawl, townhouses in prairie
411002hi800 36 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planninghighwaymen provide accessibility not mobility, encourages sprawl, no transit
421002hi800 38 20Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningmaking highways takes acreage off tax roles, trains encourage high density building
431002hi800 41 30Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningfeeder roads on highways, cars have too low density, encourages sprawl
441002hi800 43 10Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningroads cut through neighborhoods, rail is cheaper to build than HOV lanes
451002hi800 47 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningTexas contractors know how to lay cement, give contributions to politicians
461002hi800 48 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonurban planningproposed ordinance to prevent building near Bayous was defeated
471002hi800 52 30Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonflood controlno such thing as "flood control" with concrete bayous, just moving them
481002hi800 55 50Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpreservationformed early bayou preservation committees in Montrose to protect trees
491002hi801 00 10Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpreservationtried to organize disparate community groups into cohesive unit
501002hi801 02 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpreservationformation of Houston Area Forum, safety & police took priority over environment
511002hi801 04 20Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonfluoridationhad panel to discuss fluoridation in water, very little water used is ingested anyway
521002hi801 09 58Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpoliticsindustry money buys off environmental laws & favors, can't trust gov't. doctors
531002hi801 12 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97HoustoncareerKathy Whitmire & John Lindsay fired her when she caught onto their corruption
541002hi801 15 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpoliticstrue story of bribery & corruption w/campaign contributions for permits, blatant
551002hi801 17 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97HoustonpoliticsHardy toll road routed to maximize real estate values for Walter Mischer & Lindsay
561002hi801 22 37Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonconservationcitizens become active, concrete embankments on bayous collapse, activism
571002hi801 25 10Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonactivismshe's tired of activism, let the youngsters do it
581002hi801 25 45Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonfutureyounger generation in Houston to make money, they don't think things through
591002hi801 29 18Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpoliticsvested interests, university consolidation threatens cushy administrators
601002hi801 31 14Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpoliticsreal estate interest control Houston, Allen brothers had relatives w/ property
611002hi801 34 05Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonhistoryearly Houston parks commission, Holcomb asks Herman & Hogg family for land
621002hi801 38 41Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97HoustonhistoryChamber of Commerce liked Houston Area Forum, pushed security issues
631002hi801 40 46Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonearly influencegrew up in Argentina, learned not to be wasteful, mother saved young foal, Scottish
641002hi801 44 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonearly influencenaturally raised a conservationist, born in Buenos Aires & enjoyed the port there
651002hi801 45 00Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpoliticstried to encourage making the port area a usable attraction, watch the ships
661002hi801 47 30Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonhuntingno need to waste anything, sadly hunters cull the biggest & best unlike nature
671002hi801 48 50Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonpoliticspeople see bayou not as beauty, with flooding & listen to fake experts
681002hi801 50 22Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonfavorite placeParker Estate, great view of downtown, land deal for art museum, Jane Owen
691002hi801 54 30Zimmelman, Barrie02/23/97Houstonfuturepeople pushing for bikeways, some plans outrageous like along freeway
701003hi800 01 15Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneducationworks with children & environment, kids used to have association w/ nature
711003hi800 03 12Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneducationchildrens images of nature comes from horror movies, scares them to death
721003hi800 04 50Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneducationpoison control center - mostly from household chemicals, some plants & berries
731003hi800 07 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonbotanycan't always eat what animals eat, animals can & do eat them
741003hi800 09 11Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonearly influencehis father was mentor, old country doctor, loved plants, family gathered plants
751003hi800 11 15Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonearly influencegrew up in rural Arkansas, very poor, "poke" salad, lambsquarter, ate wild things
761003hi800 14 26Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonenvironmental justiceminorities hard pressed for social justice, didn't have time for environment issues
771003hi800 17 30Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonenvironmental justiceminorities see environment as "white man's hobby" but it's too serious, not hobby
781003hi800 19 44Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneconomicscorporations had to be "pitchforked" into cooperating by the gov't. jobs vs. envir.
791003hi800 21 41Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneconomicsenvironmental laws have not bankrupt industry like they predicted, but pays off
801003hi800 22 55Stahl, Carmine02/23/97HoustonRachel CarsonRachel Carsons book woke up people, raptors disappearing, DDT
811003hi800 25 38Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneducationhad a gradual awareness of environment, hunting & fishing as kid, but not anymore
821003hi800 27 15Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpollution1950's & 1960s began to notice oil slicks on creeks, newpaper stories, oil spills
831003hi800 29 30Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonwater pollutionsubdivision sewage treatment plants dumping untreated waste into creeks
841003hi800 32 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97HoustonfloodplainInverness Forest subdivision frequently flooded early 70s, stop development there
851003hi800 34 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonfloodplaindeveloped Cyrpess Creek Parkway to keep private development out of flood area
861003hi800 37 30Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpopulationpopulation explosion is great problem, requires more concrete to cover the earth
871003hi800 40 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpopulationpopulation boom, green revolution vs. famine, farming too chemicaly dependent
881003hi800 43 28Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpopulationdeveloped countries will have to learn to live with less, share the earth's food
891003hi800 45 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneducationkids learning about global devastation, rain forests
901003hi800 46 50Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonprairieearly settlers imagined resources, forests, unlimited so they plowed & planted
911003hi800 48 50Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonforestrycypress tress 1000 years old cut down across TX, some 400 yr old remain in Harris
921003hi800 52 18Stahl, Carmine02/23/97HoustondevelopmentHouston developers left no trees, consequently no birds, have returned in time
931003hi800 56 15Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonbotanyencourages people to plant native species, not exotics; require less water & care
941003hi800 57 46Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonbotanytallow trees introduced c. 1900, had shade & wax for candles, man-made problem
951003hi800 59 30Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonbirdinggrackles over-run TX, displaced from midwest by grain farms, live on tallow berries
961003hi801 02 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonbotanymillions spent eradicating tallow, has some benefits, but grows quickly anywhere
971003hi801 03 30Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonforestrymonoculture of pine owned by lumber companies in south TX not good for species
981003hi801 05 44Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonagriculturecorn is biggest cash crop, but hybridization is dangerous, Indians had many types
991003hi801 10 10Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonethnobotanyhalf the foods grown today contributed by Native Americans, corn squash & beans
1001003hi801 14 15Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonagricultureagricultural cross-fertilization by natives an accident noted then repeated
1011003hi801 15 50Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonagricultureall vegetables we eat were once edible wild plants, trial & error development hybrids
1021003hi801 21 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonagricultureplanting of flowers in garden, attract insects for cross pollenization, aesthetics
1031003hi801 24 40Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpoetryparents encouraged his poetry, studied it in school, both humorous & serious
1041003hi801 27 04Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpoetryreads poem "When It Rains in Texas"
1051003hi801 29 18Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonpoetryreads poem "The Great Old Oak"
1061003hi801 31 23Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonreligionhe's an ordained minister, close relation between stewardship & faith, oneness
1071003hi801 34 30Stahl, Carmine02/23/97HoustonreligionGod charges humans to be fruitful & multiply, to tend Garden of Eden
1081003hi801 37 20Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonethicsevery pet & animal has its own sense of being, hierarchy of species & value
1091003hi801 40 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonethicsunless vegan, have to kill animals, but no need to be cruel to critters
1101003hi801 42 53Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonethicspass on sense of stewardship, works with animal rehabilitation group
1111003hi801 46 53Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonhuntingimportance of predators in culling nature, value of snakes in rat control
1121003hi801 50 21Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonfavorite placeloves Mountains, oceans, high plains & horizons, the Ozarks, big coastal marshes
1131003hi801 53 00Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstonethnobotanyimportance of marshes, usable plants & flowers, point out edible plants on tours
1141003hi801 56 53Stahl, Carmine02/23/97Houstoneducationimportance of elementary school environmental education, kids & nature walks
1151004hi800 00 38Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christiearly influenceraised in newspaper family, father was pro-development until '29 & drought & dust
1161004hi800 02 19Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christiearly influencesupporter of American Farmlands Trust, supports sustainable agriculture
1171004hi800 03 18Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christiearly influencemother came from farm family in Missouri, had "ruined farms" & moved on
1181004hi800 05 08Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christiagriculturesmall farms on decline, most environmental groups look at species, not farming
1191004hi800 07 21Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristiagricultureAmerican Farmlands Trust finding interest by young farmers in sustainable farming
1201004hi800 09 21Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristieducationEnglish major at Dartmouth, worked at newspapers
1211004hi800 12 00Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christicareerknew J.P. Stevens, 1958 nominated to board of National Audubon, 3 terms
1221004hi800 14 30Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christicareerbecame chairman of Audubon, which had been East Coast centered, did 5 years
1231004hi800 16 06Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristiRachel CarsonClarence Codham worked for TX Fish & Wildlife, was Rachel Carson's mentor
1241004hi800 21 19Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristipoliticsSissy Farenthold organized OPUS to sue developers for beautification of Corpus
1251004hi800 22 50Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christipreservationbattle to preserve open beach, developer's objected but newspapers swayed public
1261004hi800 25 08Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristipoliticsJerry Sadler in Austin not going to give up submerged lands to Fed Gov't.
1271004hi800 28 40Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristipreservationSouth Padre looks like before, developers opposed taking of land, lost money
1281004hi800 31 56Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christidredgingroad builders needed aggregate, oyster shell dredging, detrimental to sea beds
1291004hi800 34 10Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristidrillingNavy releases drilling prohibition, citizen formed committee to regulate drilling
1301004hi800 37 20Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christidrillingbay drilling committee membership, city ordinance restricting drilling areas, safety
1311004hi800 39 47Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christidrillinggot Hugh Patterson as attorney vs. oil companies, first municipal drilling regulation
1321004hi800 43 08Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristipreservationAda Wilson owned 6 miles of Mustang Island, Cissy Farenthold persuaded sale
1331004hi800 48 12Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christisuperport oilopposed supertanker port at Port Aransas, Henry Hildebrand knew the bay, helped
1341004hi800 50 50Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristiIntracoastalopposes Intracoastal Waterway to Tampico, Mex., too costly, Audubon & Laguna
1351004hi800 54 08Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristilegislationBabe Schwartz in 60s set up coastal commission to control development like CA
1361004hi800 56 00Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christipreservationgave his ranch land to state for tax benefits, gift to Nature Conservancy & congress
1371004hi800 59 14Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christipreservationsome people objected to giving more land to Fed Gov't., said Gov't. owns much
1381004hi80019 14Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristijournalismHank Suter started earliest environmental news column, beautification of Corpus
1391004hi801 01 05Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christipreservationargument for giving ranch to park-move RV crowds to former ranch, more water
1401004hi801 02 05Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus ChristipreservationR.O. Anderson paid for ranch in Big Bend, will have to let people use it, fix roads
1411004hi801 03 23Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christipreservationmust have some public use on lands, regulate what can't tolerate public onslaught
1421004hi801 04 28Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christifavorite placeshore of Maine, likes it in summertime, his wife owns a place there, it's cooler
1431004hi801 05 24Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christifuturesees trend toward better scientific grounding for conservation movement
1441004hi801 06 37Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christifuturetoo many people, Mexico under 2%, still too high, can't save monarch butterflies
1451004hi801 07 55Harte, Edward03/01/97Corpus Christipopulation3rd world economic development, tax global resources, immigration
1461005hi800 00 30Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasearly influenceborn & lived until 17 in suburb of London, row houses, city child, seaside holidays
1471005hi800 03 10Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasearly influenceMartello Towers on English beaches, pebbly beaches, explored tide pools, crabs
1481005hi800 05 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasearly influenceinterested in birds, English suburbs devoid of birds, new area w/ little vegetation
1491005hi800 08 15Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasearly influencehad standard education, liked geography, rivalry w/ older brother-drew maps
1501005hi800 10 42Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaseducationfamiliy tragedies, never went to college, moved to Bermuda, father was tool & die
1511005hi800 13 16Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasearly influencefather worked on early T.V., spent 8 yrs working in the trade in Bermuda
1521005hi800 15 20Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareergrim life in post-war London, coal pollution, envied American servicemen
1531005hi800 17 35Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaseducationdid O level and A level in English schools, did sciences & math, no formal school
1541005hi800 18 57Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerworked 8 yrs in beautiful Bermuda--explored the sea, then moved to NYC
1551005hi800 21 35Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerapplied for job on Columbia Univ. oceanography research vessel in Antarctica
1561005hi800 23 47Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerstarted using electronic CTD instruments for oceanography @ Columbia Univ.
1571005hi800 25 15Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareersaw a rare "visible front" full of various sea life & marine debris as well, used CTD
1581005hi800 29 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerdelivered first paper on "visible front" phenomenon in Indian Ocean-internal current
1591005hi800 33 30Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerhe's a "field" researcher practical "descriptive" scientist rather than theoretician
1601005hi800 35 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerblue water oceanography declined after 200 mile limit imposed, he became coastal
1611005hi800 37 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port AransascareerEwing tried to set up TX rival lab to Woods Hole & other ocean institutes
1621005hi800 41 40Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareermissed NYC when moved to TX, but saw birds & liked it, saw variety & potential
1631005hi800 43 42Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareersaw bays, laguna, gulf & oil drilling, cities, fishing and areas to investigate & birds
1641005hi800 44 30Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasbirdingstarted counting birds on beaches, saw condos coming, study the effect of building
1651005hi800 47 35Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasbirdinghe reads from his observation notebook on birds he saw - custom bird computer
1661005hi800 51 59Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutiondid 300 beach surveys of just garbage found, found radio beach reports wrong
1671005hi800 55 10Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutiongreen Mexican bleach bottles wash up but no domestic garbage-shrimping waste
1681005hi800 58 20Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutionfound fewer bleach bottles off Louisiana, wind & currents affect it, oil rig hats too
1691005hi8001 49 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasdevelopmenthomes, roads, beach signs & posts proliferate; beach morphology study
1701005hi801 00 50Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutioncoastal sandbar troughs collect debris, beer can reefs, found 2 year old Coke cans
1711005hi801 03 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutionfound messages in bottles, reads them: 3/6/89 3AM from Key West to gulf 5 knots
1721005hi801 08 30Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspoetryreads poem found in message in a bottle floating in ocean
1731005hi801 11 30Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutionuse messages in bottles as a way to trace patterns of currents
1741005hi801 12 43Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransaspollutionfound radio weather electronic device from balloon fallen into sea & returned it
1751005hi801 15 30Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasturtlessea turtle strandings & deaths seem to corroborate with shrimping activities
1761005hi801 20 57Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasturtlesturtle excluding devices seemed to work at first but not for small animals
1771005hi801 23 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasturtlesproblems for U.S. shrimpers vs. unregulated Mexican shrimpers, animosity
1781005hi801 25 45Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasturtlesexamined dead turtle stomachs & found man-made materials inside them
1791005hi801 28 04Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasdolphinslesions from "cookie cutter" shark bites; scars or "rake marks" from dolphins
1801005hi801 32 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasdolphinsdoesn't believe marine mammals should be in captivity, they're not happy
1811005hi801 33 43Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasred tidebig problem of red tide in '86 & '97; blooms under certain conditions, irritates eyes
1821005hi801 40 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasclimatemeasured extremely cold temperatures in laguna, killed fish & invertebrates
1831005hi801 43 50Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasoysterslikes oysters but won't eat them raw anymore
1841005hi801 45 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransascareerimportance of taking notes and making observations & drawing conclusions
1851005hi801 53 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasdevelopmentnew signposts, 4 lane highway, failed condos leave signs behind to clean up
1861005hi801 57 00Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasglobal warmingfuture plans, possible erosion, role of humans in global picture, responsibility
1871005hi802 01 18Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasfavorite placeback side of Padre Island behind airstrip in a marsh
1881005hi802 03 38Amos, Anthony03/02/97Port Aransasoceanographyfinds buoys and scientific measuring instruments from others & returns them
1891006hi800 00 36Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiearly influenceborn in Louisiana, father in geology dept. @ LSU, dad protected marsh from oil drills
1901006hi800 02 35Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christieducationwent to Univ. of Oregon as pre-med, M.A. Chem in LA, met Swiss husband, travels
1911006hi800 04 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christicareerdescribed pristine Mustang Island pre-development, researched industry
1921006hi800 06 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristiRachel Carsonthey were bird watchers, alarmed by Rachel Carson's book, noticed pelican decline
1931006hi800 08 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristibirdingDDT blamed for pelican decline, not oil drilling; protested & now birds coming back
1941006hi800 10 20Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christieducationtaught chemistry using anecdotes; penicillin & DDT blamed for problems today
1951006hi800 12 10Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christieducationtaught that there is a good & bad side to all chemistry; marijuana story in class
1961006hi800 16 40Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristiactivismDel Mar College never made her curb her activism while teaching-academic freedom
1971006hi800 19 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiethicsno process doesn't create damage, everyone is a sinner, can't find "green" gas
1981006hi800 20 45Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christijournalismhusband wrote enviro column for "Caller Times" on development vs. conservation
1991006hi800 22 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christisuperport oileconomic analysis of superport continues to increase, protest Corps, NEPA
2001006hi800 24 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christieconomicsdoesn't know any development stopped by environmentalists-stopped by costs
2011006hi800 26 15Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christienvironmental justice1992 major HFl chemical spill, highest concentration in Corpus, pollutants increased
2021006hi800 28 50Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiair pollutionHFl can travel 5 miles in the air, it affected the paint on their house, can smell it
2031006hi800 31 45Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristijournalismCaller Times not encouraging eco-tourism, concentrate on refining & Navy
2041006hi800 34 15Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christi~N. Padre Island 1968, Kennedy Causeway, dredge & fill instead of pilings-did damage
2051006hi800 36 30Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christidevelopmentpro-development gov't. wanted to develop Island into Fort Lauderdale, fought it !
2061006hi800 39 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christidevelopmentdeveloper put a seawall on beach, led to erosion, by 72 Bob Armstrong stopped it
2071006hi800 42 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christigeographygeography of channels entering into Corpus Christi Bay, Harry Hogue & property
2081006hi800 45 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristieconomicsMillion Dollar Inn & condos built on state tidal land, Ben Marks settled suit
2091006hi800 47 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristilegislationKennedy Causeway went through because of Sen. Ronald Bridges, form committee
2101006hi800 49 28Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christidredgingmost dredging for Port of Corpus; finger canal plans; Sissy Farenthold oppossed
2111006hi800 52 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipoliticscity council hearing on proposed marina Fort Lauderdale plan, Armstrong fought it
2121006hi800 54 45Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christidredgingdredging follies, port contaminated with zinc, mercury, cadmium in sediments
2131006hi801 00 22Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christidevelopmentcomparison of tax base revenue vs. public expenses on Padre Island develoment
2141006hi801 04 11Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipoliticsquirk in city water codes affecting utilities, not subject to citizen vote on Texana
2151006hi801 05 55Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiwaterfirst became active over TX water plan; defeated in vote; Choke Canyon dam, Texana
2161006hi801 09 26Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christieconomicspayments on loans for Lake Texana, overpayments on water, loans
2171006hi801 15 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiwaterdam releases of water into Nueces Bay & shrimp production, shrimpers organize!
2181006hi801 18 15Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiwatercurrent drought, TNRCC, conflict over water releases, industry vs. environment
2191006hi801 20 35Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiwaternegotiate w/ a stick vs. city on water rights & releases; sue the city on contract
2201006hi801 22 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiwaterwater rationing for homeowners but not industry, salinity issues vs. fresh water
2211006hi801 25 25Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christishrimpingshrimpers vs. red fish farmers-claim larval redfish eating larval shrimp; TNRCC
2221006hi801 27 46Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christifuturetechnology will be needed to & will save us; scaremongering? overfishing problem
2231006hi801 30 25Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipolitlcspolitical control at agencies: TNRCC, industry vs. environment, smelters,
2241006hi801 32 50Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipollutionlocal people only look at short term economic survival, outsiders influence more
2251006hi801 34 45Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristiunionsOxychem lawsuits, worker health, contamination, TNRCC doesn't act upon it
2261006hi801 38 20Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christinuclearnearby uranium mines, taught son of wealthy local who worked near yellow cake
2271006hi801 42 14Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipreservationlocal effort to preserve barrier islands, acquire the property, Mustang Island Park
2281006hi801 46 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipreservationlack of development because no place to sail big boats, no "Florida" type weather
2291006hi801 49 16Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus ChristipreservationSuter Park created as mitigation by city for putting hurricane rubble on shores
2301006hi801 52 08Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christiecotourismfavors ecotourism, but must be carefully regulated to prevent destruction
2311006hi801 54 00Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christifavorite placelikes west Texas for solitude, but not in summer, been to Nova Scotia, Manitoba
2321006hi801 55 40Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christipopulationfavors population control, more Sierra Club activism, work w/ hunters + fisherman
2331006hi801 57 50Suter, Pat03/02/97Corpus Christifuturefuture problems of dredging, baby boomers not as involved w/ their community
2341007hi800 00 45Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinearly influenceremembers planting seeds at age 5, bugs, birds in backyard, met older birders
2351007hi800 04 50Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinearly influenceas young man wanted to restore buffalo, restore natural areas, Herman Park
2361007hi800 06 11Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinearly influenceJoe Heiser big influence, Outdoor Nature Club, east Texas devastation
2371007hi800 07 15Emanuel, Victor03/06/97AustinpreservationLittle Thicket nature preserve by Joe Heiser to restore small area
2381007hi800 09 20Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinpreservationbegan collecting indigenous seeds & plants for diversity
2391007hi800 11 58Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinearly influencementor was Armand Yrmanetegui, son of rich man, passion was natural conservation
2401007hi800 14 43Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austineducationcollege at Rice University; not much environmental consciousness there; U.T. for botany
2411007hi800 16 25Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austincareerhis father was newspaperman, heard lots of politics, involved as student
2421007hi800 18 15Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinpoliticsfamily friend of Bob Eckhardt, learned about dredging & private company benefits
2431007hi800 21 24Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austincareerhis father covered sports, knew Dan Rather; wrote T.V. editorials; wrote press
2441007hi800 24 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austincareerworked w/ young democrats, studied poli-sci at Harvard; George Oser's campaign
2451007hi800 28 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austincareerdidn't like working indoors in smokey offices, missed nature, heard bob white
2461007hi800 31 09Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austincareerparents had high regard for education; influenced school board work, lecturing
2471007hi800 33 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austincareerlead student tours of Mexico, very exciting for them, ran birding camps for 11 years
2481007hi800 37 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinecologybelieves in spritual healing power of being in nature; shares w/ students
2491007hi800 41 12Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinhuntingfather & son hunting influences expose some to nature, but also at schools
2501007hi800 43 23Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinethicsnature can't be learned through video, needs enthusiastic teachers
2511007hi800 46 20Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinbirdingat Harvard grad school discovered first bird tour program, made it a career job
2521007hi800 49 15Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinbirdingbegan organizing tours to Yucatan; became a popular business, do 140 now
2531007hi800 52 01Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinecotourismdidn't imagine that birding tours would become force for conservation
2541007hi800 54 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinecotourismcock of the rock bird survives because hotel owner preserved it as attraction
2551007hi800 56 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinecotourismbig resorts are problem; if too crowded-it ruins quality of experience
2561007hi801 22 34Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinbirdingmigratory birds exhausted from bad weather & warblers & orioles fall from the sky
2571007hi801 00 28Emanuel, Victor03/06/97AustinecotourismAlfonso tour guide in Mexico joined Bhai faith developed Yucatan ecotourism
2581007hi801 06 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinbirdingplanned festival to introduce people to tropical birding in Panama
2591007hi801 10 12Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinbirdingstarted bird count at 16, eventually saw 216 species - set record for count
2601007hi801 15 30Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinbirdinglot of bird watching is on private land, have to make arrangements
2611007hi801 17 53Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinconservationdirector of Citizens Environmental Coalition '74-75, doesn't remember much
2621007hi801 19 23Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinpoliticsexperiences working in DC for Ralph Yarborough, Golden Eagle hunting bill
2631007hi801 26 30Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinhabitathabitat loss due to tree farms, less diversity; population increase clears brush
2641007hi801 29 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinfavorite placeEast Texas; High Island (wants to spend spring there); Big Bend; Chiricahuas
2651007hi801 31 00Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinfavorite placedescriptions from hiking the Chiricahua Mountains, Mexico
2661007hi801 37 13Emanuel, Victor03/06/97Austinethicsnature is most important force people can get in touch with in their lives
2671008hi800 00 45Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasearly influencemother had little interest in nature, urban childhood; father took him fishing
2681008hi800 02 50Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaseducationbiology taught little, but got into it as a Boy Scout in Tulsa; loved nature exploration
2691008hi800 06 25Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasethicshis wife likes nature, lives in natural surrounding; his children have become involved
2701008hi800 08 37Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallashomehas a 3 acre lot in heart of Dallas; creek runs through it, native vegetation
2711008hi800 11 07Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallashomehis house has "natural" wild landscape - poses some conflict w/ neighbors
2721008hi800 13 14Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallascareerhe worked in consumer credit law, represented borrowers vs. usury; nature as client
2731008hi800 15 52Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallascareerenvironmental concerns has better status among lawyers today; it's a public service
2741008hi800 17 43Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasfamilyhis wife Jeannie loves nature (though not to his degree) honeymoon in nature
2751008hi800 18 21Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallashomeneighbor turned his yard in for violating "weed" ordinance, he defeated them in suit
2761008hi800 20 50Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallashomeneighbors thought his goldenrod was noxious, he had counter expert testimony
2771008hi800 22 28Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaslegislationstated lobbying in mid 60s; bird protection bill; struggle for Texas EIR laws (TEPA)
2781008hi800 25 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaslegislationcampaign contributions & legislative process hinder environmental regulations
2791008hi800 27 34Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivism94 Congress tried to undermine environment but media blew the story to public
2801008hi800 30 09Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallascareerhelped start Consumer Association; formed TX Nature Conservancy; TCONR
2811008hi800 33 43Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivismhelped start League of Conservation Voters; Marion Pedy was leader; F.O.E
2821008hi800 36 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97DallaslegislationPete Gunther, Ralph Yarborough, Lloyed Bentsen (Big Thicket Bill) Charlie Wilson
2831008hi800 37 52Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivismvolunteers recognize a sound environment is needed for survival; bond w/ nature
2841008hi800 40 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivismrole of paid environmental staffers (necessary for battle) vs. volunteer members
2851008hi800 42 55Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivismphilosophy & spirituality play role in environmental beliefs, but also need science
2861008hi800 44 56Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasreligionmost religions share sanctity of environment when you get beyond money values
2871008hi800 48 12Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivismactive citizens vital to protecting environment - and not for profit motives
2881008hi800 50 08Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasactivismgrant making foundations needed to support volunteers out saving the planet
2891008hi800 52 40Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaseconomicsbelieves free market economy can maintain production & still be conscientious
2901008hi800 55 40Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaseconomicsexploiters of environmental resources must be kept from gov't. control - disaster!
2911008hi800 58 24Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasgovernmentgov't. agencies-Forest Service-protect their own budgets & interests first
2921008hi801 01 08Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasgovernmentcurrent bill in congress to prevent money-losing timber sales by Forest Service
2931008hi801 04 52Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaslawcourts too busy to handle cases. pass them off to administrative law of agencies
2941008hi801 08 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasgovernmentgovernment agencies defend each other; not well trained in specialties like timber
2951008hi801 11 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97DallasforestryForest Service uses prescribed burns unnecessarily to increase their bureaucracy
2961008hi801 14 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasforestryselection management not a practice in TX before timber began clear-cutting
2971008hi801 17 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasforestryclear-cutting, even-age forest management on public land subsidies & corruption
2981008hi801 21 22Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasforestrynaturally diverse forest superior to plantation; better for soil, fungi, birds, insects
2991008hi801 25 17Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasforestryprescribed burns changes ecosystem because pines for profit can withstand more
3001008hi801 25 55Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasforestryin pine monoculture, Forest service helps some species, but diminishes others
3011008hi801 30 30Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaspreservationto preserve nature, must purchased & restored to native habitat - forests, prairies
3021008hi801 33 48Fritz, Edward05/17/97DallaspreservationNature Conservancy is one approach to land acquisition, prefers private stewards
3031008hi801 35 48Fritz, Edward05/17/97DallaspreservationWinters Bayou as good example of preservation saving oaks, orchids & animals
3041008hi801 38 46Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasdamsdams destroy bottomland forests; fought Cooper Reservoir & won mitigation
3051008hi801 42 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallaswaterwater hustlers include politicians & developers who profit from construction
3061008hi801 44 30Fritz, Edward05/17/97DallaswaterGreen Scissors program would stop wasteful short-term dam solutions
3071008hi801 49 00Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasfavorite placelikes natural spots, favorite in TX is Milk Creek Cove near Toledo Bend, magnolia
3081008hi801 52 38Fritz, Edward05/17/97Dallasfuturetime spent improving the environment & humankind is most fulfilling effort
3091009hi800 00 49Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influencefather was family doctor n Bastrop; mom met dad @ med school; 6 kid family
3101009hi800 03 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influenceparents grew up in rural area, understood agriculture & mom planted native plants
3111009hi800 05 30Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influencein drought of '30s she peddled vegetables - poor people should have gardens!
3121009hi800 07 45Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austineducationwas valedictorian, played tennis; BBA from U.T. in '37;
3131009hi800 08 50Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influenceteacher Esther Anderson influential; studied Latin; not limited to "women's roles"
3141009hi800 13 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influenceEsther Anderson taught about nature, nutrition, outdoor trips; she died young
3151009hi800 15 20Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influenceher husband loved outdoor activities, hunting, boating, diverse interests, canoeing
3161009hi800 20 55Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinearly influencehusband & buddies fished in Mexico
3171009hi800 22 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austincareerworked for 42 years @ Texas Employment commission; husband was local judge
3181009hi800 23 51Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticshusband Conrad Fath has marine dealership, entrepreneur; active in precinct politics
3191009hi800 28 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticsher father was delegate to convention during Yarborough vs. Johnson
3201009hi800 29 20Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinecologyblames her generation for environmental problems - hunters caused problems
3211009hi800 30 32Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpreservationif her generation had foresight, they would have bought Barton Creek watershed
3221009hi800 32 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinwateraccess to water was big issue, for fishing & boating; Lake Austin boat landing
3231009hi800 35 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticsinvolved with utility rate structures - business vs. residential rip off; "A.C.O.R.N."
3241009hi800 38 44Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticsstarted flat rate battle in 1980; "R.A.T.E.R.S." coalition held noisy hearing but lost
3251009hi800 45 33Fath, Shudde06/03/97AustinpoliticsRiver City Coordinating Council; proposal "7" endorsed - was a "stealth" campaign
3261009hi800 49 10Fath, Shudde06/03/97AustinpoliticsBetty Himmelblau tried to de-rail them; but they bested her at press conference
3271009hi800 50 06Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticsshe was anti-nuke; inverted rate program, opposed customer charges, but lost
3281009hi800 52 30Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticsdealing w/ stranded investment costs, South TX nuclear project;
3291009hi800 56 20Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinnuclearif Austin had listened to them they would have avoided the stranded nuclear costs
3301009hi800 59 20Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinnuclear1981 campaign to authorize sale of nuclear reactor, used economic arguments
3311009hi801 00 40Fath, Shudde06/03/97AustinnuclearCarol McLellander used "housewife" ads to win support for S. TX Nuclear Project
3321009hi801 02 35Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinenergyglad that waste-to-energy idea has failed; solar program funded by volunteers
3331009hi801 07 15Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinenergygive rebates for high efficiency lighting, etc.
3341009hi801 08 45Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinenergyhard for Austin to promote green energy with surplus - should mandate legislation
3351009hi801 11 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinenergylocal taxes & bonds used to finance alternative energy; local Austin utility well run
3361009hi801 14 34Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinactivismmust educate Austinite on benefits of supporting local utilities
3371009hi801 17 30Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinactivismneeds bright University of TX people involved in utilities
3381009hi801 19 44Fath, Shudde06/03/97AustinenergyAustin's utility founding in 1896 by default; Johnson & populist utilities program
3391009hi801 21 53Fath, Shudde06/03/97AustinenergyTX very late to develop Public Utilities Commission, big boys dominated it
3401009hi801 23 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinlegislationbig business has no social conscience, it only comes from forcing legislation
3411009hi801 24 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinactivismsmall grass-roots groups applies pressure, like River City Coordinating Council
3421009hi801 26 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinenergycity subsidizes utility costs, affect on rates to citizens, public subsidizes growth
3431009hi801 27 57Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austindevelopmentwants responsible growth, doesn't believe technology solves pollution problems
3441009hi801 29 23Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinactivismfactions in environmental community; Jackie, Ronnie Reynolds, prop 22
3451009hi801 31 55Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticscity campaign funding & politics; supports single member districts
3461009hi801 34 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97AustinpoliticsS.A.N.E. group Save Austin Natural Environment; S.O.S. PAC groups
3471009hi801 36 04Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinactivismgroup actions; tax-exemptions & political involvement; make endorsements
3481009hi801 40 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpoliticscitizens patrol and remove political signs from stakes & utility poles
3491009hi801 43 33Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinactivismvolunteer groups waste time, but it's more than doing nothing at all
3501009hi801 46 00Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinpopulationmost environmentalists don't have children, or work after children are grown up
3511009hi801 48 10Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinfuturethinks water will be biggest future problem; air conditioning caused boom in TX
3521009hi801 51 12Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinfavorite place90' lot next to house was her "golf course" place to unwind, native blue-bonnets
3531009hi801 54 54Fath, Shudde06/03/97Austinfuture messagehang in there don't be discouraged, keep on trying, be optimistic
3541010hi800 01 29Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influenceborn in Austin TX in 1912; free to wander about as youngster; loved reading
3551010hi800 04 00Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influenceloved spelling, thinks kids today are bad at spelling, spelling contest as child
3561010hi800 07 30Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influencedoesn't recall any outdoor activities or education as youngster, dad was hunter
3571010hi800 09 20Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influencemother opposed Fred hunting, had an uncle who took him fishing @ Caddo Lake
3581010hi800 12 05Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influencein early days water level varied widely, before dams; early boating story w/ uncle
3591010hi800 15 21Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influenceHambuger Point & "Mossy Break" detailed parts of Caddo Lake, aunt painted
3601010hi800 17 45Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influencespent 45 days a year on Caddo Lake w/ Uncle Jesse - he was a formal banker
3611010hi800 20 11Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainearly influencedescribes picnic lunch on lake - can of sardines ritual
3621010hi800 21 54Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakescenic area "The Art Gallery" where his aunt painted; jackfish alley & lovers lane
3631010hi800 25 15Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakeintelligent poetic character on lake named "Dummy"; often drunken; bootleggers
3641010hi800 27 49Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Laketaught him about changes in appearance of lake; bottom of lake rises in winter
3651010hi800 30 30Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakevegetation turned over and flushed in spring; since Lake of Pines dam no flushing
3661010hi800 31 50Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertain~SOUND NO GOOD through 01 22 00 - REMAINDER OUT OF SYNC
3671010hi801 22 05Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakelog jam caused flooding on Red River; clearing jam created Caddo Lake, subside
3681010hi801 25 43Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo LakeHenry Shreve knew lake would drop; took short-sighted view; ignored consequence
3691010hi801 26 36Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakeeffects of channelizing, Everglades problem same for Red River; Army Corps
3701010hi801 29 38Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo LakeCaddo Lake once had a sandy bottom; Bradley Canal & Big Cypress River silting
3711010hi801 31 40Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakesand draining in Mossy Break reducing fish spawning & changing vegetation
3721010hi801 34 26Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo LakeAlligator Gar were up to 12 feet long; dramatic encounters with them
3731010hi801 38 00Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakespawning habits of Alligator Gar; so thick in water boat could hardly pass through
3741010hi801 42 30Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakepaddle fish roe sold as caviar & shipped up north; fish itself discarded; endangered
3751010hi801 46 00Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakeduckweed not native to Caddo Lake; brought in to enhance duck hunting but fails
3761010hi801 49 40Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakeduck hunting much touted, but not that popular; sinful to kill in excess of need
3771010hi801 53 00Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo Lakedon't know why Rt. 48 is western most border for Spanish Moss
3781010hi801 54 09Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo lakedidn't see much logging; knows there is much illegal logging on their lands
3791010hi801 55 36Dahmer, Fred06/07/97UncertainCaddo lakeman built barge to cut cypress trees from islands in lake - state stopped him
3801010hi801 57 24Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainfavorite placeThe Cathedral an opening in trees on Caddo Lake; light filters like stained glass
3811010hi802 00 45Dahmer, Fred06/07/97Uncertainfutureacknowledge belief in greater power that directs earth & people; non-sectarian faith
3821011hi800 00 50Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationentered Congress in 1959; "Loops" case & state control of coastal oil drilling areas
3831011hi800 03 39Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinopen beachespeople wanted to use beach under traditional rules vs. land ownership
3841011hi800 05 10Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationintroduced open beaches act, passed and still in effect today; Roman law uses
3851011hi800 07 09Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationdispute between live oyster harvesting & people who wanted powdered shells
3861011hi800 11 10Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationshell dredgers were dredging too close to live reefs
3871011hi800 11 30Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig ThicketYarborough started legislation on Big Thicket; he introduced bill; made deal w/ Wilson
3881011hi800 13 26Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig Thicketcarried on after Yarborough; local congressman indicted so Eckhardt moved in
3891011hi800 15 29Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig Thicketlots of influential women worked on Thicket
3901011hi800 17 30Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig ThicketThicket bill had long history pre- 1966; Wilson tied in w/ lumber, made compromise
3911011hi800 19 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig Thicketmajor industry concern was pines; but prettiest areas were cypress along streams
3921011hi800 23 43Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig ThicketBig Thicket trees in north different from southern end; pine vs. cypress; no live oak
3931011hi800 25 48Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinBig ThicketHouston is dividing line; Thicket is N.E.; south of that is live oak; west is plains
3941011hi800 29 17Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinpreservationOpen Beaches was fundamental land use rights; Padre Island; Mustang Island
3951011hi800 31 12Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpreservationconvinced woman who owned Mustang Island not to develop it, buy it for park
3961011hi800 32 45Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinpreservationThicket lawsuit: preservation vs. recreation use; regional speech differences
3971011hi800 35 45Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinlegislationToxic Substances Control Act; tough to pass, largely airborne toxins, opposition
3981011hi800 38 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationlegislation controlling gas drilling & price controls; "new gas" vs. "old gas"
3991011hi800 42 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationbattle over control of oil prices; high prices good for exploration, but it went bust
4001011hi800 46 13Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationoil has nothing free competition-controlled by large companies; need "umpire"
4011011hi800 49 50Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinecotourismmake better money by keeping beaches & thicket; raises money from visitors
4021011hi800 54 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austindevelopmentbeach use depended on connecting bridges & ferries; coastal zone management
4031011hi800 58 11Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationunconstitutionality vs. draftsmanship of legislation; no lawyer expertise; lobbying
4041011hi801 03 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislation1932-1936 many FDR bills were declared unconstitutional; some were justified
4051011hi801 05 38Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustingovernmentSupreme Court decisions regarding states rights vs. Federal Gov't.; tort control
4061011hi801 08 30Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlegislationgreatest period for environmental laws 1965-1980; love of land & his family ranch
4071011hi801 11 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinranchingpeople protect Texas & legacy of wide open spaces; "cowboy" lore & folk tales
4081011hi801 13 15Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinranchingstory of his father having drunken ranch-hands driving cattle; "Gassy" ranch hand
4091011hi801 15 20Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinranchingDesiderio the ranch hand - was a good cowboy but fired for roughness, re-hired
4101011hi801 20 52Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinenvironmental justiceGerman's were very liberal at time of French revolution
4111011hi801 22 33Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinenvironmental justiceLB Johnson liberal on race issues, passed civil rights bill
4121011hi801 23 44Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinfavorite placeDeWitt County; rolling country, sandy & mixed black soil, good for ranching
4131011hi801 26 11Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinfavorite placelikes the area around La Grange, but trees are too small
4141011hi801 27 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinfuturesituation today run by lobbying & money, T.V. controls politics, need more debate
4151011hi801 29 30Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97AustinpoliticsT.V. & 30 second sound bites destroying candidates & politics, attacked him!
4161011hi801 33 30Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpoliticswants political campaign & media reform, candidate must appear, not use actors
4171011hi801 35 00Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpoliticsduring the 1920s developing solid society through Sam Rayburn, Jim Hogg, Wilson
4181011hi801 36 40Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpoliticswhy did Texas go from being once a progressive state to a conservative sate?
4191011hi801 38 40Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpoliticshe got elected through an alliance of blacks, unions & democratic liberals in 1960s
4201011hi801 41 21Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinactivismgot support from hunters & also from Minnie Fisher Cunningham - a suffragette
4211011hi801 45 05Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinactivismgot support from Marion Storm in Austin; got support from lots of women
4221011hi801 47 06Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinlaborhe got support from Chemical & Oil workers unions - they had strong power then
4231011hi801 52 31Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpoliticsdid survey of Houston Ship Channel before taking congressional office, pollution
4241011hi801 56 17Eckhardt, Robert06/30/97Austinpoliticsconcerned about Bosnia situation; writing book about Republican trend in Texas
4251012hi800 00 58Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinearly influenceparents grew up in Corpus area, father into ranching; appreciation for land heritage
4261012hi800 03 10Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinearly influenceparents retired to Kerrville, spent time & went to camp there - still does, Hill Country
4271012hi800 04 10Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinearly influencebroad experience at U.T.; became interested in urban planning & "green spaces"
4281012hi800 06 16Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinearly influenceinfluenced by William Morris of Englad and handcraft & design movement; Ruskin
4291012hi800 08 26Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinactivismmajor life experience was defending municipal golf course; George Brackenridge
4301012hi800 11 15Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustineducationBrackenridge & Littlefield and disputes over campus of U.T. & golf course; WPA
4311012hi800 14 40Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinlegislationmet Ned Fritz & others in environmental movement to keep green space for Austin
4321012hi800 15 24Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinurban planningBeverly Sheffield headed Austin Bicentennial effort in 1776, he was her mentor
4331012hi800 18 45Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinurban planningBeverly Sheffield headed Parks & Recreation in Austin for 40 years - civic leader
4341012hi800 19 32Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinurban planningSinclair Black, young architect at U.T. ; Jeanette & Russell fish - hike & bike trail
4351012hi800 21 55Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindamsbuilt dams for powerplant which created Lake Austin, Roberta worked for clean-up
4361012hi800 23 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpreservationin 1940s Beech Grove given to city for public use
4371012hi800 23 49Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustinpreservationAustin Tomorrow plan; Sierra/Audubon inventories natural places to preserve
4381012hi800 26 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpreservation1975 got creek ordinance to make development work w/ natural beauty of place
4391012hi800 28 45Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentmodel on Boulder CO plan for limited growth, needed to control sprawl in Austin
4401012hi800 29 54Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentstudy of Lake Austin watershed; had ordinance to keep building away from slopes
4411012hi800 31 26Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentin Houston, needed water & sewage for development; Municipal Utility Districts
4421012hi800 33 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentM.U.D. cost recovery & development schemes; Austin city pays debt service
4431012hi800 36 30Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentAustin tax base will suffer if benefits go to outlying suburbs; M.U.D.s & growth
4441012hi800 39 29Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentM.U.D.'s maintain exemptions from water quality updates - problems w/ aquifer
4451012hi800 41 39Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustinpreservationBarton Springs pumps out 30-90 million gallons per day; recharge zones
4461012hi800 44 31Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpreservationpollutant removal efficiency of structural controls down as impervious cover up
4471012hi800 46 49Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentcost recovery schemes for infrastructure; state law to regulate impact fees
4481012hi800 49 20Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentencourage growth within Austin by lowering fees for development inside city limits
4491012hi800 50 30Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentAndy Sansome spreading warns that Texas losing public lands to private sector
4501012hi800 52 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentcontradictions in state policy on land uses;
4511012hi800 53 07Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentBarton Springs & Freeport McMoRan development; S.O.S.ordinance, city sewers
4521012hi800 54 27Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentS.W. Travis County Road district; Southwest Parkway; debt service & bonds unpaid
4531012hi800 56 28Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austindevelopmentenvironmentalists wanted to save Uplands & Sweetwater area vs. Freeport McM.
4541012hi800 59 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentBarton Creek Salamander; endangered birds, mitigation areas in watershed
4551012hi801 03 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustindevelopmentWhole Foods moved out of Barton Springs watershed, supported S.O.S w/ money
4561012hi801 06 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinactivismenjoys citizen participation w/ neighborhood groups; lawsuits for citizen power
4571012hi801 09 20Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinactivismargument against citizen activism is: you must be personally affected on your land
4581012hi801 11 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinactivismimpact of League of Women Voters; working on campaign finance reform
4591012hi801 14 26Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austingovernmentprefers initiative referendum at local, not state constitutional level; grass roots
4601012hi801 18 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinactivismcitizens from all walks of life use referendum to move city council
4611012hi801 21 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpoliticsshe ran for city council in 94; wanted to be a decision maker, a liaison w/ people
4621012hi801 25 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpoliticsdescribes roles in city gov't.; they listen to businesses, but not neighborhood folks
4631012hi801 28 09Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpoliticsshe ran for Ronnie Reynolds council seat; he was into "efficiency" & more growth
4641012hi801 31 27Arnold, Mary08/21/97AustinpoliticsReynolds campaign attacked her financial disclosure form - in-laws had oil stock
4651012hi801 35 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpoliticsrole of environmental community in city council election process
4661012hi801 38 28Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpoliticsenvironmental activists not all unified; did pull together on Barton Springs S.O.S.
4671012hi801 41 30Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinpoliticsdescribes how community came together over Barton Springs issue
4681012hi801 44 25Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinenvironmental justiceS.O.S. supported some issues sponsored by East Austin but not enough resources
4691012hi801 46 38Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinenvironmental justiceSierra Club had outings for disadvantaged kids; Gary Bradley fostered division
4701012hi801 49 30Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinfuturekids now getting environmental education at early age; citizens enforcement
4711012hi801 52 00Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinactivismrole of women in environmentalism; "earth mother" concept; used "charm"
4721012hi801 55 40Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austinlawhopes for more public policy resolution rather than courts & lawsuits, have both
4731012hi802 00 04Arnold, Mary08/21/97Austingovernmentrelation between city & state thru Texas history & frontier spirit - limit independence
4741013hi800 01 12Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioearly influenceborn in NYC; dad worked for W.R. Hearst; introduced to nature through Herb Kaufman
4751013hi800 02 20Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioeducationcollege in Lynchburg, became aware of "Jewishness"; first experience of racism - fight!
4761013hi800 05 14Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioearly influenceKaufman's Japanese gardener didn't speak English, but secretary showed her gardens
4771013hi800 08 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioearly influenceonly 1 year in Lynchburg; romanced by man from San Antonio & married him
4781013hi800 10 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioearly influenceas a city girl, Texas began to "grow" on her, the desolation, the animals, the vastness
4791013hi800 11 50Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioconservationworked on Edwards Aquifer committee vs. developers; promoted xeriscaping
4801013hi800 13 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioconservationelected in 83, did xeriscape work in 84-85; had lectures at nurseries, educated public
4811013hi800 15 30Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San AntoniopreservationR.T.C. land for sale cheap; deal fell through; got "Government Canyon" land from HUD
4821013hi800 18 19Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San AntoniowaterEdwards recharge zone is 300 miles, 5-6 miles deep; San Antonio's sole water souce
4831013hi800 20 26Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniowaterfighting with TNRCC over cementing sink holes & caves; prevent pollution, hurts water
4841013hi800 22 49Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopreservationmust think about preserving land & habitat for future generations; keep it wild & natural
4851013hi800 25 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopreservationin Government Canyon to protect water you might exclude certain recreational uses
4861013hi800 27 01Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopreservationprefers to preserve areas for nature, not people; but depends on the specific reason
4871013hi800 29 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San AntoniodevelopmentU.T. wants to build on Connally land deal; Junior League asked her to help protect it
4881013hi800 32 30Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniodevelopmentlost battle to developers, referendum ruled unconstitutional; possible corruption?
4891013hi800 33 50Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopoliticselected president of Junior League 50 years ago; wanted to form juvenile justice
4901013hi800 36 30Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopoliticsvolunteerism down among women in League - need to work, want more direct action
4911013hi800 39 02Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopoliticsmoney counts more than votes today but League taught them public speaking
4921013hi800 41 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniopoliticsinvestigating "sunset" of TNRCC; wants Edwards Aquifer out of TNRCC jurisdiction
4931013hi800 44 36Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniowaterimpact different on Edwards in San Antonio than Austin; no Freeport McNamarra
4941013hi800 46 09Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniowaterexplains "right of capture" as landowners own water underneath; now limiting pumping
4951013hi800 49 45Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniowaterserved on Trans-Texas water panel; prohibits inter-basin transfers;
4961013hi800 52 09Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniowateralmost had water deal w/ West Texas but personality conflicts prevented it, must unify
4971013hi800 55 05Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioenvironmental justiceBFI has waste dump on South Side; minority people now in city council - improvement
4981013hi800 58 88Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioenvironmental justicedid minority recruiting - few blacks & latinos; education will bring them to conservation
4991013hi801 00 03Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniocareerinternational cultural training from US AID; example of Mexican video training & flies
5001013hi801 03 05Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antonioactivismguess that women's role in child rearing gives her flexible orientation & conservation
5011013hi801 06 00Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniolawwould like to see chemical companies & environmental criminals prosecuted
5021013hi801 07 33Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniowaterserved on board of health; counted 25,000 privees in San Antonio - diorea &TB
5031013hi801 11 20Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San AntoniowaterCommunity Organized for Public Service organization; Ernie Cortes got action done!
5041013hi801 13 28Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniomediaenvironmental news doesn't make it; they only cover "hype" like picketing, not subtle
5051013hi801 15 13Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniofutureif you want to make a difference learn about environment & its affect on lives, articulate
5061013hi801 16 55Sinkin, Fay08/24/97San Antoniofavorite placespot behind Almas Dam off Crescent Ave. called the nature trail - saw springs bubble
5071014hi80 04 45Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheseducationattended A&M Univ.; caught fish on campus; worked on college pork farm
5081014hi80 31 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesconservationheard about red wolves while working on muskrats, but never saw them;
5091014hi800 00 50Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesearly influenceraised in Beaumont; went bike riding; active w/ boyscouts; caught crawfish & fireflies
5101014hi800 02 50Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesearly influenceteacher Mrs. Cooke introduced him to butterfly catching, traded w/ others, cocoons
5111014hi800 06 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerafter dustbowl ducks declined, experts decided to set up study of effects on wildlife
5121014hi800 09 13Lay, Daniel08/29/97NacogdochescareerDr. Walter P. Taylor arrived in 1935 & he helped him set up his laboratory & stay & study
5131014hi800 11 25Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerbecame first wildlife manager in Beaumont;
5141014hi800 12 22Lay, Daniel08/29/97NacogdochescareerWalter P. a mammalogist & needed to collect specimens - shoot everything that moves
5151014hi800 18 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheseducationmore female students today than early days of A&M; oversupply of students today
5161014hi800 21 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheseducationtoday's students can use computers to make research much easier; GPS is big aid
5171014hi800 24 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerfirst assignment in Beaumont was to organize a wildlife planning board in each county
5181014hi800 26 30Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesconservationdealt with balance of quail hunters vs. foxes & examine their stomachs; deer studies
5191014hi800 31 50Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesconservationacquisition of Jackson Ranch to insure habitat for water fowl; Anahuac refuge
5201014hi800 33 50Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerflew to Ventune Island off Galveston Bay; used a silent float plane to catch illegal nets
5211014hi800 36 15Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareermoved to Lufkin & became E. TX game manager in 1939; staff of 4 biologists
5221014hi800 39 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheswildlifeassisted w/ muscrat hunting & study; trapping described; DDT & ditches killed muskrats
5231014hi800 43 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesdredgingrice farmers channelized Oyster Bayou for drains; destroyed excellent hunting & fishing
5241014hi800 46 15Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheshuntingbeginning of sport hunting, pay for access; boats bought pass from Mr. Hildebrand
5251014hi800 47 30Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheshuntingwould ship trains full of ducks up to NYC; could get fresh duck dinner in Beaumont
5261014hi800 50 30Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheshuntinga trapper could make $250 for a racoon hide, almost exterminated them; re-stocked
5271014hi800 52 38Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareermany professionals & school teachers among first group of wildlife managers
5281014hi800 57 59Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesgovernmentfederal wildlife advantage over state people - had higher salary & fringe benefits
5291014hi800 59 17Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesethicslikes the curiosity of young people regarding their surroundings & nature - adults should!
5301014hi801 02 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerafter WWII he left Austin & went back to field work;
5311014hi801 04 20Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerprepared speech on hunting prospects; told San Antonians about troubling over grazing
5321014hi801 07 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochescareerhe was told that talking about "overgrazing" could get him fired; paper mill pollution
5331014hi801 09 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesfishingproblems w/ fish kills & pollution from paper mill; did sampling, pulp fiber in clogged nets
5341014hi801 12 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesfishingfisherman outraged over fish kills; hired lawyers to sue paper mill; mill manager lied
5351014hi801 16 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesfishingmill manager denies they'd ever been advised of pollution problem; didn't like bad publicity
5361014hi801 20 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochespoliticscommissioner Will Tucker had wreck in state vehicle; but he was dismissed due to politics
5371014hi801 24 45Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochespoliticspublic has declining equity wildlife access; some public hearings vs. secret private interests
5381014hi801 27 15Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesdredgingoyster shell dredging started in 20s; fee collected by game & fish for hatcheries; raised fee
5391014hi801 29 30Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesdredgingsuggested shell dredgers should leave some for ecosystem; they ran out, used limestone
5401014hi801 32 10Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesranchingsettlers in E. TX looked for open range for livestock; cattle brands & hog marks & courts
5411014hi801 34 47Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesranchingup until 1945 burning was part of range management; he proposed a ban; but ranchers right
5421014hi801 38 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesranchingbuffalo grass brought difficulties for flora & over grazing; depression problems & WWII
5431014hi801 41 12Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesranchingno burning grasslands today - use herbicides instead; after WWII pine trees became valuable
5441014hi801 42 10Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheshuntingconflicts between pine forest owners & hunters & ranchers who had traditional usage
5451014hi801 45 15Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochespreservationinterest in renewing native species, using sassafrass roots for trees; native vs. invasives
5461014hi801 47 20Lay, Daniel08/29/97NacogdochesranchingW. TX badly overgrazed; old rancher Matthews had been true conservationist
5471014hi801 49 09Lay, Daniel08/29/97NacogdochesranchingJoe Truit wrote "Circling Back"; Ted Turner used his ideas to restore prairie dogs in N.M.
5481014hi801 51 45Lay, Daniel08/29/97NacogdochesdamsRayburn & Toledo dams fought by forest industries vs. rice farmers needs; no mitigation
5491014hi801 53 00Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdocheslegislationagricultural exemption being misused by people w/ high priced real estate, not for wildlife
5501014hi801 54 19Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesdamsglory days of reservoirs lasted 6 years; lakes less productive for fish now & diminishing
5511014hi801 56 30Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesdamshe was first mitigation engineer vs. Corps of Engineers - frustrating experience against them
5521014hi801 57 34Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesfutureconservation of water will be a big issue, paper mills use too much, should be recycling it
5531014hi801 59 38Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesfavorite place4400 acres near Neches River for Army Corps flood control, unflooded hardwood timber
5541014hi802 00 50Lay, Daniel08/29/97Nacogdochesfavorite placeAngelina National Forest where he worked with cockaded woodpeckers, near Rayburn Dam
5551015hi800 00 54Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesearly influencegrew up in Houston; 30 years ago-pre sprawl-there were bayou's to explore; fish & camp
5561015hi800 02 40Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesearly influencefirst camping trip at 5, Stubblefield Lake @ Sam Houston Forest; later a Boy Scout
5571015hi800 05 45Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdocheseducationat Steven F. Austin to study forestry; classes difficult, focus on economics of forestry
5581015hi800 08 15Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdocheseducation3 semesters @ Steven F. Austin; studied habitat, emphasis skewed towards commercial
5591015hi800 09 15Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochescareerenvisioned living rural life; built first bookshelf at 5; likes to create woodwork-low impact
5601015hi800 12 19Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochescareerselection criteria for choosing wood & matching its purpose; explains Windsor chair woods
5611015hi800 14 51Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochescareerbought property & built his own wooden craftsman home; showcase of native woods
5621015hi800 18 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochescareerhasn't had chance to use much salvaged wood in his house, but built salvaged stairs
5631015hi800 20 14Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestryhistory timber in E. TX; settlers did subsistence & clearing; later sawmills & market profits
5641015hi800 23 15Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestryby 1920s virgin timber was gone; left towns destitute; left erosion; took decades to recover
5651015hi800 24 48Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestry10 million acres of commercial timber in E. TX; only 5% are public; private lands poorly run
5661015hi800 28 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestryheard rumor that in WWII foresters sent to fight; lost experienced "markers" to select trees
5671015hi800 29 45Shelton, Larry08/29/97NacogdochesforestryNat'l. Forests managed for multiple resources - timber, watershed, recreation, wildlife
5681015hi800 32 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestryrecent injunction against Forest Service harvesting for their not protecting other resources
5691015hi800 34 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestryoutrage reaction to injunction by industry even if it is just temporary; industry is inflexible
5701015hi800 36 03Shelton, Larry08/29/97NacogdochesforestryForest Service loses money on timber - subsidized industry heavily & congress pays!
5711015hi800 38 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestryhunters led to believe clear-cutting is good for deer hunting - but only in short term
5721015hi800 39 30Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrydescribes a clear cut; looks like "a bomb went off"; increased mechanization - fewer jobs
5731015hi800 42 45Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrymechanized clear-cutting creates harsh treatment on soils - compacing not seen in nature
5741015hi800 44 15Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrydifferentiation between clear cut & selective management - can tell by age of trees
5751015hi800 46 50Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesendangeredcleared forest led to extinction of ivory bill woodpecker; red cockaded lost old forest home
5761015hi800 50 40Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrydistinction between logging old growth Northwest forests vs. southern pines
5771015hi800 53 15Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrynew forest products like plywood make less waste than old log waste that was burned
5781015hi800 55 45Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrytrees that were crooked & unusable for lumber in pasts are now chipped for paper & ply
5791015hi800 58 10Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrynatural dangers to forest - wind, fire - pines well adapted - salvaging area; pine bark beetles
5801015hi801 04 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrymonoculture fostered by Forest Service encourages pine bark beetle vulnerability
5811015hi801 07 06Shelton, Larry08/29/97NacogdochesforestryForest Service hasn't used a lot of herbicides in general; using for woodpecker crisis
5821015hi801 11 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrytradeoff between economics & harvesting; market forces vs. legislative remedies for use
5831015hi801 14 50Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestry5 wilderness acres in E. TX; best preserved examples, harvesting ceased; variety of species
5841015hi801 19 29Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestry3 large reservoirs on forest lands; prime bottomland hardwoods lost to lakes; inundation
5851015hi801 23 00Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrysearch for champion trees in Upland Island Wilderness, remote, adjacent to Neches River
5861015hi801 26 48Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesforestrynavigates through woods w/ compass & maps; knows types of trees like they're people
5871015hi801 33 34Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesfuturetakes continual dilligence to fight the battle; should enjoy what you're fighting for as well
5881015hi801 34 36Shelton, Larry08/29/97Nacogdochesfavorite placehis own backyard 30 acre creek bottom for wildlife conservation; many habitats
5891016hi800 01 12Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonearly influencefather was country boy from Silsbee; took him hunting & fishing on river; Grandpa ranched
5901016hi800 02 45Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonearly influencemoved to Houston but had loblolly pines on property; ran into wilderness & loved nature
5911016hi800 04 50Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonearly influenceBob Meeks & he went to Big Thicket near Livingston as kid; pick blackberries. make forts
5921016hi800 07 10Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonearly influencedoesn't remember any teacher/mentors; love of nature encouraged by romantic poetry
5931016hi800 11 15Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethicsfrom Babylonia - history of rights & laws; slaves; people and/or nature?
5941016hi800 12 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethics1970s started ecology & philosophy; developed in USA; destruction of forests, Trinity River
5951016hi800 13 56Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethicsphilosophers Whitehead, Bergson related to environmental problems; pioneering field
5961016hi800 16 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethicsmost English philosophy deals w/ language, not nature;
5971016hi800 18 40Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethicsmust understand population problems & links to economy - Mexico, India; oil & ranching
5981016hi800 22 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethicsdevelopment & exploitation ethic vs. environmentalists stopping progress; economics
5991016hi800 25 18Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketBig Thicket is biological designation; prisoners escape into it; diverse wildlife;
6001016hi800 27 20Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thickethis involvement began in '64 against clear cutting; in 1974 finally protected under law
6011016hi800 30 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketThicket campaign was a "nuisance" one; gave speeches, letters, shouted, compromise
6021016hi800 34 35Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketThicket contains species that are northern, tropical, rare mushrooms, bio-crossroads
6031016hi800 39 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thicketwhere Pine Island Bayou runs into Neches rare orchids flourish; much more to discover
6041016hi800 41 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thicketcan Big Thicket & a viable lumber economy exist?
6051016hi800 42 30Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thickettimber first done near rivers for transport; after railroad, by 30s it was fully exploited
6061016hi800 45 37Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thicketin 1940s clear cutting & monoculture begins; hunters got mad-no trees! replanting hardwoods
6071016hi800 48 15Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thicketif hardwoods are left along stream corridors this will create ecological sustainability
6081016hi800 50 57Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonforestryChampion International is now jointly managing diversity w/ TX parks & wildlife ecosystem
6091016hi800 52 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketArthur Temple of Temple Inland was helpful; Lance Rossier most knowledgeable teacher
6101016hi800 56 15Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketArcher Fullingham of the "Countze News" looked like pirate; opposed at first, then changed
6111016hi800 57 26Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thickettalks about influence of Geraldine Watson & her knowledge of species
6121016hi800 59 15Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketSen. Ralph Yarborough tried, but failed, though he encouraged others
6131016hi80009 40Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentoneducationfather wanted him to study engineering; loved philosophy, though; studied at Cambridge
6141016hi801 01 50Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketBob Eckhardt helped; then Alice Cashen & Maxine Johnston - set up barbecues, activities
6151016hi801 04 50Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig ThicketBilly Holman marked all the borders in preserve because Park Service couldn't afford it
6161016hi801 07 50Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonBig Thicketsome area of Thicket so fragile all hunters, etc. must be kept out - how to determine uses
6171016hi801 17 10Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonpopulationwhen population was low you could abuse nature, but not w/ 20 million & gas guzzlers
6181016hi801 20 30Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonethicsimportant to internalize ecology - if people want to protect it not just by federal laws
6191016hi801 21 37Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonforestryin 60s he never imagined that timber & paper companies would seek environmental advice
6201016hi801 24 30Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonfuturewants to see private landowners set aside conservation easements for future preservation
6211016hi801 26 50Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonfuturedon't be discouraged: "you can do it"; young people can't find heroes; need field education
6221016hi801 30 21Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonpreservationthinks trees should be planted in parking lots & urban areas - save cities, not just forests
6231016hi801 32 00Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonfavorite placeplanted lots of trees in yard; it's a bird & squirrel sanctuary, nice shade, mulch piles
6241016hi801 33 44Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonfutureproblems can be fixed in USA; really desperate in India & Third World
6251016hi801 34 50Gunter, Pete01/18/98Dentonmusicwrote song about Archer Fulllingham talking in tongues in the Big Thicket - SINGS + PLAYS
6261016hi801 38 17Gunter, Pete01/18/98DentonmusicTexas Water Plan Calypso SINGS + PLAYS
6271017hi800 01 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influencegrandfather gave her early interest in conservation; born on his ranch; he was Cherokee
6281017hi800 04 08Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influencegrandfather took her fishing on the creek; he told her about how ranch used to look in past
6291017hi800 07 15Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influencegrandfather taught her how to read the skies; predict weather; remembered buffalo trails
6301017hi800 10 40Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influencemoved to town during depression, father worked as mortgage banker - knew land
6311017hi800 12 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influenceduring dustbowl they had locusts that ate their trees, but she doesn't remember it well
6321017hi800 14 20Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandeducationin 6th grade she wrote about her Oklahoma Indian history & teacher encouraged her
6331017hi800 17 50Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandhuntingdoesn't approve hunting on public refuges; but hunted & ate quail, supported quail "cover"
6341017hi800 21 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandagriculturegrandfathe's farm still producing asparagus planted long ago
6351017hi800 22 11Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influencecan't recall any "heroes" of conservation; had close knit family w/ their own heroes
6361017hi800 24 10Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influenceher grandfather taught himself to read; fascinated w/ stories of Africa; Indian re-settlement
6371017hi800 25 40Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influencefrom Dallas went to beach in Galveston, loved beaches as gal from Oklahoma
6381017hi800 28 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandfamilyhusband killed in auto accident; took kids to South Padre for vacation & finally moved '71
6391017hi800 30 20Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandconservationjoined Cameron County group; first causeway built in '54, toll bridge; isolated no more
6401017hi800 32 20Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islanddevelopment67 hurricane enhanced growth of island- people could rebuild, real estate boom, pavement!
6411017hi800 35 41Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandconservationtown incorporated w/ 250 petitioners; population half retirees -conflict locals vs. business
6421017hi800 38 30Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandconservationbecame active in '74 over Army Corps & seawall threats - need to protect islands
6431017hi800 39 30Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismshe was doing P.R. fisherman photos for city, was fired for oppossing Army Corps permit
6441017hi800 43 19Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismher P.R. campaign was early eco-tourism - sell Island as pleasant natural place to visit
6451017hi800 45 30Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandfishingbalance exploitative taking, like fishing, must bring fish in edible condition, tag & release
6461017hi800 48 39Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandfishingtarpon were almost eliminated -a "fighting" fish but not eating fish; threatened by pollution
6471017hi800 51 27Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslandecologyLaguna Madre is hyper-saline; if it gets too much fresh water it gets "brown tide" upsets
6481017hi800 56 38Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismmember of Sierra Club works w/ Audubon on protecting habitat; lawsuits vs. Army Corps
6491017hi800 58 15Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslanddredgingIntracoastal Waterway dredging expensive & subsidized for uses, built for WWII defense
6501017hi800 59 50Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismconflict between polluters & people who do reporting; protest permits to TNRCC
6511017hi80015 57Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandearly influenceher mother was more interested in indoor things; but outdoors life appealed more-hunting
6521017hi801 04 02Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslandpoliticsDemocratic party activist; they have flaws but are most sympathetic; greenhouse is real
6531017hi801 06 30Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandpoliticsshe's a precinct judge, has seen voter decline, doesn't know why
6541017hi801 08 45Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslandpoliticsNat'l. protection bill for beaches today; north end of island prone to flooding - no building
6551017hi801 11 15Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslandpoliticsNat'l. seashore declared by Sen. Yarborough; wanted it extended to S.Padre, but lost that
6561017hi801 12 20Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslandactivismAmerican General resort project fought by Laguna Madre Foundation & Truan & we won
6571017hi801 15 15Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandpoliticsthe real estate lobby has been unfriendly to their cause; maquilladora owners - anti NAFTA
6581017hi801 18 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismreal estate development on N. Padre failed because of banking crash; now a preserve
6591017hi801 20 53Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandpollutionserved on Sierra Int'l Committee: problems from pollution, de-foresting & run-off
6601017hi801 23 50Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandborder issuestries to influence Sierra Committee concerns for Mexico problems; some activism in Mex
6611017hi801 25 22Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandecologypeople beginning to realize environmental & economic impacts are global & connected
6621017hi801 28 38Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre IslandactivismFrontera chapter of Audubon & Sierra; often called to provide expertise on issues, hearings
6631017hi801 31 55Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandmediano problems w/ media; sometimes they just want sound bites; press listens; big on radio
6641017hi801 33 40Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismserves on both state & local groups; difference between working on different levels
6651017hi801 38 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismdid activism after her children were grown; balances her time: P.R. & art gallery, own boss
6661017hi801 41 40Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismpriorities & differences between local & state chapters; paying staff vs. volunteerism
6671017hi801 45 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismdisparity of racial balance in environmental activism - will come w/ more education
6681017hi801 46 10Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismstate office of Sierra Club now has NAACP lawyer who brought in environmental justice issues
6691017hi801 49 38Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismrole of women in decision making process; she's only woman on Rio Valley water board
6701017hi801 52 08Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandactivismbecame involved when realized you needed a group to take action;
6711017hi801 54 28Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandconservationwater supply & quality are important Rio Valley issues; Rio Wildlife Corridor;
6721017hi801 56 40Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandfuturemust get interact w/ elected officials - they actually make the policies & get stuff done
6731017hi801 58 00Campbell, Mary Lou04/25/98South Padre Islandfavorite placesmall farm outside of Mercedes; raising horses; sit at sunset & hear evening sound
6741018hi800 01 48Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacearly influencelearned from Grandpa Will Clapper who bought farm in OK; grandpa had a .38 Colt
6751018hi800 04 20Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacearly influenceboth parents raised on farms outside of Oklahoma City; now a suburb;
6761018hi800 07 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacearly influencehis Mom caught him a grasshopper as a child; he remembered this when she died
6771018hi800 08 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacearly influenceas a kid raised & released a screech owl; raised a hawk from infancy but it got shot
6781018hi800 11 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacearly influencein high school read a lot, discovered book "Birds of America"; did field trip w/ Steiman
6791018hi800 13 45Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacearly influenceon field trip teachers tricked him into eating burning dragon root, took special botany class
6801018hi800 16 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsplayed near Canadian River, saw red-headed woodpeckers; meadowlarks; no protections
6811018hi800 20 03Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsbefriended federal game agent; salvage & taxidermy of downed birds & road kill
6821018hi800 24 05Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdshe helped grain inspector catch & banding ducks on island near Oklahoma City reservoir
6831018hi800 27 15Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsdescribes "Y" shaped duck traps for banding ducks; used to determine longevity & travel
6841018hi800 31 46Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsfriend Ray Fleetwood banded Chimney Swifts; can trace nesting snow geese patterns
6851018hi800 34 37Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsbird banding cannons made from old Ford drive shafts; homemade explosives
6861018hi800 39 15Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuaccareerfirst job at Port Aransas Wildlife Refuge; had worked on wife's family dairy farm & left it
6871018hi800 46 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacfamilygot married in 1945 to Pennsylvania Dutch girl; had to repair snowy roof on wedding day
6881018hi800 47 20Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuaccareerfirst job @ Pt. Aranasas was as "clerk typist"& maintenance 1945; director Ira Gableson
6891018hi800 50 33Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuaccareercleaned up after hurricane & patched roof;
6901018hi800 54 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacranchinggrazing & cattle worked well within the refuge, supported wildlife diversity
6911018hi800 56 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuaccareerdid office work, book keeping, wrote reports; prescribed burns - difficult to get it to burn!
6921018hi801 00 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacfishingfishing not allowed on refuge, but in water; fished by "floundering" on a still night, ate lots
6931018hi801 03 30Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsgov't not concerned about whooping cranes -can't eat 'em; Audubon stepped in
6941018hi801 07 11Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsused old 16mm camera to film birds - spoonbills, etc; LIFE magazine interested
6951018hi801 08 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuaccareerbuilt a blind that looked like a red bull to hide in while filming; medical needs for field work
6961018hi801 11 22Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdshis son worked on finding crane nests; captive breading programs; killed for markets
6971018hi801 18 20Clapper, Russell06/20/98AnahuacbirdsRoy Bedichek visited ; studied mating rituals; newspaper publicity; raccoons killed cranes
6981018hi801 21 14Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsafter death of male crane they tried mating them again; death & difficulties; zoo programs
6991018hi801 24 51Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdscount of birds as low as 20, knew they needed captive breeding program; rescue injured one
7001018hi801 27 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsticketed hunters for shooting geese on refuge - they convinced agents they were accidental
7011018hi801 29 01Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsnot officially purchased because of whooping cranes, in retrospect, that was the reason
7021018hi801 32 20Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsneed to do "habitat farming" ; using pump to put water in sloughs; filled up w/ crawfish & gars
7031018hi801 34 40Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdspublicity from Audubon & protection & prevention of nest robbing brought cranes back
7041018hi801 37 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacbirdsprogram to raise whooping cranes as sandhill cranes; imported cranes from Louisiana
7051018hi801 40 50Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacconservationmoved to Anahuac in '63; first encountered red wolf; confusion of wolf vs. coyote
7061018hi801 45 39Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacendangeredendangered species act affected red wolf & animal control; hired biologist, built wolf pens
7071018hi801 48 48Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacconservationsupplied animals for captive breeding program in Washington state; nutria, he was leader
7081018hi801 51 20Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacendangeredranchers & landowners concerned about trapping & predation; coyotes moved in; howls
7091018hi801 55 12Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacendangereddid scientific survey to determine most wolf-like animals for breeding (not coyotes)
7101018hi801 6 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98AnahuacbirdsPete & Petunia were the whooping cranes for mating but Pete was sitting on nest!
7111018hi802 00 00Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuaccareerbest achievement: making friends in the fish & wildlife service, getting them to appreciate
7121018hi802 01 14Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacfuturebiggest problem will be population growth; must be more to life than money & concrete
7131018hi802 02 44Clapper, Russell06/20/98Anahuacfavorite placesunrise over shelter pond on Anahuac refuge
7141019hi800 01 24Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinearly influencelived in small town, mom was artistic & painted TX landscapes, scampered over hills
7151019hi800 03 45Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinearly influencehad a garden as child, brought in wildflowers, had treehouse, no formal "conservation"
7161019hi800 04 53Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinearly influencehad English teacher who was like her second mother; read "Walden" later; no girl scouts
7171019hi800 06 09Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austincareerstarted writing in school paper; wrote some feature articles - "Cattle Run" "Houston Post"
7181019hi800 09 50Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdingfound a baby bird in college & saved it & raised it & wrote a story about it
7191019hi800 11 10Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austincareerbegan writing a column on birds; loved their shapes, sizes & differences but not scientific
7201019hi800 14 20Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdswent to FL to look @ birds; great white heron; husband Red born in Big Thicket - hunted
7211019hi800 17 30Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austincareervery happy to sell her bird columns to editor Charlie Green; rejected by other papers though
7221019hi800 22 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsset up field trips of bird nature club of North TX; very popular, well attended by all kinds
7231019hi800 23 51Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austincareerher articles started in Austin, Waco, Wichita Falls, but spread to others, popularized birding
7241019hi800 27 45Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdstypical birders: varied from 8 to 80 in age; interviewed Roger Peterson - was in awe of him
7251019hi800 31 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsConnie Hager generous w/ her time; told how birds flocked to Roger Peterson
7261019hi800 33 47Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsdoesn't remember any early colleagues; most wrote about quail & turkey & birds you eat
7271019hi800 35 23Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdspeople attracted to birds for beauty, then realized importance of preserving habitat
7281019hi800 38 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austincareerher pro-enviornmental articles were rejected by Beaumont Telegram for political reasons
7291019hi800 39 38Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinwaterTexas Water Plan is biggest boondoggle; tear up the earth; wrote against it
7301019hi800 41 30Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsgreater Atwater Prairie Chicken; suffered habitat loss;
7311019hi800 43 43Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdshad a beautiful house since 1935, but lived in 22' trailer to chase birds for 7 years; Caboose
7321019hi800 47 30Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsRed Adams talks about dishes OFF CAMERA saw an 8 point buck
7331019hi800 48 50Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsdescribing cabin in canyon
7341019hi800 49 36Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinfavorite placeAdams Eden near Hamilton Lakes; people consider it beautiful; waterfall & green pool
7351019hi800 51 29Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsGolden Cheeked Warblers nests exclusively in TX; symbol of TX Audubon; bird calls
7361019hi800 53 40Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsRed Adams got 16mm camera to film birds; edited footage of squirrel, into film business
7371019hi800 56 56Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinmediaafter success of squirrel film made movie "What Good is a Warbler?" used in schools, etc
7381019hi801 00 56Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinmediashe likes picking out scenes; shooting & editing are hard; requires fewer words
7391019hi801 02 36Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinmediaplans future films: "Waiting" about kids & Old Faithful; Things to do Outdoors
7401019hi801 04 25Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsRed filmed the Black Cap Vireo; nests were infested w/cowbird eggs - trapped the cowbirds
7411019hi801 05 15Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsRed shot into flock of blackbirds; fixed them to eat; proposed hunting season - parasitize
7421019hi801 07 40Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdscowbirds member of cuckoo family; lay eggs in nests of other birds; outcompete them
7431019hi801 10 40Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsbelieve it came to TX by tropical storm; ugly birds like buzzards; California Condor
7441019hi801 13 40Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdscrane lays 2, but only 1 hatched; put other egg under sand hill cranes - waiting to see result
7451019hi801 17 10Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirds3-M Corp. & golden cheek warblers; worried about their winter in Mexico, floods, danger
7461019hi801 22 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdswent to Mexico, letter of introduction to Pro-Natura Org.; preserve near San Cristobal
7471019hi801 25 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsmostly a scouting trip to see if the golden cheek could be located in winter habitat
7481019hi801 28 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsstudy of bird migration; they seek favorable areas to rest; organizations work to preserve
7491019hi801 29 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98AustinbirdsSmith Woods where migrating birds fall out; has benches, watering spots; mulberries
7501019hi801 31 15Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsgot a special identification book for keeping life-list; Jim Tucker devised it
7511019hi801 34 30Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsformed American Birding Society - not bird watching - TX Birding Classic event, education
7521019hi801 36 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdspeople will travel distances to see a dinky sparrow, it has a dollar worth for preservation
7531019hi801 38 00Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsrose throated piccard nested on Arizona roadside, but people scared it away -put bird first
7541019hi801 42 20Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsformer remote areas now have 6 lane roads & subdivisions; seen destruction of habitat
7551019hi801 46 12Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinbirdsautomobile is destroying fabric of society, too mobile; donated to planned parenthood
7561019hi801 48 01Adams, Marjorie07/21/98Austinfuturehuman species is getting to be a planetary disease; pay attention to gov't. work for good
7571020vhs0 1 51 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryonly way to save forest is to use low impact eco-system, only cut trees likely to do first
7581020vhs00 01 20Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasearly influencekid in Tulsa OK; played in creek & woods; explored on his own
7591020vhs00 04 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasearly influencewrote poem "I wish I were a Robbin" at age 8; bird lover - first fight for bird protection in TX
7601020vhs00 06 55Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallaslegislationNEPA in '70; Travis Audubon filed first suit to protect warbler from golf course & won
7611020vhs00 11 05Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasethicssome people have love of nature & that inspires them to fight; some fight for people too
7621020vhs00 17 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallascareerfirst battle when neighbors sued him over the "weed ordinance"
7631020vhs00 20 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallascareerbattle to save wilderness in National Forest in TX; inspiring battle; support of John Bryant
7641020vhs00 23 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasforestryCharlie Wilson & timber industry oppossed wilderness in National Forests
7651020vhs00 26 20Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryat first president supported forest preservation; but from Reagan on campaign dollars
7661020vhs00 28 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasBig Thicketas congressman Bush proposed largest Thicket area; failed, Wilson approved 75K acres
7671020vhs00 31 47Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallaspoliticsRalph Yarborough & Lloyd Benson pushed through Thicket Bill; timber has more power
7681020vhs00 35 54Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestrytrial in 1996 found Nat. Forest Service was not protecting the environment under mandate
7691020vhs00 40 42Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasBig Thickethad conference w/ Yarborough & early aid Jim Hightower, eventually won compromise
7701020vhs00 42 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallaspoliticsknew congressman Bush as naval aviator in Corpus Christi, worked w/ pilots at N.A.S.
7711020vhs00 47 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasactivismformation & history of coalition that became TCONR & later Sierra Club & Audubon
7721020vhs00 51 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallaswaterwater hustlers & building dams & levees for developing land created around reservoirs
7731020vhs00 55 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasdamsArmy Corps never takes "holistic" approach to floodplain, non-structural flood alleviation
7741020vhs00 58 48Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasdamsArmy Corps draft EIS on Trinity plan is highly suspect & fails to give benefits of natural plan
7751020vhs01 08 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestrybottomland hardwoods on Trinity are great attraction to Dallas; TX Buckeye trail walk
7761020vhs01 12 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasactivismfighter against trend towards human extinction sponsored by big money; media bought off
7771020vhs01 18 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasdamshad to fight building of navigation canal on Trinity River downstream to save bottomlands
7781020vhs01 23 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallaspoliticsgive money to opponents of the "dirty dozen"; business funds enemies; campaign reform
7791020vhs01 29 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasforestryForest Service wants profitable pine monoculture in south; destroyed woodpecker trees
7801020vhs01 30 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestrywon lawsuit to stop Forest Service clearcutting; Service had flawed woodpecker report
7811020vhs01 36 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryvarious flawed studies by Forest Service on effects of fires on species, midwood species
7821020vhs01 40 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryusing non-Forest Service studies to fight prescribed burning
7831020vhs01 44 30Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasactivismreasons why joining TCONR is valuable; dedicated hard working group, educate & serve
7841020vhs01 53 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasethicslike Jesus & other said, must shift culture & remove profit motive from resource exploitation
7851020vhs01 55 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallaspopulationincreasing population drives overwhelming demand on natural resources like fish
7861020vhs01 57 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasethicshumans must use brain power to maintain environment or all species will die
7871020vhs02 01 10Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasethicsneeds revolution in human culture to avoid environmental extinction - like medicinal yew
7881020vhs02 05 29Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallaseconomicscan maintain capitalist system, but let people own their resources; a necessary evolution
7891020vhs02 09 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallaspoliticscampaign finance reform is first step to removing industry control of environment
7901020vhs02 14 44Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallaspreservationTX Scientific Areas Act; save areas by just having foot trails; preserve for science
7911020vhs02 17 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasconservationasked to be second chairman of TX chapter of Nature Conservancy; acquired 14 areas
7921020vhs02 24 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryprescribed burns to promote profitable pine plantations, not species like woodpecker
7931020vhs02 28 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasfutureadvises students to study everything in biology & politics
7941020vhs02 29 50Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryeven age logging is bad; low impact logging is better; no prescribed burns; selective
7951020vhs02 36 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasactivismvolunteerism like Kathryn Goodbar, Harold Laughlin; Joe Pumphrey is land lawyer
7961020vhs02 38 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasconservationdevelopment of the conservation easement program makes land donations easier
7971020vhs02 45 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasforestryproposed bill for Forest Service salvage operations without citizen input, Dombeck
7981020vhs02 48 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99DallasforestryForest Service would say that Ned was misguided & timber was needed for economy
7991020vhs02 53 22Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasconservationcriteria for chosing properties for conservation easements; tax requirements
8001020vhs03 00 00Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallasconservationgreatest gift a person can do is to donate land for future preservation
8011020vhs03 02 40Fritz, Ned06/17/99Dallascareerhe has pride in helping to save all these areas; hopes it influences children to do the same
8022001mini-dv00 01 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureshows small sign advertising vegetables for sale as marketing; orchard & peaches in front
8032001mini-dv00 02 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureshows particular green beans - very stringy
8042001mini-dv00 03 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureshows heirloom tomatoes and watermelons; defines 'heirloom' varieties - save seeds
8052001mini-dv00 05 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureconcerns over biotechnology - 'hybrids' occur naturally;GMOs cornering seed markets
8062001mini-dv00 09 50Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureshows heirloom arugala plant; so far un-contaminated; relies on insects for pollination; bees
8072001mini-dv00 12 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturespraying for pesticides might kill beneficial insects - so they don't spray, use 'BT' instead for worms
8082001mini-dv00 13 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagricultureMonsanto wants to engineer BT into crops; she trims corn ear-worms from crops by hand
8092001mini-dv00 15 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturethey have limited use of heavy duty tractor but also use human powered plows & hoes & hands
8102001mini-dv00 16 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureuses the mechanized front end loader to make compost more easily to nurture soil health
8112001mini-dv00 20 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturedon't use their tree leaves for compost; they collected bags of municipal leaves & from gardeners
8122001mini-dv00 23 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureuse of cover crops like winter wheat & till it under the soil; encourages weeds for organic matter
8132001mini-dv00 25 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureencourages & uses weeds for organic matter - weeds bring mineral nutrients into soil health
8142001mini-dv00 26 25Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureweeds are often good as cooked vegetable & grows naturally in the area; also shades soil
8152001mini-dv00 28 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinB agriculturePOV of compost piles @ Boggy Creek farms w/ Carol Ann Sayle
8162001mini-dv00 31 42Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureplanted cuccumbers & covered beds with leaf mulch to keep soil cool serve as rain shield
8172001mini-dv00 32 54Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureshows baby amaranthe pig weeds - edible - but needs to weed them from cuccumbers
8182001mini-dv00 34 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureeating greens better in winter because vitamin K thickens blood; melons cooler to eat in summer
8192001mini-dv00 36 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagricultureCarol Ann Sayle walks along mulch covered rows of crops; pulls out some weeds "B" roll
8202001mini-dv00 38 19Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinB agricultureCarol Ann Sayle & Mexican woman work in field, use hoes to do manual weeding & tilling soil
8212001mini-dv00 40 18Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureshe & her husband Larry are always learning & experimenting; hand laborers & help, wages
8222001mini-dv00 43 10Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturehires 'Don Secoro' for 3 years; field workers start early & work slowly & steadily through day
8232001mini-dv00 45 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturehave had volunteers work on the farm to learn organci methods, or just to have contact w/ earth
8242001mini-dv00 47 48Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagricultureCarol Ann & Larry work along w/ the interns - but teaching takes out of their own time
8252001mini-dv00 50 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturefeeds the interns with giant fresh home made lunch; they have big philosphical discussions too
8262001mini-dv00 52 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinB agricultureMexican farm Andrea worker pulling weeds from garden beds; pulls roots by hand various angles
8272001mini-dv00 56 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagricultureCarol Ann stands amid okra field; loves to grow it, a very pretty flower; walks through garden
8282001mini-dv00 58 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagricultureCarol Ann walks through okra field describing crop & pollination & 'itchiness' from okra
8292001mini-dv01 01 10Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagriculturePOV walking through field of broad green okra leaves
8602002mini-dv00 35 52Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturevisitors to farm encouraged & educated on organics
8302002mini-dv00 01 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historySmith family came in 1839 from Carolinas to farm
8312002mini-dv00 02 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturedescription of geography & good soil fertility
8322002mini-dv00 04 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturecrop rotatation is a form of natural pest control
8332002mini-dv00 06 51Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureearly settlers depleted soils, didn't rotate crops
8342002mini-dv00 07 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historydesign & construction of her old house - well built
8352002mini-dv00 09 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historystatus of family in Austin society, had slaves & money
8362002mini-dv00 09 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historydeath of J.F. Smith
8372002mini-dv00 11 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historysettlers vs. Indians in early Austin
8382002mini-dv00 12 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historyfamous "Pig Wars" of Austin history
8392002mini-dv00 13 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historyhard times in Austin following the "War"
8402002mini-dv00 14 35Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinAustin historySpence family takes over house, ran cattle, sold off
8412002mini-dv00 15 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturegood deep soil w/water & good acidity for farming
8422002mini-dv00 16 36Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureeconomy of scale is difficult burden for small farms
8432002mini-dv00 17 50Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturebig farmers don't "cast their shadow" on the land
8442002mini-dv00 18 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturecorporate farms have expensive machinery costs
8452002mini-dv00 19 22Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturephilosophy of "low impact" debt free small farming
8462002mini-dv00 20 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureeconomic safety in growing wide variety of crops
8472002mini-dv00 21 10Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturesuccess in sustainable farming since 1993
8482002mini-dv00 22 10Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturelocal produce delayed by wholesalers - it's "too" good
8492002mini-dv00 23 41Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturestarted selling to Whole Foods in 1993 - proponents
8502002mini-dv00 25 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturecompetition with organic famers and wholesalers
8512002mini-dv00 26 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureproblems of volume and small farmers vs. wholesale
8522002mini-dv00 27 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99AustinagricultureWhole Foods cross-advertises farm-stand sales
8532002mini-dv00 28 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturefarm stand consumers educated & grateful, will pay
8542002mini-dv00 29 22Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureimported organic food may not be up to standards
8552002mini-dv00 30 50Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureimported foods are not fresh - people unaware of it
8562002mini-dv00 31 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturebuying local farm goods more healthy & nutritious
8572002mini-dv00 33 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturelocal farming good for an area - soil conservation
8582002mini-dv00 34 20Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturehaving local agriculture - food reserve & land care
8592002mini-dv00 34 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturemost Texas land is grazing & depletes land
8612002mini-dv00 36 40Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureorganic farms getting integrated into mainstream ag
8622002mini-dv00 37 50Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureorganic certification & inspection procedure
8632002mini-dv00 38 28Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureyour land is tested for past chemical contamination
8642002mini-dv00 39 33Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureadvice to small garderners difficult because of scale
8652002mini-dv00 40 48Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturedevastation of pests different for small farmers
8662002mini-dv00 42 16Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturediversity of crops beneficial but high maintenance
8672002mini-dv00 43 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureno tomatoes due to heat last year - weather effects
8682002mini-dv00 44 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturecrop variety gives healthy diet balance through year
8692002mini-dv00 46 08Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureindependence comes from knowing how to grow food
8702002mini-dv00 47 50Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagricultureteaching organic farming insures soil fertility in future
8712002mini-dv00 48 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinarttook up painting, galleries, painted nature - still lifes
8722002mini-dv00 50 15Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinartpainted nature for 20 years - conjured landscapes
8732002mini-dv00 51 00Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinartbored with art, started farming - total immersion
8742002mini-dv00 51 41Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinartfarming as beautiful as art - the crops are "art"
8752002mini-dv00 52 25Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinartbeautiful plant is a healthy plant
8762002mini-dv00 52 45Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinartpeople appreciate produce as much as paintings
8772002mini-dv00 53 30Sayle, Carol Ann06/17/99Austinagriculturegratitude for growing food and nurturing - rewarding!
8782002mini-dv00 54 30~06/17/99AustinB agriculturebirds fly around birdhouse near farm yard
8792002mini-dv00 55 20~06/17/99AustinB agriculturesunflowers & other colorful flowers
8802002mini-dv00 55 54~06/17/99AustinB agriculturevarious herbs and green vegetables
8812002mini-dv00 57 00~06/17/99AustinB agricultureest exterior shot of farm house
8822002mini-dv00 57 30~06/17/99AustinB agriculturebutterfly on green leaf
8832002mini-dv00 57 55~06/17/99AustinB agriculturegarlic cloves & gloves hanging on clothes line
8842002mini-dv00 58 40~06/17/99AustinB agricultureBoggy Creek Farms sign on wall
8852003mini-dv00 02 38Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityearly influenceinfluence by Louis Bromfield's story to restore his old farmland
8862003mini-dv00 04 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationsearch for Texas land with worst stewardship for restoring
8872003mini-dv00 06 29Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationstatus of ranch at inception - not fit for cattle -confirmed quest
8882003mini-dv00 07 45Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationranch had few birds, no water, no deer
8892003mini-dv00 08 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationbegan 5 yr habitat restoration plan -
8902003mini-dv00 09 45Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationtoday they have water from springs, lots of birds, big deer
8912003mini-dv00 10 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationwith restoration they can even have cows - economic benefit
8922003mini-dv00 11 24Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationstarted by documenting, to restore, create replicable model
8932003mini-dv00 12 04Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationinventoried trees, grasses, wildflowers, soil, used old journals
8942003mini-dv00 13 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationinventory of trees on site - ash juniper (cedar) & oak wilt fungus
8952003mini-dv00 14 15Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationcleared out ash juniper & re-introduce indigenous grasses & trees
8962003mini-dv00 15 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationhad good soils for native grasses, remove cedars, plant grasses
8972003mini-dv00 17 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationexpensive to get grass seeds, he collected them from roadsides
8982003mini-dv00 18 15Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationchopped & burned cedards, redistributed good soil underneath
8992003mini-dv00 19 55Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationancient seabeds under hillsides, nature & geology of region
9002003mini-dv00 22 10Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationremoval of dense thristy woody species allowed aquifer to refill
9012003mini-dv00 23 40Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationrestored grasses kept rain from washing off soil, restored aquifer
9022003mini-dv00 25 45Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationnature spread cedar on overgrazed land, removing them restored it
9032003mini-dv00 27 10Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityearly influencegrew up in poor home, his mother introduced him to natural world
9042003mini-dv00 27 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityearly influenceinfluence of Bromfield's book & philosophy
9052003mini-dv00 28 45Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationhad the help of 4 "Aggies" from Texas A&M
9062003mini-dv00 29 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationcan't eat elephant in one piece - cut challenge into small pieces
9072003mini-dv00 30 40Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationfirst priority work on land, then fences, roads
9082003mini-dv00 31 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationphilosophy - never initiate something you can't sustain
9092003mini-dv00 32 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationfor every cedar removed, 40 grew because they had room & light
9102003mini-dv00 32 55Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationcontrolled burns impractical near cities because of air & population
9112003mini-dv00 34 25Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationinterconnectedness of all species - extinction of any is a threat
9122003mini-dv00 35 20Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationonce grasses established, they prevent cedars from germinating
9132003mini-dv00 37 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationonce you restore land, it requires maintenance or will revert back
9142003mini-dv00 38 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationland restoration needed to restore aquifers for growing city needs
9152003mini-dv00 40 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityendangeredendangered species act and paranoia of land owner vs. government
9162003mini-dv00 41 15Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationrestoration takes hands-on work, not research or government grants
9172003mini-dv00 42 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityendangeredfavored reauthorizing endangered species act & good PR to owners
9182003mini-dv00 43 40Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismdedicated his life and land to environmental conservation "center"
9192003mini-dv00 45 15Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismwants to prove that endangered species are good for land owners
9202003mini-dv00 46 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismoutreach activities that are hosted at his "center" for groups
9212003mini-dv00 47 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismgoals to teach land stewardship
9222003mini-dv00 48 20Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationranch owner in countryside controls watershed for cities
9232003mini-dv00 48 40Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationurban areas need conservation - must cooperate with ranchers
9242003mini-dv00 50 45Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Citybatscreated an artifical "bat-cave" w/3 domes & obervation window
9252003mini-dv00 52 38Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationplanted "bird feeders" or food plots - fenced off, just for birds
9262003mini-dv00 54 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationhe and his wife talk in schools and bring kids & groups to visit
9272003mini-dv00 54 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationcreated an herbarium for sealing & preserving plants
9282003mini-dv00 55 15Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationbuilt interpretive nature trails to introduce native plants for urban use
9292003mini-dv00 56 04Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismartifical suburban lawns destroy the environment - try to remedy
9302003mini-dv00 57 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismwants the ranch to have models people can take away with them
9312003mini-dv00 57 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismhad students make list of pesticides in home, things they can do
9322003mini-dv00 58 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismencourages old people to write, make phone calls, get active
9332003mini-dv00 59 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityrestorationolder landowners have no capital or strength to restore their lands
9342003mini-dv01 00 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismneed CCC or WPA program to restore watersheds & grasslands
9352003mini-dv01 01 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityactivismtakes 500 years for nature to make 1 inch of soil, but rain can ruin it
9362003mini-dv01 01 45Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Citydamsdams, concrete channels, all overkill and expense if you just restore
9382004mini-dv00 02 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityland ethicadvocate of land-use planning, must change way we look at land
9392004mini-dv00 04 10Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Citydevelopmentto preserve land from development society should pay landowners
9402004mini-dv00 07 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch exteriorestablishing shot of "Selah" countryside, slow pan rite
9412004mini-dv00 09 15Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB marker stoneIn Memory of Man marker, CU zo to WS, hand held tracking shot
9422004mini-dv00 10 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB cattlecattle grazing in grass, CU zo to WS late day light
9432004mini-dv00 12 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch exteriorpan across ranchland, trees and grass
9442004mini-dv00 13 18Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB cattlecattle grazing in field, cattle staring into camera
9452004mini-dv00 13 35Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB scrublandstwisted tree turnks in field
9462004mini-dv00 15 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB Batcave extext. of "bat cave" ZI to ws of mouth of cave
9472004mini-dv00 15 55Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB Batcave extstart in blackness of opening ZO to reveal mouth of "bat cave"
9482004mini-dv00 16 30Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch lakeslow pan left across ranch lake, twilight, flowers on bank in FG
9492004mini-dv00 17 23Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch lakeslow pan rite across ranch lake, twilight, flowers on bank in FG
9502004mini-dv00 17 50Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch lakedistant shore of lake, white seed pods blow in FG
9512004mini-dv00 18 35Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch lakelake with flowers in FG
9522004mini-dv00 19 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson CityB ranch laketwo flower stalks in FG rack focus to ripples of water on lake in BG
9372004mini-dv00 50 00Bamberger, David06/17/99Johnson Cityecologyhistorical marker "In Memory of Man" are we doomed?
9532005mini-dv00 02 31Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinearly influencehiking & canoeing got him interested in outdoors, told to be engineer
9542005mini-dv00 04 28Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinearly influencecouldn't find role model for career so went his own way
9552005mini-dv00 05 00Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinearly influencedidn't find professors and colleagues who seemed happy w/careers
9562005mini-dv00 06 02Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinearly influencedid summer work for EPA on Houston Ship Channel after Berkeley
9572005mini-dv00 07 01Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austineducationdecided to go to law school, draft, Vietnam War, "spur of moment"
9582005mini-dv00 08 01Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austineducationengineering vs. law in approach to thinking - process vs results
9592005mini-dv00 08 50Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareermet Stuart Henry while lobbying Sierra Club in legislature
9602005mini-dv00 09 39Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerlobbied for Sierra Club, had early success w/Max Sherman
9622005mini-dv00 11 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinwaterfunding schemes to build resevoirs for water for West Texas
9632005mini-dv00 12 45Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinwaterGeneral Rose said "water" plan schemes were vote-getting ploys
9642005mini-dv00 14 25Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinactivismCatherine Perrine discovered she could be effective voice for change
9652005mini-dv00 15 33Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinlegislationcoal, uranium & gravel mining bill passed - left open pits in Texas
9662005mini-dv00 17 16Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinpoliticsGov. Briscoe considered veto of Fed bill - Max Sherman lobbied him
9672005mini-dv00 18 10Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsin 70's state house was stronger than senate on environment
9682005mini-dv00 18 50Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsin 80's senate was pro-environment, in 90's house is pro-environment
9692005mini-dv00 19 50Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsmoney in paper bags as influence in politics and issues
9702005mini-dv00 21 00Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsinfluence money for campaigns affects legislators voting
9712005mini-dv00 22 20Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsenvironmentalists might look to putting money behind candidates
9722005mini-dv00 23 15Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismhelping people in community learn to "fight city hall" defending rights
9732005mini-dv00 25 08Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticshow & when notice given affects how well a community can fight it
9742005mini-dv00 26 40Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticssmelters, etc., keep public out of permitting process w/state agency
9752005mini-dv00 28 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsindustry tries to "get away" with stuff, agencies NEED public input
9762005mini-dv00 29 48Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinpoliticsBureaucratic gov. process makes "changing" hard - may be good!
9772005mini-dv00 31 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsdifficulty w/ change also keeps bad changes from happening fast
9782005mini-dv00 31 50Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsworked with pesticides, farm worker health & jobs at risk
9792005mini-dv00 35 40Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticssome farmers in valley didn't get the message on pesticides
9802005mini-dv00 37 00Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsagenda for small farmers at first, then regulatory systems, delegated
9812005mini-dv00 39 20Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsattacks from chemical companies, recognize political arena
9822005mini-dv00 40 55Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsinspiration to staff, tried to insulate them from politics, slow change
9832005mini-dv00 42 19Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerworked for attorney general office
9842005mini-dv00 44 00Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinnuclearTexas nuclear power lobby vs. public input and industry lobbyists
9852005mini-dv00 46 10Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinnuclearprovide decision makers with information on nuclear issues HL&P
9862005mini-dv00 47 05Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinnuclearnuke industry was scamming, but public got informed in the process
9872005mini-dv00 48 00Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinnuclearLannie Simkins as anti-nuke activist, public education on issues
9882005mini-dv00 49 50Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinnuclearsome landowners worried about nuclear risks, others didn't
9892005mini-dv00 50 10Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinnuclearworker influx disruptive for nuke building, then gone - tax base?
9902005mini-dv00 52 16Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinbeachesopen beaches law, public easement through usage, old beachcombers
9912005mini-dv00 56 40Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinbeacheshard to determine beach "ownership" because of erosion, changes
9922005mini-dv00 57 35Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinbeachesRolling Easement created use of beach where beach is
9932005mini-dv00 58 09Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinbeachesbeach access now an issue because of current development boom
9942005mini-dv00 59 17Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinbeacheshow to balance public vs. private ownership of beaches is issue
9612005mini-dv0010 27Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerdifficulties of being only environmental voices in legislature
9952005mini-dv01 00 01Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsunder White & Morales public influence decreases, compromise
9962005mini-dv01 01 40Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticslawyers with environmental bias were moved away
9972006mini-dv00 01 22Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinlegislationJohn Hill, Mark White, more comfortable w/political than legal solutions
9982006mini-dv00 03 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinborder issuesHill, White shifted to deal w/ "colonias" - good move for good lawyers
9992006mini-dv00 05 13Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinpoliticsenvironmental division doesn't have as much public trust as it once did
10002006mini-dv00 05 45Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismthe public must be watchful and vigilant, gov't won't do it on its own
10012006mini-dv00 07 05Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerin '80s he left attorney general's office & joined w/Stuart Henry
10022006mini-dv00 07 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerdidn't want to model their firm on non-profits, but to represent Sierra, etc
10032006mini-dv00 08 13Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerknew monetary rewards were not goal, enjoy helping people & issues
10042006mini-dv00 08 52Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerjob is hard, frustrating; wants interplay & share work/reward w/clients
10052006mini-dv00 10 05Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinfundingif the clients continue to work hard, lawyers will with them for no $$
10062006mini-dv00 10 38Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinnuclearMadge Belcher-client-fought nuke disposal site-effective citizen leader
10072006mini-dv00 12 08Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismpeople figured out they could fight city hall, some burn out, opportunity
10082006mini-dv00 12 45Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinlandfillsTexcorp landfill-over aquifer-bad choice, lawyers delayed it-public outcry
10092006mini-dv00 14 37Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareerdefend framers & ranchers who don't want developers, oppose landfills
10102006mini-dv00 15 28Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismpublic can be effective if they want to, scares industries & their permits
10112006mini-dv00 16 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinenvironmental justiceworking people don't have time & resources so industry targets them
10122006mini-dv00 17 26Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinenvironmental justicelandfills target low-income Catholic minority communities for success
10132006mini-dv00 18 14Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinenvironmental justicehaz-recycling picked mid class, council sent them to Afro-Am, fought em
10142006mini-dv00 19 15Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinenvironmental justicefighting haz-recycling brought mid-class & poor together united
10152006mini-dv00 20 20Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinenvironmental justicecommunities recognizing health more important than job growth
10162006mini-dv00 21 16Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinnuclearcitizens fought nuke waste site, won, but company struck right back
10172006mini-dv00 22 17Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustindamsDam site battles recur, because once a good site, always a good site
10182006mini-dv00 23 20Lowerre, Rick06/18/99AustinlandfillsTX counties don't have zoning authority so landfill siting issues arise
10192006mini-dv00 24 15Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismbecause of victory record, companies realize must win over community
10202006mini-dv00 25 50Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismcompanies are now trying to find communities w/no experience-fewer
10212006mini-dv00 26 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinactivismsuccessful community advocates network & share knowledge & info
10222006mini-dv00 27 30Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austincareermost work deals w/ impacts of pollutants on community health
10232006mini-dv00 28 38Lowerre, Rick06/18/99Austinfavorite placeenjoys visiting remote areas, rejuvenates, Guadelupe Mntns,
10242007mini-dv00 03 09Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinearly influencemother was an artist & painted scenics & animals - appreciation
10252007mini-dv00 04 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinearly influencefather was a mechanic and a "tinkerer"
10262007mini-dv00 04 37Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinearly influencein law school 1968 environment was emerging big issue
10272007mini-dv00 05 12Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinearly influenceinfluenced by "The Affluent Society"; both economics & politics
10282007mini-dv00 06 28Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinearly influencewanted to work not just for money, but for political liberal causes
10292007mini-dv00 07 25Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinearly influenceStokely Carmicheal talked him out of being civil rights lawyer !
10302007mini-dv00 08 55Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionfirst job out of law school to start air pollution control for Houston '68
10312007mini-dv00 10 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionworked with good public administrators - field experience, sampling
10322007mini-dv00 11 40Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionstarted Citizens Environmental Coalition
10332007mini-dv00 13 40Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionship channel industries had no control - red dust from Aramco Steel
10342007mini-dv00 14 45Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionfirst realization in Houston that industrial pollution was a problem
10352007mini-dv00 15 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionlandfills recycled in northwest Houston by "mysterious" fires
10362007mini-dv00 15 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinair pollutionDr. Cubado was Harris County pollution control - he'd file suits
10372007mini-dv00 17 08Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareerworked for Houston then went to San Jacinto TB & respiratory disease
10382007mini-dv00 18 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinpoliticsleave it to the experts syndrome don't like citizen participation
10392007mini-dv00 19 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinpoliticsMax Sherman, Joe Moore, need to teach bureaucrats to value public
10402007mini-dv00 20 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismformed alliance of rich River Oaks ladies, AFl-CIO,
10412007mini-dv00 21 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismlearned from Lung Assocation the power of these organizations
10422007mini-dv00 22 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismconservation organizations must be careful about donor base
10432007mini-dv00 22 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismlung & respiratory organizations were leaders in air pollution standards
10442007mini-dv00 23 20Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismgot a $50,000 grant, brought together wide array of conservationists
10452007mini-dv00 24 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismearly environmental movement "urban elitist" & republican (!) - bipartisan
10462007mini-dv00 25 55Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismat first Earth Day silk stocking Republicans & Hippies got together
10472007mini-dv00 26 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismin 80's Republican environmentalist realized it would cost business $$$
10482007mini-dv00 28 10Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinactivismTB Assoc. comprised of well organized ladies & OCAW union
10492007mini-dv00 28 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismwith CEC he learned that coalitions only stay together over issues
10502007mini-dv00 29 40Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinfundraisingyou can't fundraise and have program responsibilities at the same time
10512007mini-dv00 32 10Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinfundraisingcity of Austin hired him for pollution control board
10522007mini-dv00 33 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareerhe was already familiar to Sierra Club and Austin Lobbyists
10532007mini-dv00 33 55Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinpoliticspeople who voted against Gus Mucher wouldn't pass legislation
10542007mini-dv00 35 20Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinlawGeorge Hagle of Sierra Club worked with John Birchers in law firms
10552007mini-dv00 37 24Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareercame to Austin w/Roberta Crenshaw, Russ Fish,
10562007mini-dv00 40 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustincareerLinn Andrews was city manager, left before Henry arrived -had security
10572007mini-dv00 40 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareertried to pass city NEPA, creek ordinance, tree ordinance
10582007mini-dv00 40 29Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareerstupidity of putting sewer lines along creeks in Austin - city did damage
10592007mini-dv00 41 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinnucleargot chewed out "kiss my ass" for not getting citizens behind nuclear
10602007mini-dv00 42 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinnuclearknew that the nuclear plants were economic disaster in the making
10612007mini-dv00 43 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustincareerAl Kaufman and Ken Manning hired because they were sharp &cheap
10622007mini-dv00 44 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindevelopmentdevelopers were running the city, Sid Jagger & innovators knocked down
10632007mini-dv00 45 08Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinnuclearnuclear power was controversial and he wouldn't support it & said so!
10642007mini-dv00 45 43Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareerhe was'nt a good bureaucrat, called city "worse than developers" OUCH
10652007mini-dv00 47 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindevelopmentsaw Austin turning into a "Houston" w/o environmental planning
10662007mini-dv00 48 55Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindevelopmentthinks big draw to Austin is people coming FOR the environment
10672007mini-dv00 49 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindevelopmentlegal system & private property development may destroy Austin
10682007mini-dv00 50 20Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinpoliticsran for Austin City Council to try & change things, "awakening"
10692007mini-dv00 51 20Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinpoliticsPeck Young, Jeff Friedman - he didn't like having to "sign up" w/dems
10702007mini-dv00 52 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinpoliticsBetty Himmelblau was woman, but closet Nazi, but she won election
10712007mini-dv00 53 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinpoliticsran on an environmental platform while others wanted development $
10722007mini-dv00 55 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austincareerfirst client was Sierra Club lobbying in the state house - strip mining bill
10732007mini-dv00 56 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinlegislationhouse more liberal, senate conservative back then, environment big deal
10742007mini-dv00 57 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinmediafeels newspapers and media are not pro-environmental anymore
10752007mini-dv00 57 48Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austingovernmentfeels that state legislature not as pro-environmental today as 70's
10762007mini-dv00 58 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinactivismwas early director of local Sierra Club for $600 month
10772007mini-dv00 58 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindamssports fisherman & shrimpers alerted him to impounding of estuaries
10782007mini-dv01 00 25Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindamsfiled lawsuit against lock & dam in Trinity River Barge Canal
10792007mini-dv01 01 05Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindamssued primarily because they didn't do an EIS; Dave Steed saved them
10802008mini-dv00 01 53Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustindamsGunther confirmed there were no estuaries-lies-so Steed blistered them
10812008mini-dv00 03 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindamsconvinced Judge "Bue" that an EIS should have been conducted
10822008mini-dv00 04 10Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austindamsif alleged conspiracy they could have entered Corps phone call tapes
10832008mini-dv00 05 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustindamsGalveston Corps guy was told to "juggle the figures" - judge heard it
10842008mini-dv00 06 25Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterafter drought TX Water Dev. Board given $400 million
10852008mini-dv00 08 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinwaterBilly Clayton & water hustlers plan water conveyance to West Texas+Burley
10862008mini-dv00 08 55Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterevident that cross-TX canal was ridiculous, but placated West's influence
10872008mini-dv00 10 48Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterwas going to use East TX water-linked by reservoirs-many built
10882008mini-dv00 12 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinbaysPalmetto Bend dam not needed, destructive to bays,
10892008mini-dv00 12 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinbaysCorpus Christi Bay turned into fin fish, not shell fish anymore
10902008mini-dv00 13 19Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinbaysSan Antonio Bay is now at risk, Matagorda Bay endangered,
10912008mini-dv00 14 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinbaysno built-in TX advocate to watch bays, no constituency for bay fisherman
10922008mini-dv00 14 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinbaysunused TX river water given to River Authorities, not to bays
10932008mini-dv00 16 20Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinwaterGov. Bullock & he schemed to form TNRCC in early '90s
10942008mini-dv00 17 10Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinwaterTNRCC doesn't give a damn about water right in TX, don't like hearings
10952008mini-dv00 18 19Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinwaterSierra Club into conservation of ground water, esp. West Texas spring exits
10962008mini-dv00 19 45Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwater75% rural people depend on ground water, can't centralize it
10972008mini-dv00 20 15Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterpeople who depend on ground water-ignorant-don't want it messed with
10982008mini-dv00 21 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterin early days you could only impound flood levels, not base flows
10992008mini-dv00 22 30Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterreservoir water is coming from spring flows-sets up false security
11002008mini-dv00 24 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinwaterStuart, you're a whore re: GBRA, irrigators fight to protect springs
11012008mini-dv00 25 40Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwatergonna go down the crapper; lacks leadership, Carol Patterson of Sierra
11022008mini-dv00 27 04Henry, Stuart06/18/99AustinwaterJudge Bunton & regulate Edwards fight (judge is short man) 5th Circuit
11032008mini-dv00 28 54Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwater5th Circuit court in TX backwards on environmental issues
11042008mini-dv00 29 43Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterwater will be a political challenge, not a resource challenge,
11052008mini-dv00 30 27Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwaterbiggest problem is getting water from East to West, need pipelines
11062008mini-dv00 31 00Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwatershould send people where the water is, but nobody wants E. TX
11072008mini-dv00 31 33Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinwatermust protect basin of origin, San Antonio growing, like it or not
11082008mini-dv00 32 50Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinenvironmental justicemajor environmental problem nationwide is subtle health & DNA change
11092008mini-dv00 33 28Henry, Stuart06/18/99Austinenvironmental justicetechnology is frightening, people sicker in urban areas, biological change
11102009mini-dv00 02 53Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeearly influenceTexas had many conservationists, and he may not remember all of them
11112009mini-dv00 03 58Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeearly influenceborn & raised on a ranch, hunter since childhood, mother taught him
11122009mini-dv00 05 03Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeearly influencegrandfather lived close to the land, showed him insect tracks & eggs
11132009mini-dv00 06 39Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleRachel CarsonRachel Carson's "Silent Spring" awakened him & wife to conservation
11142009mini-dv00 07 58Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleRachel CarsonCarson's "...unintended consequences of human activity" important
11152009mini-dv00 08 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templepesticidesremembers DDT used during WWII, first miraculous bug "bomb"
11162009mini-dv00 10 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templewritingwrote "Backcountry Mexico" about collecting plants on mountain islands
11172009mini-dv00 12 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templewritingwrote first guidebook to traveling the RIo Grande safely in 1964
11182009mini-dv00 13 39Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templewritingguidebook to Rio Grande described botany, geology, stewardship
11192009mini-dv00 15 48Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleconservationJustice Douglas wrote conservation wilderness books
11202009mini-dv00 17 20Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleconservationBob & Mickey offered free trip to Douglas to write book on Texas
11212009mini-dv00 18 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeconservationas a result of trips, Douglas wrote "Farewell to Texas" - good P.R.
11222009mini-dv00 19 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleconservationDouglas "shoot the rabbits (sic)"; introduced Nature Conservancy
11232009mini-dv00 21 40Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleconservationJ.C. Hunter owned Guadelupe Mntns ranch, Noel Kincaid, manager
11242009mini-dv00 23 10Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleconservationNoel Kincaid a "pro-conservation" rancher, pro-raptor; took Douglas
11252009mini-dv00 24 40Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templelegislationworked w/Sen. Yarborough to get Guadelupe into Nat. Park System
11262009mini-dv00 27 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleminingJim Bowmer gets Texaco to release mineral rights for Nat. Park purchase
11272009mini-dv00 27 58Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleperservationFederal Interstate Land Sales Act -fear RIo Grande bought up & chopped
11282009mini-dv00 29 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleperservationFrank Tolbert's press to get publicity for Wild & Scenic River designation
11292009mini-dv00 32 20Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeperservationtook Bureau of Outdoor Recreation team on river trip, also ranchers
11302009mini-dv00 34 40Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeperservationranchers & others afraid hippies would converge on the river
11312009mini-dv00 35 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templedamsan int'l treaty provided for a dam on wild river, so took Mexican officials trip
11322009mini-dv00 36 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templedamspublicity trip w/Mexican officials & U.S. Gov't convinced them to stop dam
11332009mini-dv00 39 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templewatergeology of Rio Grande, rainfall, water level, sometimes shallow, some rapids
11342009mini-dv00 41 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templetourismadventures & danger of rafting the Rio Grande, remote & worth preserving
11352009mini-dv00 42 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templetourismrescue of folks from rough waters using kayak, rebuilt wrecked canoe
11362009mini-dv00 44 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templetourismhazards of river rafting, flood levels, found dead bodies of wetbacks
11372009mini-dv00 47 14Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templemusicalways takes guitar camping, sings folk & country songs - mystique
11382009mini-dv00 48 45Burleson, Bob06/19/99TemplemusicBob sings Autrey & Burnett songs - "Riding Down The Canyon"
11392009mini-dv00 51 15Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templemusicsome nights camping on the river Mexican neighbors join them & sing
11402009mini-dv00 52 48Burleson, Bob06/19/99TemplemusicBob sings "Old Shep" the dog song (written by Red Foley)
11412009mini-dv00 56 25Burleson, Bob06/19/99TemplemusicBob sings "Like My Doggie Do" (INSERT on VARIOUS CLOSE-UPS)
11422009mini-dv00 59 54Burleson, Bob06/19/99TemplemusicBob sings "Jamablaya" (INSERT CLOSE UPS -GUITAR, TOE, HAND)
11432010mini-dv00 01 07Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeshell dredgingappointment to Parks & Wildlife opposed by shell dredging industry
11442010mini-dv00 01 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeshell dredgingshells dredged for cement & paving, caused siltation which smothered sealife
11452010mini-dv00 04 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeshell dredgingParker Bros. lobbied against Bob's appointment because he's pro-conservaton
11462010mini-dv00 06 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeshell dredgingshell dredgers lied about positions, impact, eventually quarried limestones inland
11472010mini-dv00 08 40Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeshell dredgingParks & Wildlife became more conservation & enforcement oriented to dredging
11482010mini-dv00 09 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templedamsmitigate dams projects-get them to set aside other lands to compensate flooding
11492010mini-dv00 11 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templedamsother groups filed suits, he worked on "realistic compromise" & remedial work
11502010mini-dv00 12 15Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templedamall the necessary dams have been built, new ones uneconomical & marginal
11512010mini-dv00 13 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templedamsmust guarantee releases of fresh water into bays & estuaries, not only farming
11522010mini-dv00 15 10Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templebirdingperegrine falcon populations dropping, majestic birds, DDT blamed
11532010mini-dv00 16 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templebirdingnon-migratory falcons in north Mexico, survey & band falcons, mid air exchange
11542010mini-dv00 19 18Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeendangeredplaced on TX endangered list, limited catches of falcons in the wild, trapping
11552010mini-dv00 22 23Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleendangeredTX Organization of Endangered Species created by Soil Conservation Srvc.
11562010mini-dv00 24 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleRachel CarsonT.O.E.S.had its genesis in "Silent Spring"
11572010mini-dv00 26 12Burleson, Bob06/19/99TempleendangeredTX kept most land private, must deal with endangered species on private lands
11582010mini-dv00 27 20Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeendangeredit's hard for biologists & researchers to get on private land - ranchers fear them
11592010mini-dv00 29 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeland ethicTX conservationists frustrated daily by way the land is being treated
11602010mini-dv00 30 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeactivismbelieves in compromise-- not confrontation & lawsuits (like Sierra & Henry)
11612010mini-dv00 32 30Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeactivismdepressing to see so many remnants of Blacklands Prairie gone
11622010mini-dv00 34 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templepopulationbiggest global challenge is reducing population, dumping in oceans
11632010mini-dv00 35 15Burleson, Bob06/19/99TemplepopulationBob & Mickey work in 3rd world as volunteers, see eco degradation re: population
11642010mini-dv00 37 15Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templefavorite placeloves remote, clean rivers, canyons,
12112011mini-dv00 51 45Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationacquired small prairie remnant in Marlon, but Honeycreek acquisition overgrazed
11652011mini-dv00 02 36Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationfirst loved Hill Country, acquired prairie, wanted to know what was indigenous
11662011mini-dv00 03 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationbegan to identify plants, hand picked seeds from remnant plants & planted
11672011mini-dv00 04 20Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationgot grass seeds w/ antique seed harvester culled from existing prairie remnants
11682011mini-dv00 06 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationfound out that local grass species did best, imported panhandle grass didn't
11692011mini-dv00 07 05Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationeastern gamma grass,
11702011mini-dv00 08 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationearly historic impressions: no trees, only rolling hills of grass
11712011mini-dv00 08 50Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationin the spring many colors of wildflowers, you can get lost in "ocean" of grasses
11722011mini-dv00 09 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationBlackland Prairie a narrow strip - geology - grasses acclimated to warmer climate
11732011mini-dv00 11 37Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationin Burros Mntns, Mexico, found similar strips of pristine prairie, not overgrazed
11742011mini-dv00 12 43Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationprosperous farming was largest in Blackland, productive & plowed & grazed
11752011mini-dv00 14 12Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationhaylands easy to farm, don't require pesticides; only 1/10 of 1 % of prairie left
11762011mini-dv00 14 58Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationprairie most endangered ecosystem in TX unless restored, like theirs
11772011mini-dv00 15 50Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationplant bottomland grass
11782011mini-dv00 16 49Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationhave established over 100 prairie species
11792011mini-dv00 17 20Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationswitchgrass, tall & dense, you could easily get lost, can be 7-10 feet tall
11802011mini-dv00 17 55Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationmany groups, kids, scouts, academics visit; kids initially timid, but then enjoy it
11812011mini-dv00 19 15Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationshow kids the coyote dens,
11822011mini-dv00 19 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationhog wollows formed by rain & soil changes form ruts
11832011mini-dv00 21 60Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationwhen you have self-swallowing soils (rare) each basin becomes a micro-habitat
11842011mini-dv00 22 40Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationforbs in prairies are perennials-compass plant--not wildflowers, not weeds,
11852011mini-dv00 24 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationblue sage plant, crush & smell sage, flowers described, bees love it
11862011mini-dv00 24 40Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationspring blooming "forbs," May is a gorgeous time, also September on prairie
11872011mini-dv00 26 35Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationJohnson grass & Bermuda grass are imported exotics, compete w/prairie grass
11882011mini-dv00 27 13Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationhelped their prairie along by mowing Johnson grass in early spring to being light
11892011mini-dv00 27 45Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationin a milo field, they demonstrate Johnson grass
11902011mini-dv00 28 18Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationJohnson grass such an invader, made it illegal for it to escape property or railroad
11912011mini-dv00 29 10Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationJohnson grass only comes in after a disturbance like plowing
11922011mini-dv00 30 10Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restoration white-flowered prairie clover, attracts bees, fixes nitrogen in the soil, legume
11932011mini-dv00 30 48Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationcompass plant or resin-weed; pioneer kids use the rosin weeds as gum
11942011mini-dv00 31 49Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationechinaecha plant, use the roots for herb tea; Jersey tea bush common
11952011mini-dv00 32 56Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationIndians dug out roots of wild hyacinth w/round black bulbs, edible, turnip root
11962011mini-dv00 34 18Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationbig blue stem was the dominant grass, turkeyfoot seed-heads, grows 7 feet high
11972011mini-dv00 35 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationbig blue stem would become dominant as prairie reached its climax
11982011mini-dv00 36 39Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationclimax grassland means dominant plant community w/o human disturbance
11992011mini-dv00 37 47Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationit took 25 years to get prairie to current state, experts could tell it was "planted"
12002011mini-dv00 38 48Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationlong term proposition to replicate prairie, earthworm castings not as prominent
12012011mini-dv00 39 29Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationtheir meadow preservers the genetic diversity of 100's of destroyed prairie areas
12022011mini-dv00 40 00Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationwill harvest seed from their meadow & give to others, Corps of Engieners, etc.
12032011mini-dv00 40 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationman can grow more beef on properly managed native prairie using their seeds
12042011mini-dv00 41 34Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationSoil Conservation spread KR Bluestem across TX, well intentioned but disaster
12052011mini-dv00 42 48Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationgrasses from other countries are total pests in TX, turning loose a weed
12062011mini-dv00 44 35Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationresearchers get excited about new foreign grasses, seems more glamorous
12072011mini-dv00 45 40Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationunintended consequences: power plant cooling lakes-looked for "warm" fish
12082011mini-dv00 47 50Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationhad fun working the prairie, hopes it gets back to original state, worthwhile
12092011mini-dv00 48 27Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationlearned about eco-regions, found other areas that were destroyed, may recover
12102011mini-dv00 50 00Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationplayed a role in Blackland Prairie restoration while on Nature Conservancy board
12122011mini-dv00 53 00Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationsteadicam shot walking & following Bob & Mickey through prairie
12132011mini-dv00 55 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationBlack Samson blooms w/purple petals, seedhead loaded, root is an herb tea
12142011mini-dv00 55 40Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationpeople will rob an echinachea field because of its herbal health qualities
12152011mini-dv00 56 30Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationBob should have leveled out the old levees & erosion control - slow to colonize
12162011mini-dv00 57 50Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationhave the biggest and earliest prairie restoration project
12172011mini-dv00 58 20Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationCarl Young of Soil Conservation Service interested, encouraged Bob & MIckey
12182011mini-dv00 59 21Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationCarl Young located prairie remnants, C.A. Recontine w/state office also helped
12192011mini-dv01 00 00Burleson, Bob06/19/99Templeprairie restorationsought out professionals in botany; R.C. Malden of Waco was seed specialist
12202011mini-dv01 01 10Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationR.C. Malden left S.C.S. because they didn't value the native plants
12212011mini-dv01 01 45Burleson, Bob / Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeprairie restorationshort white-flowered compass plant, blue prairie clover, legumes improve soil
12222012mini-dv00 02 12Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeearly influencemom sent her outdoors, Sundays went to uncle's farms, caught bugs
12232012mini-dv00 03 18Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeearly influencemom took daughters on trips across US, fascinated with landscapes
12242012mini-dv00 04 12Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeearly influencegrew up in Belton TX between 2 eco-systems & "Christian Creation"
12252012mini-dv00 05 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeearly influencereligious motivation, awe for "creation" and the natural world
12262012mini-dv00 06 37Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeearly influenceBob introduced her to hiking & self-taught river-running;new for women
12272012mini-dv00 08 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templecareeronly 3rd woman appointed to commission-gender gap-improving today
12282012mini-dv00 10 41Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templereligionpuzzled by lack of teaching by churches to appreciate "creation"
12292012mini-dv00 12 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templereligiondifficulties in getting organized religion & attendance for environment
12302012mini-dv00 15 08Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templemedianews media helpful in covering & publicizing conservation issues
12312012mini-dv00 15 48Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templemediaearly trips by the Burleson's well publicized by journalists - good PR
12322012mini-dv00 16 20Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templemediaoutdoor writers focus on hunting & fishing - conservation by default
12332012mini-dv00 17 45Burleson, Mickey06/19/99TemplemediaFrank Talbert of Dallas Morning News promoted conservation in print
12342012mini-dv00 18 25Burleson, Mickey06/19/99TemplemediaJohnson, Lady Bird, Udall, Douglas, Fortas all came on trips
12352012mini-dv00 19 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templepoliticsconflict between hunters & fisherman & Parks & Wildlife over funds
12362012mini-dv00 21 50Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templepoliticsdemocrats & republicans little difference on conservation issues
12372012mini-dv00 22 40Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templecareerappointed by Ann Richards, but commission bi-partisan
12382012mini-dv00 24 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeactivismroadside prairie remnant story publicity got her on Nature Conservancy
12392012mini-dv00 26 08Burleson, Mickey06/19/99TempleactivismNature Conservancy understaffed for a state as big as TX - problem
12402012mini-dv00 27 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templefundingeven though TX was "rich" it was hard to raise $$ for projects
12412012mini-dv00 29 09Burleson, Mickey06/19/99TemplefundingNature Conservancy won't lobby controversial issues to get funding
12422012mini-dv00 30 15Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templefundingsome corporate leaders know they exploit nature & will give money
12432012mini-dv00 32 15Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeactivismstarted TX Land Steward Society to encourage good land-owners
12442012mini-dv00 35 15Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeactivismappointed to P&W in '92, unfriendly time for conservation & acquisition
12452012mini-dv00 37 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeactivismneeded more aquisition for prairies, etc., others wanted maintenance
12462012mini-dv00 39 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeactivismcould see future need for more parklands, had to be inventive
12472012mini-dv00 39 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templefundingproblem having lands that hadn't been opened yet-hard to accept gifts
12482012mini-dv00 40 35Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templefundingidea of "banking" gifts of lands, set aside undeveloped; Trans Pecos
12492012mini-dv00 43 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templepoliticscontroversy over funding sources, Andy Sansome & sporting taxes
12502012mini-dv00 46 10Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templepoliticsfunding help from legislator who wants golf course in return - trade off
12512012mini-dv00 47 20Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templepoliticsshe faced voting conflict - ecosystem remnant vs. political promise
12522012mini-dv00 49 20Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templepoliticshad agreed to vote for golf course, but abstained - it still passed
12532012mini-dv00 50 40Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templehuntinghunting in state parks-Richard's opposed - but men emotional about it
12542012mini-dv00 53 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templehuntingpsychology of hunting, learned from mentor, camraderie, outdoors
12552012mini-dv00 54 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templehuntingtrade-off open wildlife management areas to hiking vs hunting in parks
12562012mini-dv00 56 00Burleson, Mickey06/19/99TemplehuntingFeds give matching funds to TX for sporting goods tax $$
12572012mini-dv00 58 07Burleson, Mickey06/19/99TempleconservationNatural Heritage Program run by General Land Office then P&W
12582012mini-dv00 59 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templeendangeredland owners feared Endangered Species Act & Natural Heritage
12592012mini-dv01 00 55Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templelegislationabolished Natural Heritage as per legislature influenced by landowners
12602012mini-dv01 01 30Burleson, Mickey06/19/99Templefuturedon't give up, control population, voters must express themselves
13162013mini-dv00 01 35Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinearly influenceduring the Depression, father at U of Mich, allowance based on fish
12612013mini-dv00 02 05Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinearly influencefather took them to Great Basin, studied fish paleontology
12622013mini-dv00 03 15Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinearly influencegot paid $1 each for fish they caught, $5 for rare fish helping father
12632013mini-dv00 03 58Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinearly influencefish in desert springs, grown up ranchers remembered old time trips
12642013mini-dv00 05 21Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinendangeredEndangered Species act made some ranchers hostile to scientists
12652013mini-dv00 06 16Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinfishingvisited 200 counties in TX to collect fish
12662013mini-dv00 06 55Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterspring water being misused for development, short-sighted goal only
12672013mini-dv00 08 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterSan Antonio facing danger from water loss, need conservation
12682013mini-dv00 08 56Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterSan Antonio spent more on attorney's, overdraw hurting species
12692013mini-dv00 10 12Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterSierra Club vs. Dept. of Ag. - must conserve water to get Fed subsidy
12702013mini-dv00 11 44Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterlimited water flows into aquifer, if you cut water, less shrimp & fish
12712013mini-dv00 13 12Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterto say "water taken from aquifer has no effect" is incorrect
12722013mini-dv00 13 44Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwatercatfish farmers taking water from Aquifer hurts San Antonio
12732013mini-dv00 14 38Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterEdwards aquifer is statewide problem, need conservation
12742013mini-dv00 15 30Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwateruse buffalo grass on lawns so use less water
12752013mini-dv00 16 36Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterstate agencies make $ selling water to farms, denies it to estuaries
12762013mini-dv00 17 23Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinpoliticsin 60's & 70's ex-army corps engineers in charge, not environmental
12772013mini-dv00 18 13Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austindamscourt case stopping dams, TN-Tombigee, $3 billion boondoggle flop
12782013mini-dv00 19 20Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinpoliticsNEPA can be circumvented-you can do bad things as long as you tell
12792013mini-dv00 20 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterlet water out of Glen Canyon dam into Grand Canyon, 98% exotics
12802013mini-dv00 21 35Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austindamsconflicts w/Corps of Engineers, Bruce Babbitt is environmental friend
12812013mini-dv00 22 20Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterCorps of Engineers gets water for people, no environmental concern
12822013mini-dv00 23 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinpoliticsin Colorado general public more favors environment than politicians
12832013mini-dv00 24 08Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinactivismTX has environmentally concerned citizens, more so than politicians
12842013mini-dv00 24 50Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austindamspast the time of dam & reservoir construction
12852013mini-dv00 26 04Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustindamsTX had natural lakes & streams - reservoirs are NOT that, negative
12862013mini-dv00 26 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austindamsreservoirs & lakes have good bass fishing, but bad for native biota
12872013mini-dv00 27 27Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austindamssome old New England dams may be taken down, increase red drum
12882013mini-dv00 28 41Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterif you don't let water go to estuaries you cause loss of seafood
12892013mini-dv00 29 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austincareera crab in his lab put a hole through his leg, eats crab as revenge
12902013mini-dv00 30 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinaquaculturemost aquaculture facilities discharge stuff, shrimp w/exotic diseases
12912013mini-dv00 31 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinaquaculturenative catsfish not a problem if get loose, but tilapia is a disaster
12922013mini-dv00 31 58Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinaquaculturefarmed shrimp have exotic diseases that could destroy natural shrimp
12942013mini-dv00 33 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinaquaculturerelease of non-native species overwhelm, need reduced fecundity fish
12952013mini-dv00 35 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinaquacultureParks & Wildlife always opposed introduction of diploid fish
12962013mini-dv00 36 30Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinecologyturning loose an exotic species has no biological controls
12972013mini-dv00 37 11Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinecologynasty hydrilla plants introduced in TX, transported by boat propellers
12982013mini-dv00 38 36Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinecologyphisteria not a problem yet in TX, serious elsewhere, fresh water only
12992013mini-dv00 40 10Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinfishingGolden Tide in late 80's wiped out fish in Amistad reservoir & Pecos
13002013mini-dv00 41 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterPecos River not of much economic value
13012013mini-dv00 41 30Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinfishingexotic fish wiped out, used chemicals to carefully restore natives
13022013mini-dv00 42 53Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinfishingold policy was to wipe out native fish & re-stock with what you want
12932013mini-dv00 43 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinaquaculturenative catsfish not a problem if get loose, but tilapia a disaster to bass
13032013mini-dv00 45 30Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinwaterGreen River operation was a negative, same w/streams in TX fishing
13042013mini-dv00 48 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinpesticideslearned that insecticides won't work on fire ants - must look at system
13052013mini-dv00 48 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinpesticidesold arsenic & myrex aquatic herbicides must use maximum care
13062013mini-dv00 49 51Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austincareerhas tenure, no fear of speaking out against unpopular opinions
13072013mini-dv00 52 09Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austineducationsometimes academics go beyond their expertise-supervise minorities
13082013mini-dv00 53 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinRachel Carsonknew Rachel Carson, sent her info on Colorado River
13092013mini-dv00 54 30Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinpoliticsoppossed TX water plan, legislators supported it to get re-elected
13102013mini-dv00 56 08Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinRachel CarsonRachel Carson's book as watershed influence
13112013mini-dv00 56 30Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwildlifepeople respond better to issues w/birds & mammals vs. fish watchers
13122013mini-dv00 57 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinendangeredmost Endangered Species Act money goes to birds, not water species
13132013mini-dv00 58 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinendangeredmost concern goes to bald eagles, not "just a little fish"
13142013mini-dv00 59 02Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinearly influencelong ago, caught 1 fish in a pond, though they had extincted it
13152013mini-dv00 59 45Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinearly influencefather was studying early fish development in Great Basin
13172014mini-dv00 01 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinactivismTexas Organization of Endangered Species started by Soil Conser. Srvs
13182014mini-dv00 02 12Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinactivismputs out list of endangered species, makes them candidate for listing
13192014mini-dv00 03 01Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinRachel Carsonshe was fishery biologist, she acted on her own, a nice gal
13202014mini-dv00 03 58Hubbs, Clark06/21/99AustinRachel Carsonshe was a good scientist, journals like "Science" criticized her
13212014mini-dv00 05 22Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austineducationgrad students tend to be environmentally active; many become M.D.'s
13222014mini-dv00 06 44Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinsciencelab science tends to prioritize field or environmental science - unfair
13232014mini-dv00 08 50Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinscienceit's amusement & education - 90% of biology on killer whales there
13242014mini-dv00 11 45Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinecologyaquatic ecosystems globally is immediate concern, not short-sighted $$
13252014mini-dv00 12 15Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinwaterwater has economic value, if Fountain Darter goes extinct-ethical issue
13262014mini-dv00 15 27Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinendangeredranchers fearing endangered species act
13272014mini-dv00 16 50Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinranchingranchers who look to the future & not short term money are better off
13282014mini-dv00 19 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinscienceif his research is manipulated for incorrect environmental gain he's MAD
13292014mini-dv00 20 00Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinactivismworks with EDF, Nature Conservancy, each NGO has its niche
13302014mini-dv00 21 29Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinfavorite placeLeif Luger's Clear Creek Ranch is his favorite spot-nice watery springs
13312014mini-dv00 22 40Hubbs, Clark06/21/99Austinfavorite placealso likes Dolan Falls, a Nature Conservancy place, likes waterfalls
13322015mini-dv00 01 25Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influenceonly child, dad loved to hunt quail, bird dogs, camping as youngster
13332015mini-dv00 03 28Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influenceearly hunting story
13342015mini-dv00 04 36Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influencefather had been in army, familiar with Big Thicket, squirrel hunting
13352015mini-dv00 06 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influencefather would dress his birds as neatly as a surgeon, only killed to eat
13362015mini-dv00 07 10Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influencedid a lot of canoeing with Dave Richards, Burelson, on the Rio Grande
13372015mini-dv00 10 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influenceread "Goodbye to a River" before utility dammed it, history & ecology
13382015mini-dv00 11 53Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinearly influencebought his first canoe from Bob Burelson - first took it on Guadelupe
13392015mini-dv00 12 25Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinraftingNed Fritz smacked his canoe on a rock, had to rebuild it
13402015mini-dv00 13 30Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinraftingPeggy Eaton appreciation society-Jackson's mistress-name of group
13412015mini-dv00 16 05Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinlegislationantiquities code written by Burleson, passed w/Conally re: treasures
13422015mini-dv00 18 24Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationarcheology low profile under Hiway Authority, so moved it to Histoical
13432015mini-dv00 19 24Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationLattimore head of Historical Commission, did a good job
13442015mini-dv00 20 04Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationPanther Canyon protected under Historical Commission
13452015mini-dv00 20 52Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationFrontier Forts in TX protected
13462015mini-dv00 21 53Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationneed to protect parks, hard to get funding
13472015mini-dv00 23 25Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinlegislationFed money from Continental Shelf development fund marked for parks
13482015mini-dv00 24 23Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsnobody wanted to run on a tax bill, but he would w/historic park proviso
13492015mini-dv00 25 58Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinlegislationhave raised half-million dollars from dedicated tax funds to date
13502015mini-dv00 26 30Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsfelt natural and historic conservationists should join forces
13512015mini-dv00 27 30Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpoliticsHobby & Barnes didn't believe in dedicated funds
13522015mini-dv00 28 26Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpoliticsTX had ranked last in parks, improved by joining history & conservation
13532015mini-dv00 29 50Kennard, Don06/21/99AustintourismVictorio Canyon, last Indian battle, camped on 100th anniversary
13542015mini-dv00 32 15Kennard, Don06/21/99Austintourismcamped out on 100th anniversary of railroad spike-brought history alive
13552015mini-dv00 33 30Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsby taking movers & shakers out into TX, they sensed the importance
13562015mini-dv00 35 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinlegislationset up state agency to accept property as legacy from private individuals
13572015mini-dv00 36 24Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationstudies in Davis & Franklin moutains; McIver Ranch to Nature Conserv.
13582015mini-dv00 39 30Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationMiranda Leonard bought 10,000 acres of Sawtooth Mnts. to preserve it
13592015mini-dv00 41 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationstudied Devil's River & Sinkhole, picked up by P&W; 19 projects total
13602015mini-dv00 42 50Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinlegislationinterim senate committe reports influenced Fund 31
13612015mini-dv00 43 33Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinlegislationtried to focus environmental awareness such as outlawing DDT
13622015mini-dv00 44 23Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinRachel Carsonintroduced bill to outlaw DDT ahead of Feds, outraged ranchers -failed
13632015mini-dv00 45 15Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinmediaWBAP radio, farm & ranch report slammed Kennard for anti-DDT stance
13642015mini-dv00 47 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinlegislationtakes 6-8 years to get legislation passed, hard for new concepts to pass
13652015mini-dv00 48 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsalways more liberal than his constituency; 20 years in senate
13662015mini-dv00 49 18Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsif you were honest & sincere, they'd support you even if they oppossed
13672015mini-dv00 50 04Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsmost anti-environment politics based on economic distress to ranchers
13682015mini-dv00 51 20Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinRachel Carsonhe was pursuaded by her facts & figures; others came around slowly
13692015mini-dv00 52 13Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinbirdinglicensed falconers, also good conservationists, wounded animals
13702015mini-dv00 55 00Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsfarmers as constituents, didn't want intervention, be patient with them
13712015mini-dv00 56 08Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpoliticsDave Schwartz allied with them, younger people supported them
13722015mini-dv00 56 55Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinendangeredproposed Endangered Species act for TX esp. TX tortoise threatened
13732015mini-dv00 59 15Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinendangereddevelopers & builders most oppossed to Endangered, farm bureau too
13742016mini-dv00 01 26Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationhad been bombing ranged, used as military "R&R" facility, wanted to preserve it
13752016mini-dv00 03 30Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationwanted no causeway, make Matagorda into park, raised hell w/air force
13762016mini-dv00 04 50Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationused influence of Johnson's Air Force One pilot to get onto Island, 3 week study
13772016mini-dv00 06 20Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationinsisted on no-causeway provision to prevent development of Matagorda Park
13782016mini-dv00 07 30Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationMatagorda Island had cows, got them off when Air Force left, lots of deer
13792016mini-dv00 08 40Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationSan Jose Island belongs to Bass Foundation, Perry Bass worked for Sid Richardson
13802016mini-dv00 09 40Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationSid Richardson bought Island during depression, had Bass build big house
13812016mini-dv00 10 30Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationRichardson's house on San Jose Island holds his art collection
13822016mini-dv00 11 00Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationPerry Bass worked to bring in grasses, stabilize erosion
13832016mini-dv00 11 30Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationcompleted study on Enchanted Rock during Carter admin. w/Bob Armstrong
13842016mini-dv00 12 27Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpreservationwanted to buy Enchanted Rock for Parks & Wildlife, "walked" through the process
13852016mini-dv00 13 15Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationEnchanted Rock described, 4th of July Centennial, saw rock at sunrise, splendid
13862016mini-dv00 14 20Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationLady Bird Johnson loved Enchanted Rock
13872016mini-dv00 14 55Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationLady Bird's billboard program premature, but she did a lot
13882016mini-dv00 15 34Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationFed & State highway program did good job of planting grasses
13892016mini-dv00 16 40Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinactivismfelt they were ahead of time on conservation
13902016mini-dv00 17 30Kennard, Don06/21/99AustinpreservationTX unique, Highway Dept. ahead on "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign
13912016mini-dv00 18 08Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinhuntingconflict between hunting & preservation in parks, other wilderness can be used
13922016mini-dv00 19 30Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinpoliticsdidn't lobby for hire until many years after leaving office
13932016mini-dv00 21 07Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinwatergrowth in population puts pressure on environment, water in West Texas big factor
13942016mini-dv00 22 23Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinwaterprice on water rights in N. Mexico have gone up, can't forsee that in TX
13952016mini-dv00 23 10Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinwaterjurisdictional rights of intrastate transfer & use distribution will be big fight in TX
13962016mini-dv00 24 09Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinfavorite placeIndian hot springs in the Quipman (?) mntns on the Rio Grande
13972016mini-dv00 26 50Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinfavorite placefive Buffalo Soliders buried out by Indian Springs, historic district a first in USA
13982016mini-dv00 28 03Kennard, Don06/21/99Austinconservationwants to see funds preserved for Parks & Wildlife because they'll be raided
13992017mini-dv00 02 28Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosearly influencegrew up on a farm, Boy Scout trips, agriculture, trapping, hunting, fish
14002017mini-dv00 05 25Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosearly influenceparents were teachers (math/history/English/Latin) before farmers
14012017mini-dv00 06 18Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosearly influencefather did contour farming -terraces- for water & soil retention black land
14022017mini-dv00 07 24Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosagriculturelegume growing program to grow peas & plow them under for nitrogen
14032017mini-dv00 08 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosclimatelived during Dust Bowl, saw dust coming, had forest fires - flares of gas
14042017mini-dv00 09 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoscareerworked for Conally in '63, worked in Budget Office
14052017mini-dv00 10 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterin '64 TX divided at 100th meridian for water development regions
14062017mini-dv00 11 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterHarry Burley with Bureau of Reclamation-in with Johnson
14072017mini-dv00 13 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterconflicts over handling of water development issues vs. higher education
14082017mini-dv00 14 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterhe began to handle water out of '65 legislative session
14092017mini-dv00 15 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterin '65 began to see water deficit approaching entire state in future
14102017mini-dv00 15 53Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterrecommends John Simmons of Civilian River to head Water Dev. Board
14112017mini-dv00 16 38Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterhe ends up as head of Water Development Board - almost by default
14122017mini-dv00 19 52Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatershortage from Brazos to West, surplus in East; ground & surface
14132017mini-dv00 21 19Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatermost TX water is used mainly for irrigation
14142017mini-dv00 21 59Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswateragribusiness has influence; less populated East believes Water is theirs
14152017mini-dv00 23 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterhad to persuade people in East they had economic interest in West
14162017mini-dv00 24 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterEast wanted guarantee that there foreseeable water interest protected
14172017mini-dv00 25 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterSen. Parkhouse (deformed & irreverant) livid with Moore over legislation
14182017mini-dv00 26 48Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterEast-West water conflict & inter-basin transfer - must guarantee East
14192017mini-dv00 27 40Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterTX high plains got a water depletion allowance for their income taxes
14202017mini-dv00 28 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterplan to make Sabine River flow backwards, build canal Dallas to Lubbock
14212017mini-dv00 29 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterplan was defeated in bond issue by 5000 votes, would have been huge
14222017mini-dv00 30 35Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcospoliticshuge bond issue in '69 staggering & environmentalists, Ned Fritz oppose
14232017mini-dv00 32 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterenvironmentalists not strong enough to make it happend, but prevented
14242017mini-dv00 32 45Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterHouston was pumping ground water causing land subsidence
14252017mini-dv00 34 51Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterdrought of '50's generalized & statewide, in Austin land cracked wide
14262017mini-dv00 35 58Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterdrought precipitated creation of TX Water Development Board
14272017mini-dv00 36 24Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterdrought created flurry of dam building; drought ended w/flooding
14282017mini-dv00 38 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsfocus on water when too little or too much, lead to much dam building
14292017mini-dv00 38 39Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsstate authorized to own water stored behind dams; $200 million dispute
14302017mini-dv00 40 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsadded $200 million to Water budget because Parkhouse said so
14312017mini-dv00 41 37Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsbought water storage first in Lake Palestine, optimize size & yield
14322017mini-dv00 43 44Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsLake Texana state built & owns it-battled by Stuart Henry &Sierra Club
14332017mini-dv00 44 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsSulfur River has great yield, protected by interstate compact
14342017mini-dv00 45 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsCooper Dam delayed, strong archeological interests & artifacts removed
14352017mini-dv00 46 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsReservoir proposed on Sabine, oppossed by Dallas hunter club & beat
14362017mini-dv00 47 10Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsbottomlands have soil & hardwoods so must mitigate if flooded & pay
14372017mini-dv00 48 20Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsWallisville reservoir would catch spill & has been in litigation 20 years
14382017mini-dv00 49 20Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsTX Water Conservation Association pro-reservoir, locals prefer surface
14392017mini-dv00 50 35Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsopponents of landowners are biggest opponent of dams, won't give it up
14402017mini-dv00 51 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsenvironmental and economic objections mostly to dams
14412017mini-dv00 52 40Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsStuart Henry longest opponents of water development along w/Ned Fritz
14422017mini-dv00 54 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsprobably won't see more dam building until all conservation exhausted
14432017mini-dv00 54 28Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamshave to be careful with water re-use because of quality to downstream
14442017mini-dv00 56 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterneed more efficient irrigation & conservation on High Plains
14452017mini-dv00 57 20Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatergreen tropical lawns in San Antonio, Lubbock, ridiculous - xeriscape !!
14462017mini-dv00 58 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswateronce you have a water project, you have to sell water to pay for it-irony
14472017mini-dv00 58 47Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterstatutory recognition of freshwater inflow to bays & estuaries
14482017mini-dv01 00 34Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoslegislationenvironmentalists allowed increase to water funds for estuary rights
14492017mini-dv01 01 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoscanalTrinity ship channel water quality
14502018mini-dv00 02 35Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterCorps of Engineers-old agency-navigation is their project-could add water supply
14512018mini-dv00 03 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterBureau of Reclamation a federal land grant to settle west - limitation was water
14522018mini-dv00 04 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterCorps of Engineers also controls flood control; Dept. of Ag builds dams
14532018mini-dv00 05 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterconflicts between different agencies that control parts of the water situation
14542018mini-dv00 06 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterLyndon Johnson stopped "water wars" with memo spelling out their jurisdiction
14552018mini-dv00 07 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatercommittees of congress have conflicting interests - no national water policy
14562018mini-dv00 08 45Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsmost TX reservoirs are Corps of Engineers, also State Dept on border w/ Mexico
14572018mini-dv00 10 16Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatermarkets in water - Gov't vested interest in maintaining interest
14582018mini-dv00 11 12Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterwhat is water worth? It depends on where you are ... Rio Grande water suit
14592018mini-dv00 13 10Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterEdwards Aquifer - paid irrigators not to irrigate, so water wouldn't be used for 1 yr
14602018mini-dv00 15 03Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterAquifer storage recovery process, Corrizo aquifer filled, but only w/ good water
14612018mini-dv00 16 20Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterpeople in San Antonio oppose surface water, calling it "sewer water"
14622018mini-dv00 17 45Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoswaterLower Colorado River Authority negotiated deal to sell half its water to Austin (ironic) Austin had water
14632018mini-dv00 18 47Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswateryou negotiate water rights well in advance because of lead time on projects
14642018mini-dv00 19 50Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsall reservoirs prosed must set aside money in budget for potential litigation
14652018mini-dv00 20 25Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamswater from Lake Palestine is cheapest they can find cause it was built long ago
14662018mini-dv00 21 10Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsSan Antonio had the chance to buy cheap in '76, is it worth committing in adance?
14672018mini-dv00 22 36Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsregretted that they didn't dam the Sulfur to the Louisiana border in the 60's
14682018mini-dv00 23 24Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosdamsGeneral revenue fund and funding tricks and compromises for dams & inflows
14692018mini-dv00 25 50Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterhard to explain to people in Lubbock while you'd pump freshwater to estuaries
14702018mini-dv00 26 10Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterthere had been a plan to dam every river in TX so none would be "wasted" in gulf
14712018mini-dv00 27 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatercould you control freshwater inflows so you could manage aquaculture in bays
14722018mini-dv00 28 38Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaternecessity & shortage will force management of water - needs of fisheries
14732018mini-dv00 30 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswatermust be judicious in determining what to grow & appropriateness for climate
14742018mini-dv00 31 07Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterfor 50 years San Antonio water problems known, won right to Kenyon dam water
14752018mini-dv00 32 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterfear that pumping to San Antonio would reduce spring flow at San Marcos
14762018mini-dv00 33 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterfear that overpumping would drain water & development - so used endangered
14772018mini-dv00 34 40Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcosendangeredStuart Henry filed case in Judge Bunton's court in Midland to influence outcome
14782018mini-dv00 35 56Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcoslawGuadelupe Blanco Auth. lead plaintiff in lawsuit
14792018mini-dv00 36 40Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterhow Joe Moore became personally involved in Edwards lawsuit
14802018mini-dv00 40 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcospoliticsarguments against making Joe Moore monitor in Edwards case
14812018mini-dv00 41 19Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcospoliticsparticipation in lead case in Dallas, his evaluation as monitor
14822018mini-dv00 43 20Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcospoliticsthe way Joe Moore works with judge as monitor in cases
14832018mini-dv00 44 51Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcospoliticsno problems in Sierra case in working with Judge Bunton - briefed in Medina
14842018mini-dv00 46 50Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcospoliticsCarol & Kirk Patterson considered an expert on Edwards - want to pump it dry
14852018mini-dv00 50 38Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcospoliticsBaird county deligation must dominate water board - power may go to TNRCC
14862018mini-dv00 53 30Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcospoliticsdrought of '94, "Moore Declares Scorched Earth Policy on Edwards"
14872018mini-dv00 56 15Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsin '96 drought got really critical, wanted Applewhite reservoir, failed, bad P.R.
14882018mini-dv00 58 00Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcosdamsvote failed on Applewhite, no alternate plan, Moore propose habitat conservation
14892018mini-dv01 00 05Moore, Joe06/22/99San MarcospoliticsMoore's dadr & Dolph Briscoe were old colleagues, farm to market road program
14902018mini-dv01 02 20Moore, Joe06/22/99San Marcoswaterdraft habitat conservation water plan
14912019mini-dv00 02 09Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influenceparents were first generation off farm, grandparents had farm central TX
14922019mini-dv00 03 27Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influencedad was engineer/historian, visited battlefield-interested in nature there
14932019mini-dv00 04 10Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influencebrother threw animals at her, found Mississippi mud snake beautiful
14942019mini-dv00 05 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influencefound nest of baby birds & tried to feed them worms - revelations
14952019mini-dv00 06 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influenceas high schooler romped in water off coast, in college found sea life
14962019mini-dv00 07 18Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influenceinvolved w/Girl Scouts; quiet observation of nature, gentle appreciation
14972019mini-dv00 08 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influencehad high school biology teacher who nourished her interest & research
14982019mini-dv00 08 45Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosearly influenceleft SWTSU as generalist, went to Texas Tech for physiological ecology
14992019mini-dv00 10 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosecologymillions of years of wise adaptations in animals evolution-humans mess
15002019mini-dv00 11 10Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoscareerinfluenced by activist lawyer Ned Fritz, signed up for newsletter
15012019mini-dv00 12 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoseducationfound professors not willing to speak out except Dr. Strontman
15022019mini-dv00 13 40Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcossciencelearn to step beyond science & into activism - Francis Rose & C. Hubbs
15032019mini-dv00 15 24Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoscareerwent to work for National Audubon Soc., met Don Kennard
15042019mini-dv00 16 45Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospoliticswanted to get support for Don Kennard's plans, gave her political clout
15052019mini-dv00 18 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospoliticsknew some politics from Ned Fritz, learned power of money & votes
15062019mini-dv00 19 40Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosactivismlearned how to bring citizens & grass roots w/Audubon to legislators
15072019mini-dv00 21 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcoscareerDon Kennard helped her learn personality quirks to use to advantage
15082019mini-dv00 21 50Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcospoliticsBob Armstrong environmental pioneer, soft environmental approach
15092019mini-dv00 23 31Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcospoliticsTX controlled by Petrochem, Agriculture & real estate influence & threat
15102019mini-dv00 25 35Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoslegislationenvironmental response from legislature guarded, dubious, cautious
15112019mini-dv00 26 50Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosagricultureagriculture always seemed threatened by environmentalism - too bad!
15122019mini-dv00 27 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosagricultureagriculture threatened by predator control-anti blanket kill permits
15132019mini-dv00 28 50Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosagriculturemisunderstanding about eagles and sheep & goat predators-not true
15142019mini-dv00 30 40Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosranchingoperation "Dead Land" show ranchers how to analyse carcas, failed
15152019mini-dv00 33 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospredatorsworked w/Audubon to demonstrate proper natural predator management
15162019mini-dv00 34 30Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosranchingworked on non-lethal predator control, if not use "target" not "broad"
15172019mini-dv00 36 30Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospesticidesapproach to minimize pesticide, use integrated pest management
15182019mini-dv00 37 45Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospesticideswhen pesticides became expensive, ranchers took note & health issues
15192019mini-dv00 39 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosRachel CarsonSilent Spring popular on campus, everyone read it, saw the results
15202019mini-dv00 40 42Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoscareergraduated in '73, CAA, CWA, joined Audubon in '76; Alaskan refuge act
15212019mini-dv00 42 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosgovernmentTX generated lots of Fed offshore tax money, but was getting little back
15222019mini-dv00 44 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosconservationgot more TX money to buy refuges in Lower Rio Grande Valley success
15232019mini-dv00 46 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosconservationbought lots of Rio Grande ranch land for preservation -tourism=business
15242019mini-dv00 47 28Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosconservationprivate land owners set aside wildlife corridors for animals to pass thru
15252019mini-dv00 49 21Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcoslegislationProposition 11 joint agriculture & environment - tax value on productivity
15262019mini-dv00 51 34Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoslegislationhope that farmers wouldn't sell land to developers; Prop 11 flexible - wins
15272019mini-dv00 52 30Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoslegislationurban environmentalists happy to have ranchers managing FOR wildlife
15282019mini-dv00 53 30Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoswaterfought massive water projects, un-economic, Carter nixed them
15292019mini-dv00 56 12Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosdamsWallisville dumb project, massive shallow lake, Federal boondoggle
15302019mini-dv00 57 45Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosdamsWallisville eventually passed as small scale, abandoned Trinity plan
15312019mini-dv00 59 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosdamsreservoirs subject to silting, un-economic, Concho River water snake
15322020mini-dv00 01 29Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosgrandfatheringgrandfathering of polluting industries is bad; 2/3 of US air emissions from TX
15332020mini-dv00 03 30Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosair pollutionNY & LA were once most polluted, but Houston has surpassed it
15342020mini-dv00 04 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosair pollutionreal respiratory problems, human price too high to pay for progress & economics
15352020mini-dv00 05 08Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoswildlifedisturbing movement to "own" & privatize wildlife in TX - biologically dangerous
15362020mini-dv00 06 10Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosdevelopmentroads, industrial corridors, redsidential development destroy parks & wildlife
15372020mini-dv00 07 10Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospreservationacres of parkland in TX low per capita; revenue opportunities in parks are harmful
15382020mini-dv00 09 20Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosconservationpublic money should be used for parks; Bastrop golf course an eco-disaster
15392020mini-dv00 10 10Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcospreservationTX parks should be about calming, renewal - not theme parks & resorts - tragic!
15402020mini-dv00 12 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospollutioneconomics of pollution control goals - 99% vs remaining 1% - acceptable risks?!?
15412020mini-dv00 14 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcospollutionEPA meetings decide "what is human life worth?" put dollar value on pollution
15422020mini-dv00 15 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospollutionacceptable risk argument calls the sick & dead "losers" who are genetically poor
15432020mini-dv00 18 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospollutionsome risks are addative; acceptable risk externalize the cost of pollution
15442020mini-dv00 19 19Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoswetlandsdisturbed by wetlands mitigation - "no net loss" is not valid exchange -doesn't add
15452020mini-dv00 21 50Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoswetlands75% of mitigation doesn't work according to Univ. study; 66% of companies didn't
15462020mini-dv00 23 33Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcospreservationneed balance between protectionism vs destruction - but generations give away
15472020mini-dv00 26 15Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosendangeredworked on TCONR, Ned Fritz, scientific study, monitor
15482020mini-dv00 28 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcospreservationNature Conservancy had unique identity under Ned Fritz; land aquisition program
15492020mini-dv00 29 55Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosactivismmisconception that environmental community in TX is monolithic; Audubon not
15502020mini-dv00 31 24Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosactivismPlanIt Texas, bridge environmental & ag community, dialog between leaders
15512020mini-dv00 33 29Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosendangeredPlanIt Texas - ag felt endangered species act in their way, can farm w/o harm
15522020mini-dv00 35 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosactivismset up ranch as sustainable example to test ag vs. environmentalists
15532020mini-dv00 36 22Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosactivismchose Red Corral Ranch, managed for 4 yrs, used endangered species as asset
15542020mini-dv00 37 40Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosactivismused endangered speices & bird watching - made ranch $$ as a bed & breakfast
15552020mini-dv00 40 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San MarcosactivismPlanet TX ranch project changed local perspectives, but not on a national level
15562020mini-dv00 41 30Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosagricultureshe set up organic certified peach orchard since '91, mechanical management
15572020mini-dv00 44 49Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosagriculturepurchased white chinese geese to do the weeding & natural fertilizer
15582020mini-dv00 47 10Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosagriculturecustomers enjoy visiting the orchard w/families, picking fruit off trees, kids like it
15592020mini-dv00 48 12Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoscareerthough she'd be a teacher - would teach more practical information, less latin
15602020mini-dv00 50 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcoscareershe taught a business student who's plans were rearranged by learning biology
15612020mini-dv00 52 45Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosfavorite placefirst saw Big Bend in her early 20's, mystical feeling, vast, rugged honesty
15622020mini-dv00 55 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosfavorite placewasn't impressed with Rio Grande valley until she was environmentalist
15632020mini-dv00 56 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosfavorite placeSanta Ana wildlife area, Benson, valuable biological crossroads, coast & desert
15652021mini-dv00 02 33Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinearly influencedad took him fishing, Lower Colorado River Authority lakes were new, had asthma, sent to Santa Fe camp
15662021mini-dv00 03 50Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinearly influenceparents took him to state park in Missouri, learned how to be fly fisherman
15672021mini-dv00 04 35Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinearly influenceenvironmentalism "sort of grew on him", also did hiking in NM, also a pilot
15682021mini-dv00 06 10Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinlegislationbeaches forefrunt of early legislative efforts, inter-agency environmental council
15692021mini-dv00 08 29Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinlegislationgot on the Land Council, Bullock elected, did well, Clements hired energy people
15702021mini-dv00 09 20Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinlegislationcouncil took a holisitic look at how all TX environments impacted by development
15712021mini-dv00 11 09Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinlegislationpeople in Houston saw violence being done to coast, good time for laws
15722021mini-dv00 11 44Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinbeachesahead of time on Coastal Program
15732021mini-dv00 12 18Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinbeachesBeach Program: had to protect access, no dredging of dunes, no advertising
15742021mini-dv00 13 09Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinactivismmet Orin Bonnie of Houston, decided to form Sierra Club w/ 4 guys, now 3000
15752021mini-dv00 14 25Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinactivismoriginal goals of Sierra Club for canoe trips, not political at first, met Brower!!
15762021mini-dv00 15 26Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinactivismdid lower canyon canoe trips w/Burleson; found a dead person -sheriff "don't call"
15782021mini-dv00 15 52Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinactivismworked on Trust for Public Land, San Fran based, Marty Rosen was sparkplug
15772021mini-dv00 16 48Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinactivismsaved Enchanted Rock & made it into a park w/Lady Bird;
15792021mini-dv00 19 07Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinactivismTerry Hershey a supporter, big on Bayou issues, great board member
15802021mini-dv00 20 40Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinactivismhas big outing w/ Molly Ivens, Ned Fritz, Bob Burleson plays guitar - Music
15812021mini-dv00 21 50Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinpoetrywrote couplet on medical reform for malpractice hearing
15832021mini-dv00 22 35Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinbeachescoded all the tracts on the seashore, no dredging on grasses, 10 mi. protection
15822021mini-dv00 22 55Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinbeachesJerry Sadler opposed Nat'l. Seashore Park, should all be TX, flew his plane
15842021mini-dv00 26 30Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinlegislationrevenue from properly done offshore tract leases put billions in school funds
15852021mini-dv00 27 45Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinpreservationgot Audubon people to manage bird islands, involve public in business of gov't.
15862021mini-dv00 28 55Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinpreservationprevented mineral exploitation of Franklin Mntns, too important to El Paso
15872021mini-dv00 29 38Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinlegislationTX owned small parcels of land, got authority to pool small parcels for big ranch
15882021mini-dv00 31 40Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinpreservationacquisition of Matagorda Isl,. get bombing range into P&W, then Winn property
15892021mini-dv00 32 25Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinpreservationearly years would herd cattle in exchange for getting to red fish - a great place
15902021mini-dv00 34 53Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austincareeron Parks & Wildlife from '84-90, worked for Richards until working for Interior
15912021mini-dv00 35 19Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinfishingstopped coastal Red Fishing on a commerical basis, fisherman became guides
15922021mini-dv00 36 50Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinlegislationworked to get Anderson Ranch into Parks & Wildlife, passed after long struggle
15932021mini-dv00 42 10Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austincareerappointed energy advisor for Ann Richard; statewide energy plan coal, wind, gas
15942021mini-dv00 44 57Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinenergyTX exports much product from Houston, get coal from WY, railroads control coal
15952021mini-dv00 47 27Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinenergycoal from Eastern mountaintop removal is dirty & need scrubbers
15962021mini-dv00 48 56Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustingovernmentGLO leasing vs. Interior Dept., how they cared for land more important than price
15972021mini-dv00 54 39Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austingovernmentconflict of leasing Federal lands and Forest Service to non-profits
15982021mini-dv00 55 41Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustingovernmentUSDA leasing vs. Interior Dept., ownership of Forest given away, now an asset
15642021mini-dv00 57 00Armentrout, Dede06/22/99San Marcosfuturehopes people wherever they are would give something back to nature -windowbox
15992021mini-dv00 57 30Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinminingMining Act must change since current 1776 act; lease $ should go for restoration
16002021mini-dv00 59 10Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austingovernmentput $27 billion in leasing into treasury; land & water $ should be plowed back in
16012021mini-dv01 01 30Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austincareerit's been a good ride, couldn't do it all, wants to catch red fish on fly rod
16022022mini-dv00 01 18Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austindevelopmentyoung people more aware now, growth determines land use; highways=schools
16032022mini-dv00 03 03Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinwaterthe West (BLM, Forest Srvc) is last "vista"; public servants alert to conservation
16042022mini-dv00 04 11Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinwaterDenver, El Paso, Las Vegas; fast growing but with water problems, must deal with
16052022mini-dv00 04 30Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinfavorite placeloves Alaska, Idaho, N. Mexico, saw the west
16062022mini-dv00 05 30Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinfavorite placeloves his ranch best, to fly over it, has golden cheek warbler,
16072022mini-dv00 06 30Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinfavorite placehit & miss with some land purchases, but got some good land
16082022mini-dv00 07 15Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinpreservationhoping for big purchased of public ownership land w. of Albuquerque
16092022mini-dv00 09 50Armstrong, Bob06/23/99Austinearly influencehis father said, "if you take care of this piece of land, it will take care of you" motto
16102022mini-dv00 12 05Armstrong, Bob06/23/99AustinAldo LeopoldAldo Leopold had more influence than Rachel Carson - he was hunter & fisher
16352023mini-dv0 29 10DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismstaff writers give better coverage, but they pay little more than nothing
16112023mini-dv00 02 15King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismObserver started by disgruntled liberal democrats; Ronny Dugger 1st editor
16122023mini-dv00 04 10King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismenvironmental coverage thin in early days, mostly politics, some developmental
16132023mini-dv00 04 50DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismDugger's early interest in what wasn't being covered by mainstream papers
16142023mini-dv00 05 25King, Mike06/23/99AustinethicsThoreau's notion of "truth" early motto; Barton Springs is early issue -magic spot
16152023mini-dv00 07 25King, Mike06/23/99AustinactivismBarton Springs early battleground on racism & integration
16162023mini-dv00 08 15DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismRonny Dugger one of TX great public intellectuals, should be in office, fairness
16172023mini-dv00 09 50DuBose, Lous06/23/99AustinjournalismFrankie Randolph, heiress-early financial backer of Observer;
16182023mini-dv00 11 15King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismearly readers were Yarborough democrats, still rely on generosity of readers
16192023mini-dv00 12 50King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismearliest stories are Padre Island Seashore battle, battle to get parklands
16202023mini-dv00 14 29DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismbiggest group of readers: 50's cold war TX liberals, late 60's radical progressives
16212023mini-dv00 15 30DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismmovement politics made the Observer happen, environmental less so today
16222023mini-dv00 16 00King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismreaders provide ideas for stories, almost too many to chose, "movement" story
16242023mini-dv00 17 15DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismstories w/good science, placed in context, & activists can use it for organizing
16232023mini-dv00 17 18King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismvoice for movment, not organizers themselves
16252023mini-dv00 20 39DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismRobert Bryce-writer-wrote on sludge pits, Barry McBee of TNRCC, Int'l scene also
16262023mini-dv00 21 29King, MIke06/23/99AustinjournalismRobert Bryce also Austin Chronicle, wrote on pig farms, Barton Springs, air issue
16272023mini-dv00 22 13King, MIke06/23/99AustinjournalismRobert Bryce linked Freeport's action in Indonesia w/pollution of Barton Springs
16282023mini-dv00 22 30King, MIke06/23/99Austinjournalismstory on Shell in Nigeria, linked to Shell's huge presence in TX
16292023mini-dv00 23 00King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismPete Gunter, from Big Thicket, 1st real environmental writer, fought lumber
16302023mini-dv00 25 00DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalisminstrumental in creating Big Thicket park
16312023mini-dv00 25 30King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismarticle on captive agency, Water Quality Board, people & lobbyists & agencies
16322023mini-dv00 26 40King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismlegislature arguing over public testimony-lobbyist says you must give illusion
16332023mini-dv00 27 15King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalism1st air pollution issue was carbon black plants, also Kelly A.F. Base
16342023mini-dv00 29 00DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismPaul Sweeney, writer; now more staff written--Mike does environmental beat
16362023mini-dv00 29 51King, Mike06/23/99Austinearly influencegrew up in industrial Chicago, mill worker, saw pollution - jobs vs environment
16372023mini-dv00 31 20King, Mike06/23/99Austincareerworked in Houston, but his kids got respiratory problems & moved back to Austin
16382023mini-dv00 31 50King, Mike06/23/99AustinpollutionChemical companies & pollution on Mexican border
16392023mini-dv00 32 50King, Mike06/23/99Austinpollutioncorporate power imposes social costs on public & walks away - bullies
16402023mini-dv00 33 40King, Mike06/23/99Austinpollutionstate subsidizes grandfathered pollution,
16412023mini-dv00 34 30DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinpoliticsnever hear lobbyist mention profits & dividends, always say "don't you want jobs?"
16422023mini-dv00 36 00DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinTNRCCTNRCC in the pocket of corporations
16432023mini-dv00 36 30DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinearly influencefirst worked as teacher in East TX, but isolation interrupted by herbicides
16442023mini-dv00 37 40DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinactivismtoxic landfill planned for 40 miles from his former home, got interested
16452023mini-dv00 38 16DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinlawcourts were best enforcers of legislation, litigation will become more difficult
16462023mini-dv00 39 12King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismenvironmental journalism came out of late 60's anti-war movement - same story
16472023mini-dv00 40 23King, Mike06/23/99Austinair pollutionE. Harris county suffers, union workers learning jobs can be deadly
16482023mini-dv00 41 50King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismin environmental stories many linked issues, rich & poor, jobs & labor
16492023mini-dv00 42 35DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismGrover Hutchens gave speech on environmental justice, class based, irony
16502023mini-dv00 46 00DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismenvironmental stories driven by small sources - i.e. a trench burner nearby
16512023mini-dv00 47 29King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismstory of failure of Formosa Plastic & breakdown of gulf enviro. compromise
16522023mini-dv00 48 30King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismsome stories they can't get to - like Pantex - "small" stories get big -Grandfather
16532023mini-dv00 49 30King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismGrandfathering pollution story too big, agencies don't keep track,
16542023mini-dv00 50 30King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismcovered grandfathering more than Dallas papers, notion of "pseudo-objectivity"
16552023mini-dv00 51 45DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismenvironmental stories are labor intensive, complex narrative , but visibly strong
16562023mini-dv00 52 30King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismstories on how to share water & keep it clean, West Austin growing too fast
16572023mini-dv00 53 45DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismObserver not controlled by commercial interests, such as real estate advertising
16582023mini-dv00 55 15DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismconstraints are: not enough staff or resources to do stories they'd like
16592023mini-dv00 56 30DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismObserver now owned by 501c3 & Dugger abided by Thoreau's truth mandate
16602023mini-dv00 57 20King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismThe Monthly started activist, but now suburbanized, Republicanized, complacent
16612023mini-dv00 59 24DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismalternative weeklies have more freedom, ads are only from "futon shops"
16842024mini-dv0 24 38King, Mike06/23/99AustinpoliticsHurwitz as hero to property rights people & industry, fake grass roots
16632024mini-dv00 02 57King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismUranium stories; DOE plans to dump waste in Gulf, TX as nuke dump
16642024mini-dv00 04 06King, Mike06/23/99Austinair pollutionearly pollution seen as aesthetic problem, carbon black workers
16652024mini-dv00 05 06King, Mike06/23/99Austinair pollutionNorth TX problems, PANTEX, pig farms, Houston has grandfather pollut.
16662024mini-dv00 05 50King, Mike06/23/99Austinair pollutiondescription of health & economic cost of air pollution in Houston
16672024mini-dv00 07 00DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austincoloniasproblems of unregulated "colonias" - first sewage plant on border
16682024mini-dv00 08 17King, Mike06/23/99Austinair pollutionEl Paso getting badly polluted, prevailing wind blows air west-not empty
16692024mini-dv00 10 14King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismMerco waste dump-NYC sludge dumped in West Texas, sweep under rug
16622024mini-dv00 10 30King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismearly story involve Uranium run in Kennedy, used as cure-all -sit in it!
16702024mini-dv00 10 57DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinair pollutionMexican power plants burning foul lignite, smoking air in Big Bend
16712024mini-dv00 12 23DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinmilitary basesstory of military base pollution-unregulated-legacy of solvents, fuel, etc.
16722024mini-dv00 13 00King, Mike06/23/99Austinwaterwater issue of planning for drought, later pollution issues, Barton, Bayou
16732024mini-dv00 13 51King, Mike06/23/99AustinwaterSan Antonio water problem created by ALCOA
16742024mini-dv00 14 05DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinnuclearPANTEX stockpile of plutonium pits, lawsuit forced doors open
16752024mini-dv00 15 00King, Mike06/23/99AustinNAFTANAFTA issues; Tort reform-big in environmental issues-must sue Corps.
16762024mini-dv00 16 10King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismlawsuits are a good source of public information
16772024mini-dv00 16 24Dubose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismwhen plaintiffs & suit make companies open their books, journalists look
16782024mini-dv00 17 43Dubose, Lou06/23/99Austinactivismwhistle blower, tireless resource, gathered "grandfathered" TNRCC info
16792024mini-dv00 19 00King, Mike06/23/99AustinactivismLanelle Anderson, grandmother against pollution; also Sierra Club (eh)
16802024mini-dv00 20 00King, Mike06/23/99AustinactivismKen Kramer a good hero, lobbyist, squeezes a reactionary legislature
16812024mini-dv00 21 00King, Mike06/23/99AustinactivismRalph Yarborough, Padre Island, Big Thicket
16822024mini-dv00 21 55Dubose, Lou06/23/99AustinactivismErin Rogers a resourceful pro-environmental activist, won a victory
16832024mini-dv00 23 30King, Mike06/23/99Austinpoliticsvillains: G. W. Bush, Ann Richards beaten down by Bullock & TNRCC
16852024mini-dv00 25 13Dubose, Lou06/23/99AustingrandfatheringKen Goldman, lobbyist wrote the "grandfathered" law
16862024mini-dv00 26 00Dubose, Lou06/23/99Austinpoliticsmostly corporate confederates are villains, hard to identify & see
16872024mini-dv00 26 40DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinpoliticsStuart Henry et al would know who the villains are
16882024mini-dv00 27 00King, Mike06/23/99Austinnuclearnuclear waste hucksters, salaries paid to 37 lobbyist on one bill
16892024mini-dv00 27 45King, Mike06/23/99Austinenvironmental justicea company was spewing smoke in low-income area, but owners in CO
16902024mini-dv00 28 45King, Mike06/23/99Austinpreservationscoundrels under guise of "private property" selling out natural heritage
16912024mini-dv00 29 34DuBose, Lou06/23/99Austinjournalismenvironmental stories will be initiated by citizen complaints, will continue
16922024mini-dv00 30 25King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismin '96 alone story on chemical industry stopping Dioxin, PCB from Mex
16932024mini-dv00 31 19King, Mike06/23/99AustinjournalismCorpus under toxic siege, napalm burned in TX cause CA laws too strict
16942024mini-dv00 32 48King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismbest stories: Shell Nigeria, Grandfathered pollution
16952024mini-dv00 33 25DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismPantex story had strong narrative
16962024mini-dv00 34 20DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinjournalismMidlothian cement kiln incinerator story not adequately covered yet
16972024mini-dv00 35 15King, Mike06/23/99Austinjournalismcement kiln story needs more exposure, even licensed incinerators mad
16982024mini-dv00 36 02King, Mike06/23/99Austinpollutionmercury pollution in TX water from utilities big, but not covered enough
16992024mini-dv00 36 20King, Mike06/23/99Austingrandfatheringgrandfathered pollution story so big, TNRCC makes it difficult
17002024mini-dv00 36 50Dubose, Lou06/23/99AustinpollutionTX is big enough in pollution to warrant a state-wide journal on environment
17012024mini-dv00 37 30DuBose, Lou06/23/99AustinpollutionTX #1 in volume of pollution from industry, but almost last in spending
17022024mini-dv00 38 00King, Mike06/23/99Austinsprawlhaven't done the hiway story yet, TX bound by roads, not-sensible
17042026mini-dv00 02 10McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonearly influenceserendipitous history, introduced to birds through Audubon as kid in Jr. high
17052026mini-dv00 03 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonearly influencefamily moved to rural VA, something of a loner, hunted & fished woods & river
17062026mini-dv00 05 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareerwanted to be forester, but didn't; tried engineering & failed, military service
17072026mini-dv00 06 55McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoneducationtook first biology course in college, enthusiastic, grad school U. of Florida
17082026mini-dv00 10 42McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareergrad school--studied bird sperm as masters thesis, then Smithsonian work
17092026mini-dv00 13 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareerwith family went to Chilean desert in Peace Corps
17102026mini-dv00 14 52McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareergot pos-doc position at Savannah River, GA; became "radio-ecologist" w/fish
17112026mini-dv00 16 35McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonendangeredred cockaded woodpecker endangered at Savannah River plant, SC did study
17122026mini-dv00 19 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonendangeredtaught adult education ornithology, woodpecker banding & study w/grad student
17132026mini-dv00 21 19McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareerdid fish study for Dupont nuclear facilities, then recession in Houston, volunteer
17142026mini-dv00 22 36McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonsciencedeveloped into role of "scientist-advocate" NOT university or agency scientist
17152026mini-dv00 23 26McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonsciencerole of scientists who remains objective but also advocates - w/good science
17162026mini-dv00 25 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonearly influenceas child hunted, did crow calls from farmer, had hound dogs, near tidepools
17172026mini-dv00 29 36McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareerbecame biologist and lost interest in hunting & fishing but collects specimens
17182026mini-dv00 32 35McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonRachel Carsondid her work independently & paid heavy price for whistle-blowing
17192026mini-dv00 33 40McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonactivismagencies don't "go the limit" because they'll lose funding & must cooperate
17202026mini-dv00 35 10McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonactivismagency people feed him reports because he can do more as an independent
17212026mini-dv00 36 17McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwetlandsstudying program for "no net loss" wetlands, only aves bits & loses to Corps
17222026mini-dv00 38 58McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustondamsWallisville is dumb project, at trial learned conflict of interest between agencies
17232026mini-dv00 42 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonpoliticsat trial, all agencies represented by same US attorney - don't want conflict
17242026mini-dv00 43 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonpoliticstruth is the first victim in legal process - you don't get to hear real witnesses
17252026mini-dv00 44 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstondamshad evidence that dam would be detrimental for all purposes
17262026mini-dv00 45 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstondamsoriginally called for large lake, so it "shrank" in size till almost useless - failure
17272026mini-dv00 47 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstondredgingplan to bring barges to Dallas-big companies bought land where dams would go
17282026mini-dv00 49 50McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonArmy Corpsfound errors in Corps documents overstating goals, meeting was set to discuss
17292026mini-dv00 52 17McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonArmy Corpshad meeting with Corps on Trinity over-estimates, Corps refuses to change
17302026mini-dv00 53 49McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airporta sham, fake environmental assessments, offered to do bird safety studies
17312026mini-dv00 55 23McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportplanned airport in wintering geese area, but developers sold land to city
17322026mini-dv00 56 25McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportwhile visiting site w/officials couldn't see geese, but heard them, then shotgun
17332026mini-dv00 58 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportstarted counting geese, 427 per hour over site
17342027mini-dv00 01 24McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportsuperflocks of hunted geese - 10,000 , advisory committee shut down, uninvited
17352027mini-dv00 03 40McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportFAA expert had bird strike risk model-used Bob's numbers, flights hit 10 birds
17362027mini-dv00 06 40McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportproblems with FAA model, found errors, reduced it to 1 bird per 5 flights
17372027mini-dv00 08 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportFAA accepts changed model, but still too high, other consultant changes model
17382027mini-dv00 09 50McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportFAA & consultants skew results & endanger planes & people - Bob protests
17392027mini-dv00 11 40McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportbird report causes trouble, they ignore him, FAA says "it's safe"
17402027mini-dv00 14 15McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportcity & FAA refused to admit mistakes Bob pointed out; he is ethical ecologist
17412027mini-dv00 15 45McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportclient's data belongs to client, but Bob released it to Chronicle for public safety
17422027mini-dv00 16 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportBob attacked over releasing data against airport as "unethical"
17432027mini-dv00 17 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportEnvironmental assessments written FOR clients, watered down - liability issues!
17442027mini-dv00 18 33McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportWestside airport a "dead" issue, expanding IAH w/wetland mitigation win-win
17452027mini-dv00 20 10McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustondamsWallisville taught them you need paid experts, not volunteers - then Galveston bay
17462027mini-dv00 21 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonGalveston Baytasked w/determining how valuable Galveston Bay was as scientist advocates
17472027mini-dv00 22 45McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonGalveston Bayorigin of Galveston Bay Estuary Committee, his role as scientist
17482027mini-dv00 24 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonGalveston Baygoal of estuary committee - what's there, what's being lost, plan of action
17492027mini-dv00 25 15McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonGalveston BayGalveston Bay study now looks at cumulative impacts- habitat & wetland loss
17502027mini-dv00 27 40McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstondamshas shown city benefit from Wallisville is greatly exagerated, but they won't reply
17512027mini-dv00 29 40McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonmass transitlight rail does nothing for commuters - bur good for developers profits
17522027mini-dv00 31 18McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstongovernmentfederal funding fosters environmental folly subsidies drive boondoggles
17532027mini-dv00 32 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstondevelopmentdevelopers buy cheap land in suburbs & sell land cheap for freeways
17542027mini-dv00 34 15McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonpoliticsno outcry on the corruption because of campaign contributions & payoffs
17552027mini-dv00 35 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonpoliticsthey using public money to subsidize private development & buy politicians cheap
17562027mini-dv00 38 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonpoliticsno need for second airport, but that map didn't make it to the council
17572027mini-dv00 39 15McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportstudy claimed every plane would generate 7 jobs - didn't make sense
17582027mini-dv00 41 15McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportFAA study says every 7 planes generates 1 job - so economic benefits incorrect
17592027mini-dv00 43 11McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwestside airportwrote letter to business columnist, she catches FAA & city, yet they still deny it
17602027mini-dv00 45 20McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstoncareerexperts often on multi-disciplanary team, but only expert in ONE area
17612027mini-dv00 47 05McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonscienceengineers vs. ecologist: engineers look at "black box" only, not surroundings
17622027mini-dv00 48 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonscienceengineers look at "weeks" and "months"; ecologists look at decades & higher
17632027mini-dv00 49 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonscienceHardin's book "Filters Against Folly" - we need literacy, numeracy,
17642027mini-dv00 51 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonscienceDDT as example of unintended consequence with noble origin
17652027mini-dv00 53 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonfuturemessage is that "one person can make a difference" but you must be persistent
17662027mini-dv00 54 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonfavorite placeChristmas Bay his favorite place & Lake Charlotte cypress swamp
17672027mini-dv00 56 00McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonwetlandsmarshes, wetlands and bays are most biologically productive places on earth
17682027mini-dv00 57 14McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonGalveston BayGalveston Bay is a seafood factory; barrier islands are dynamic, bad for houses
17692027mini-dv00 58 20McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonethicswe're not very bright as people; tyranny of small decisions, popluation problem
17702027mini-dv00 59 17McFarlane, Bob10/01/99Houstonenergywe're subsidizing our life with fossil energy; out of balance & over-consumption
17712027mini-dv01 01 30McFarlane, Bob10/01/99HoustonpoliticsRepublicans claim to be conservative - root of "conservation" but they aren't
17722028mini-dv00 02 08Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonearly influenceparents from Louisiana, spent time on bayou fishing & hunting, his grandpa too
17732028mini-dv00 03 58Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonearly influenceUncle Bun & Aunt Bobby took him bass fishing, exposed him to TX coast
17742028mini-dv00 05 52Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonearly influencefamily was serious Baptist, mother was spititual, but jobs meant more than owls
17752028mini-dv00 07 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonreligiondebated Mom on Christianity and stewardship of creation vs. jobs
17762028mini-dv00 08 39Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonethicsrecovering alcoholic - chose Galveston Bay as his higher spiritual power, fishing
17772028mini-dv00 11 35Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstoneducationstudents read environment, but also canoe trip on bayou for hands-on approach
17782028mini-dv00 13 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstoneducationtries to integrate environmental philosophy into holisitic curriculum - not easy!
17792028mini-dv00 14 12Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstoneducationtries to teach students to use straightforward communications on problems
17802028mini-dv00 15 52Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstoneducationdifferent students bring different approaches to problem solving, music, engineer
17812028mini-dv00 16 30Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawdifferent types of environmental cases: NEPA, permits, environmental justice, standards
17822028mini-dv00 19 05Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawin 1970's did environmental consultant & planning, not much law (not for industry)
17832028mini-dv00 20 38Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlaw3rd world enviro problems in TX like Formosa plastic ('87) circumvented laws
17842028mini-dv00 22 45Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawtries to negotiate for "fair hearing" often vs. governmental agencies with money
17852028mini-dv00 24 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonenviro justicewhen battling Port of Houston vs. blue collar community needs alliances in battle
17862028mini-dv00 26 31Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawclient went on hunger strike to protest Formosa plastics & get settlement
17872028mini-dv00 27 25Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawfought landfill sited near republican suburb - brought 7 bus loads to hearings
17882028mini-dv00 29 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawclassic client is female, more apt to fight govt.,
17892028mini-dv00 30 28Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawoutlines typical history of case starting with TNRCC letter that scares them
17902028mini-dv00 31 35Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawrepublicans most dramatically affected by environmental issue, was bipartisan
17912028mini-dv00 33 45Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonsprawlHouston surrounded by fabulous ecosystems, sprawl eating habitat areas
17922028mini-dv00 37 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawcan't just be defensive, must be on the attack, need technical excellence
17932028mini-dv00 38 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlaw success- hurricane Alicia destroyed cooling towers, fought hot water discharge
17942028mini-dv00 39 50Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawlosing lawsuit can also be helpful: fought Corps dredging but changed attitudes
17952028mini-dv00 41 25Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawfought HOV lanes on Southwest Freeway over noise abatement issue
17962028mini-dv00 42 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawdefeated incinerator permits by delaying it until it was uneconomical - strategy!
17972028mini-dv00 44 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawdifficulty of compromise on permits, etc., some neighborhoods won't give in
17982028mini-dv00 46 51Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawsometimes they will take on a case for industry - must avoid conflict of interests
17992028mini-dv00 48 04Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawthe Texas Defense Bar is knowledgeable, but some will lie & must be checked on
18002028mini-dv00 50 04Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawmeanest oponents governmental agencies: well funded, not state of the art work
18012028mini-dv00 51 03Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonlawDow chemical, unlike govt agency, their attention to detail is good (not Dupont!)
18022028mini-dv00 52 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawwhen fighting Dupont permit they needed more skills, still contentious
18032028mini-dv00 53 45Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawapplicant & agency work together for months, public ends up opposing both
18042028mini-dv00 55 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawresponding to applicants requires experts, money, time, often disadvanted
18052028mini-dv00 56 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawproblems with "consultants for hire" and exposes lying experts on the other side
18062028mini-dv00 57 40Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawin a drainage case experts models may have wrong numbers-which coefficient ?
18072028mini-dv00 59 14Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawcross-examining skills, gave a witness a charley horse from tension, physical!
18082029mini-dv00 02 06Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpoliticsconflict between industry & govt that regulates it, don't pay gov't. well & expect
18092029mini-dv00 03 40Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpoliticsadministrative & agency people fear legislators & the demands of their lobbyists
18102029mini-dv00 06 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpoliticsregulatory agencies not acting out the people's will, people don't have $ to buy it
18112029mini-dv00 07 45Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpoliticsnever see direct money payoffs--we have a legal system of payoffs! contractors
18122029mini-dv00 08 30Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpoliticsfounded Houston Conservation Voters PAC; interviewing candidates to give $
18132029mini-dv00 09 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpoliticsshould Houston require contracting equipment to be natural gas - corruption!
18142029mini-dv00 12 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionHouston partnership (C. of C.) contolled politics, violates ozone standards
18152029mini-dv00 13 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionSonoma technology study identified air problems to 2007 - what is true cost??
18162029mini-dv00 14 25Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionHouston starting to focus on health issues rather than vs. Federal regulations
18172029mini-dv00 15 15Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionHopes medical community will take bigger role, get $ to research air/health issue
18182029mini-dv00 18 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionClean Air Act tied to highway funds & compliance, but congress pushes deadlines
18192029mini-dv00 19 45Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionuntil EPA says public health is important, Houston won't comply w/o litigation
18202029mini-dv00 21 05Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionno public monitoring data available from TNRCC & industry
18212029mini-dv00 22 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionair toxics localized and impacts are long term, possible DNA impacts later on
18222029mini-dv00 23 22Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonair pollutionsmall particles have acute effects, shortness of breath, heart attacks
18232029mini-dv00 24 05Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpollutioncommunity right to know act 1986, TRI list of "Toxic 500" started interest in toxics
18242029mini-dv00 26 30Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawwhen companies lose settlement they like to find "win-win" & solve problem too
18252029mini-dv00 28 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawwhen you get punitive damages companies are more likely to protest & get ugly
18262029mini-dv00 29 37Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonlawindustry scientists use "absence of data" as justification, hide behind data gaps
18272029mini-dv00 30 50Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonethicsto what extent does "amorality" of corporation extend to day-to-day behavior
18282029mini-dv00 32 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstongreen buildingbuilt his own house, solar, etc; but found glue in pressboard to be toxic -aired out
18292029mini-dv00 35 20Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstongreen buildingdiscovered toxics in paints, carpets; designed wall w/vapor barrier & air scoop
18302029mini-dv00 36 30Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonpollutionoff-gassing in modern homes may be one of the biggest toxic indoor air problems
18312029mini-dv00 37 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstongardeninghas native garden as "room in house" with butterflies and hummingbirds
18322029mini-dv00 37 35Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonbirdingenjoys birdwatching, hunted as a kid, learned ducks & geese, hunting stories
18332029mini-dv00 40 00Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonhuntingsome men don't feel comfortable in nature w/o a gun, ecofeminism
18342029mini-dv00 41 42Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonactivismTerry Hershey used "role of personal will" to save Buffalo Bayou
18352029mini-dv00 43 45Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonactivismMona Shoup protested plan to channelize Clear Creek against Corps
18362029mini-dv00 45 30Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonwetlandsColumbia Bottomlands closest in Hoston to rainforest vital to migratory birds
18372029mini-dv00 47 54Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonfuturefuture of environmentalism: link property rights & enviro protection
18382029mini-dv00 49 10Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonfuturefuture of environmentalism w/transformation in religion, philosophy & ethics
18392029mini-dv00 51 20Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonactivismneed to forge unusual alliances: Sierra, NRA, Airlines, PETA - to save prairie
18402029mini-dv00 53 29Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonactivismGalveston Bay Foundation : coallition of users-funding & priority conflicts though
18412029mini-dv00 56 40Blackburn, Jim10/01/99HoustonactivismMatagorda Bay Foundation formed w/o indsutry support to streamline & fight
18422029mini-dv00 58 16Blackburn, Jim10/01/99Houstonfavorite placelikes to kayak in Christmas Bay, birdwatching and red fishing, oyster catchers
18432030mini-dv00 012 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonecologyGarden of Hope backyard law office; what is wealth? What is health?
18442030mini-dv00 03 15O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologyteaches high school kids about health & microorganisms - organic gardening
18452030mini-dv00 05 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologycall of beauty needed for 21st Century; left "glass tower" office for home office
18462030mini-dv00 07 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologyshows us a pineapple grown in organic soil, planted birdseed & grew native millet
18472030mini-dv00 08 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologylawns of St. Augustine grass require lawnmowers which contribute to air pollution
18482030mini-dv00 09 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologyplanted purple salvia etc. & it attracted birds & animals -no toxicity; lots of toads
18492030mini-dv00 11 22O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologyhearty gambuzia fish eat mosquitoes, live in his ponds - natural pest control
18502030mini-dv00 12 44O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologymost rednecks kill snakes, but he loves snakes; believes we're "on heaven"
18512030mini-dv00 14 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonecologyHouston has ecological richness & diversity
18522030mini-dv00 15 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsnot NIMBY but IMBY - what's IN my backyard, surround ourselves w/nature
18532030mini-dv00 16 23O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologygrows water hyacinth even though it is an invasive species, used to treat water
18542030mini-dv00 17 26O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonecologyHouston once a beach, very flat, water falls & runs off then into concrete culverts
18552030mini-dv00 19 15O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonpollutionfirst notices that 1" rain & toxic stuff runs off & caused fish kill
18562030mini-dv00 20 15O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologyin his backyard he built run-off collection ditches & ponds
18572030mini-dv00 21 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologypolitics kills idea of backyard ditches becuase contractors & corruption usurp
18582030mini-dv00 21 50O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsgrew up in Houston, tries to teach his change of consciousness, went to Rice U.
18592030mini-dv00 23 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsgrew up in segregated society, today Houston embaces diversity
18602030mini-dv00 24 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsdowntown Houston still a "white" indoors business district
18612030mini-dv00 24 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerwent to Europe after college, saw the classics, found Alhambra most beautiful
18622030mini-dv00 26 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoneducationrecites poem about Granada; learned history from Judeo-Christian ethic
18632030mini-dv00 27 50O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsrealized that most "western" culture came from India & N. Aftican cultures
18642030mini-dv00 29 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsrealized that "civilization" in the US in the 20th Cent. perpetrated eco-holocaust
18652030mini-dv00 30 28O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsasks students "how old you'll be when you die?" explains life expectancy & diet
18662030mini-dv00 33 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsquestions different classes ask of food, nobody asks "was it good for you?"
18672030mini-dv00 34 02O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicsasks if the food you eat "is good for the earth?"better to eat local non-organic
18682030mini-dv00 35 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicspicks & eats organic orange from his tree - everyone can have backyard gardens
18692030mini-dv00 37 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonethicsTerry reveals that he intends to live to 156, changes perspective on life
18702030mini-dv00 38 29O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonwastewaterwalks in rectified stream, but water quality is up and fish returned, cleaner water
18712030mini-dv00 39 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonwastewaterwants to replace concrete with native habitat except for greed to build houses
18722030mini-dv00 40 50O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonwastewaterHouston had enough raw sewage to fill the Astrodome, ship channel caught fire
18732030mini-dv00 42 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonwastewatermostly carp in the channel now
18742030mini-dv00 43 00~10/02/99HoustonB channel fishvar. of creek water with some leaping fish hand held
18752030mini-dv00 45 00~10/02/99HoustonB channelvar. pans of concrete creek channel, joggers, etc
18762030mini-dv00 46 45O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonactivismcounty hike-bike trail brings people into the environment, proposes more trails
18772030mini-dv00 48 50O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonair pollutionair in Houston worse than LA because of unique toxic chemicals, must clean up
18782030mini-dv00 50 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonB gardenvar. fountains and plants in Terry O'Rourke's garden, est. var. pans
18792030mini-dv00 53 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonB gardensign "Terence O'Rourke, Counselor at Law" hanging on his house
18802030mini-dv00 54 19O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoneducationdidn't learn about "environmental holocaust" on campus that is non-native
18812030mini-dv00 55 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonranchingbuilding the cattle kingdom, overgrazing, destroyed the grasslands,. need organic
18822030mini-dv00 57 03O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologyimpoted "European" education not reflective of redneck inherent culture
18832030mini-dv00 58 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologygreed destroying the environment; space race gave us view of blue marble
18842030mini-dv00 59 19O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonecologygreat teacher John Adams, exploitation of resources, VIetnam war
18852030mini-dv01 01 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonecologyRice buit on meat & Coca Cola; need to become more organic, vegetarian
18862031mini-dv00 01 21O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustoncareerJohn Hill elected Attny General, he hires Terry under his plan to "clean up" Texas
18872031mini-dv00 02 26O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerback then Armco, Champion paper, big polluters - smoke is jobs - fought it
18882031mini-dv00 03 55O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerfought Champion, met Dr. Walter Kibodeau - Harris County Pollution Officer
18892031mini-dv00 05 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerto beat Champion, swore in women voters as deputies, used radical tactics
18902031mini-dv00 06 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerlawyers tried to dis-bar Terry, but he used Channel 13 and beat Champion
18912031mini-dv00 06 56O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustoncareerARMCO steel prosecution - he won, got $250,000 penalty, but too small
18922031mini-dv00 08 29O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerneeded to put execs in jail, found arsenic on site of Texas freedom, dramatic trial
18932031mini-dv00 11 15O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustoncareerIntercontinental Steel fires - corporate CEO died before trial, disappointed
18942031mini-dv00 14 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerhe prosecuted with anger that "they're killing the earth!",
18952031mini-dv00 15 15O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerhe sought "death penalty" for polluting corporations - put them out of business
18962031mini-dv00 17 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonlawHarris County v. All Waste started prison work program to clean up dump sites
18972031mini-dv00 18 55O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonlawas settlement for dump fire had company fund tree planting program w/ prisoners
18982031mini-dv00 20 41O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerran for judge in '92, campaign is expensive, he won but lost by a hair in a recount
18992031mini-dv00 23 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonpoliticselections and judgeship campaigns depend on money & it influences judges
19002031mini-dv00 26 44O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonpoliticsrailroad commission sets price of oil in TX - price fixing & conservation
19012031mini-dv00 28 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerran for railroad commission on "conservation" platform against consumption
19022031mini-dv00 29 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerrailroad commission had never sued companies for pollution, too wasteful
19032031mini-dv00 30 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareerwas defeated by Jerry Sadler for R.R. commission
19042031mini-dv00 31 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonpoliticsdinner with Lyndon Johnson & Bob Armstrong
19052031mini-dv00 32 50O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareersaw that Carter's energy plan was like his, so he joined Carter in Energy Dept.
19062031mini-dv00 34 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstoncareersent around the work to explain Carter energy conservation plan
19072031mini-dv00 35 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonenergySaudi Arabians asked him about marginal wells & Carter oil & economic policies
19082031mini-dv00 38 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonenergyknew we had to "unhook" ourselves from Mid-East oil & politics
19092031mini-dv00 40 10O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonpoliticsthere was wisdom in Carter's plans for deregulation on oil & gas economics
19102031mini-dv00 41 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonenergyafter Carter, went into small hydro-power; found the technology in China
19112031mini-dv00 44 00O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonenergynegotiations w/Chinese turbine manufacturers, built plant near Mt. Lassen in CA
19122031mini-dv00 46 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonenergyhydropower uses sunlight & gravity to make electricity, 78% efficiency, no dams!
19132031mini-dv00 48 28O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonenergycoming from Houston he fell in love w/California beauty, but his product polluted
19142031mini-dv00 50 05O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethics92 saw arcane records from old Republic of TX, & slave sale documents & titles
19152031mini-dv00 53 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonethicswondered what future would think of compromise documents signed by himself
19162031mini-dv00 56 25O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonlawElmer Klebb hermit in woods, gathered seeds, ecological niche, he had no papers
19172031mini-dv00 59 15O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99HoustonlawElmer owed taxes, so gave land to the gov't as a preserved woods for animals
19182032mini-dv00 00 40O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonair pollutionHouston has 2nd dirtiest air in USA, "Stinkadena" "Cancer Coast"
19192032mini-dv00 02 17O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonair pollutioncheaper to buy politicians than pollution abatement equipment - must compete
19202032mini-dv00 03 31O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonair pollutionHouston politics: easier to change the rules than correct the non-compliance
19212032mini-dv00 05 30O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonair pollutionTX executes most criminals, but also kills most citizens through pollution
19222032mini-dv00 06 59O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonfuturehis message about beauty & loving the earth; we can have new ecological myth
19232032mini-dv00 08 20O'Rourke, Terry10/02/99Houstonfavorite placefavorite place is Sheldon Lake when the lotus flowers are blooming & High Island
19242032mini-dv00 10 00~10/02/99HoustonB ship channelvar. rack focus & angles on refineries & Houston ship channel at dusk
19252032mini-dv00 13 00~10/02/99HoustonB ship channelzoom out from refineries & steam to monument in f FG
19262033mini-dv00 02 37Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influencenative of Corpus Christi, assumed clean air & bays were a given
19272033mini-dv00 04 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influencerode horses in wild areas, first noticed degradation of landscape from oil drilling
19282033mini-dv00 05 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonactivismfirst case against oversize sign variance on the shore line, first citizen effort
19292033mini-dv00 06 42Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influenceher mother was plaintiff in fighting Ramada Inn sign on beach
19302033mini-dv00 08 24Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influenceroots in rural county, deep love of it, hurts to see degradation, oil covered birds
19312033mini-dv00 09 20Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influenceIslands all developed in her lifetime, wants to remember it for what it was
19322033mini-dv00 10 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influenceGerman sea captain told her about growing pollution in the seas & on Islands
19332033mini-dv00 11 25Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influencegot interest in legislature, spent time on Mustang Island w/William O Douglas
19342033mini-dv00 12 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influenceat first they were grateful for oil & gas exploration and the money taken for granted
19352033mini-dv00 13 40Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsearly ally was fire chief because he was concerend about refinery safety
19362033mini-dv00 14 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsgame wardens were valuable ally's in finding problem areas in environment
19372033mini-dv00 15 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsreceived help from field workers, but they were told not to cooperate with her
19382033mini-dv00 16 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpolitics1965, first case against variance for sign, city attorney powerless to do anything
19392033mini-dv00 18 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticslearned of plundering of spanish shipwreck off Padre Island from whistleblower
19402033mini-dv00 19 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstoncareermessy telephone wires started her concerns
19412033mini-dv00 21 10Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonearly influencementors: scientists Dr. Suitor & Dr. Hildebrand taught her about PCB discharge
19422033mini-dv00 22 34Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpollutionmilitary is biggest polluter - first inkling was their discharge of PCBs
19432033mini-dv00 24 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonwater pollutionevery year there is a big fish kill -didn't know the cause - increasing deterioration
19442033mini-dv00 24 55Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstoncareeras a woman she was told, "why aren't you home with your kids?" at hearings
19452033mini-dv00 26 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonactivismwomen most involved in TX in early enviro. movement - "they had the time"
19462033mini-dv00 28 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99HoustonactivismLeague of Women Voters influence on environment, studied but not activists
19472033mini-dv00 30 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99HoustonactivismLady Bird and beautification legitimized local efforts & participated in Earth Day
19482033mini-dv00 31 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonactivismcelebrated 1st Earth Day in Austin with many students as well as Bob Armstrong
19492033mini-dv00 33 10Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticswas legal aid director in '65, awakened to poverty & underclass problems
19502033mini-dv00 35 38Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsrealized many "loanshark" problems had legisative basis, so she decides to run
19512033mini-dv00 37 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpolitics2 years at legal aid showed her an indifferent picture of state government
19522033mini-dv00 39 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticswas a democrat, took on the republican, ran 3 races w/help of pioneer women
19532033mini-dv00 40 41Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsher campaign issues were civil rights, 18 yr old vote & environment
19542033mini-dv00 42 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsmedia is essential to any public campaign-was both supportive & skeptical of her
19552033mini-dv00 44 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsconducted campaign herself-no consultants, handed out pushcards at malls
19562033mini-dv00 47 35Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticscampaigned in ethnic areas, but not on environmental issues-she learned stuff
19572033mini-dv00 49 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticslearned about community while campaigning, had no 'media handlers' only Anglo
19582033mini-dv00 51 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonenvironmental justicedidn't call it "environmental racism" then, not conscious of it at first, but later
19592033mini-dv00 52 03Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearwent to Uranium conference, saw abuse of native peoples land & bodies
19602033mini-dv00 53 42Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99HoustonmediaHarold Scarlett @ Houston Post wrote on environment & supportive
19612033mini-dv00 55 25Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99HoustonmediaTexas Observer & media on environmental issues; Sharpstown issue & Dallas
19622033mini-dv00 57 07Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearnuclear issue is most dangerous & we close our eyes to it - no Pulitzers given
19632033mini-dv00 58 40Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearwhen she brought up nuclear issues, eyes glazed over; "Atomic Audit" report
19642033mini-dv00 59 58Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearwishes anti-nuke movement could have power of anti-tobacco, but it's 'invisible'
19652033mini-dv01 01 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearno one wrote about nuke danger because of "security" issues, can't ignore it now
19662034mini-dv00 01 54Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticscampaign finance, raised money on cheaper daytime TV shows
19672034mini-dv00 05 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticslobbyist offered her money even though it was illegal -she told him to leave
19682034mini-dv00 06 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonshell dredgingshell dredging lobbyist told her they ask Fort Worth folks to carry their legislation
19692034mini-dv00 08 05Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticssigned card supporting Gus Muncher unaware it was hurting her future career
19702034mini-dv00 10 20Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsofficials kicked out VISTA workers registering latino voters, she protested it
19712034mini-dv00 13 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsmarched in Mexican American rally - saw deputies, their pictures were taken
19722034mini-dv00 15 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsfollowed Rex Braun on environmental issues, desegregated bowling alleys etc.
19732034mini-dv00 16 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99HoustonbeachesBob Eckhardt was proponent on open beaches, she was a legislative dissident
19742034mini-dv00 18 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsto be interested in public matters dumbfounded fellow legislators
19752034mini-dv00 20 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpollutionconcern over discharges from Dupont plant, she couldn't get results from them
19772034mini-dv00 21 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsissue of favored legislation for Sharpstown Bank - 30 voted for investigation
19762034mini-dv00 22 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticslobbyist called them Dirty 30 bastards over opposition to Gus Muncher
19782034mini-dv00 27 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticswhen Corpus wanted college, they said "it'd be better if her name wasn't on it"
19792034mini-dv00 28 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsshe had a 'cunterculture' son who was being photographed by the house speaker
19802034mini-dv00 30 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsshe was intimidated - her car was stopped, Dave Alred and 'open records' law
19812034mini-dv00 32 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsshe voted "dry" to defeat Muncher, but got static, so she was shut out
19822034mini-dv00 33 55Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnucleardoesn't think 'consolidation' works, doesn't think there is a real nuclear regulation
19832034mini-dv00 35 08Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnucleardemonstrated against nuclear power plant, got no press, jobs overrode concerns
19842034mini-dv00 37 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearbrought in 'liquidator' from Chernobyl to medical center, he spoke, but no media
19852034mini-dv00 39 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonnuclearwent to public hearing on nuke dump, became 'international' issue & defeated
19862034mini-dv00 43 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonshell dredgingwas pretty much over and done by her time
19872034mini-dv00 43 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonoil drillingfound out about radiation in oil drilling waste in Lousiana & in Houston too
19882034mini-dv00 44 40Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonoilspillsworked on leaks & spills but got no answer from RR commission, oil exempted
19892034mini-dv00 45 55Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonair pollutiontried to do something locally but got nowhere
19902034mini-dv00 46 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsnot many environmental successes, kept grandfathering plants,
19912034mini-dv00 48 20Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonactivismminister wanted her at demonstration in Mathis, afraid of DPS overaction
19922034mini-dv00 50 15Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonpoliticsrealized no place for her in TX electoral politics, she became 'witness' for causes
19932034mini-dv00 51 45Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonfuturebiggest world problems: population, overconsumption & weapons technology
19942034mini-dv00 54 00Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonlegislationsaw a gas tax as more money for highways, but now sees it as alternative to cars
19952034mini-dv00 54 45Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstoneconomicsdangers of exporting our 'anything for markets' capitalism
19962034mini-dv00 55 45Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonactivismcitizens must do work we think we elect politicians to do, citizen efforts are vital
19972034mini-dv00 57 30Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99HoustonactivismGenevive Vaughn Foundation for Compassionate Society - women as leaders
19982034mini-dv00 58 50Farenthold, Sissy10/04/99Houstonfuture messageworth putting your heart & energy into it, without it things would be worse
20002035mini-dv00 03 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstondevelopmentin 1950's subdivisions put in, flat lawns created, 'builders trees' non-native put in
20012035mini-dv00 05 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonpreservationwants to encourage less lawns, grow native plants, edible fruits, support birds
20022035mini-dv00 06 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonpreservationoriginal house had brown ugly lawn, planted fruits, native ornamentals for habitat
20032035mini-dv00 07 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonearly influenceLee Lawry & Matha Henshen were his Audubon mentors
20042035mini-dv00 08 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonearly influencegrandfather was farmer, appreciated good fresh produce,
20052035mini-dv00 09 15Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstoncareermoved to California, read Sierra Club stuff, became aware of Malathion problem
20062035mini-dv00 10 04Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonpesticidesstudied chemistry of Malathion & pesticides - poisoning gave him problems
20072035mini-dv00 12 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonpesticidestries to create strong diversity of adaptive plants for ecological pest control
20082035mini-dv00 13 50Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonpesticidesuses parasitic wasps for ecological pest control - also spiders, toads, lizards
20092035mini-dv00 16 15Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonecologylawn is green w/o watering because he captures roof rain, composts cuttings
20102035mini-dv00 18 30Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeningsoil food web ecology - organisms that feed decay & provide nitrogen to soil
20112035mini-dv00 19 30Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeninggood quality mulch on top of Houston clay keeps soil moist w/o watering
20122035mini-dv00 20 30Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeningsoil is geologically young, prairie soil had tall grasses & thick mulch, grazing bad
20132035mini-dv00 22 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeningcitrus truly good, Satsuma tangerine, peels fruit & eats it, some freeze problems
20142035mini-dv00 25 20Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeningmost foods will grow in Houston, but agriculture in the area declined, uneconomic
20152035mini-dv00 28 01Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeninggrows plants on multi-levels, tumeric, passionfruit, bush cherry, many veggies
20162035mini-dv00 31 18Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardeningpermaculture depends on sustainable approaches to living - designer principles
20172035mini-dv00 34 20Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonecologywife is nutritional anthropologist, 5-9 helpings of fruit not easy unless they're tasty
20192035mini-dv00 39 00Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardengrowing food plants unknown to Houston area, experiments like goldenrod
20182035mini-dv00 39 59Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonecologycattle & poultry production are energy intensive, most produce has bad taste
20202035mini-dv00 41 30Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstongardengrows cat tails in birdbath for red wasps to find mud, also hummingbird plants
20212035mini-dv00 43 20Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonbirdinghas bird house for purple martins, enjoys the singing birds
20222035mini-dv00 44 08Randall, Bob10/04/99Houstonecologythe roof puts out lots of water during rainfall, don't let it get into streets, keep it
20232035mini-dv00 47 20Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeningin 1985 Virius Smith cleared Johnson grass & planted garden, cleaned up area
20242035mini-dv00 49 00Green, J.D.10/04/99HoustongardeningVirius Smith & other country boys knew what to grow, neighbors interested too
20252035mini-dv00 50 07Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeningthey have 50 plots or beds of crops, 200 volunteers helped, mostly hand labor
20262035mini-dv00 51 44Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeninguse soaker hose for water, explains preparation of beds, low evaporation
20272035mini-dv00 53 45Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeninghave 8 foot tall Okra, mostly seasonal crops, rotation for soil preservation
20282035mini-dv00 55 48Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeningeach person has a plot & a stake with the gardener's name on it, children too
20292035mini-dv00 58 30Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeningimportant to get kids interested in gardening, change from 'play' to 'responsible'
20302035mini-dv01 00 00Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeninggrew up in Yokum TX, had to grow food in rough gardens, not pretty
19992035mini-dv01 01 30Randall, Bob10/04/99HoustonecologyHouston was natural prairie in 1840, supported abundant life, parkland
20312035mini-dv01 01 30Green, J.D.10/04/99Houstongardeninglikes to watch fruit grow & enjoys fruit of labor, relaxing, enjoyable & community
20322036mini-dv00 02 15Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewearly influencemoved to Channelview as teen, fairly clean in '57, once was resort, river was clean
20332036mini-dv00 03 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpollutionindustry began in late '70s, now 3 Superfund sites w/in 3 miles, chemical companies
20342036mini-dv00 04 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpollutionchemical companies, located just outside Houston - good transportation hub
20352036mini-dv00 06 03Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelvieweconomicschemical companies got tax abatements from schools to build in the area
20362036mini-dv00 08 20Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpollutiondioxin at highest levels, fish advisory since '84 but no signs,
20372036mini-dv00 09 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionpermitting lax, tons of pollutants being put in Houston's air
20382036mini-dv00 10 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicenear 2 plants where explosions killed 40, offshore rigs blew up, cost of oil biz
20392036mini-dv00 12 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99ChannelviewpollutionColonial pipeline torn loose in floods, 2 miles of river caught on fire
20402036mini-dv00 13 45Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justiceshelter in place' order given by industry to cops, parents can't get kids from school
20412036mini-dv00 13 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicenews blackout on leaks & spills from barges, pipes, odors in the night, rumblings
20422036mini-dv00 17 14Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicefear about explosions, dangerous chemicals stored on site, lives in 'kill zone'
20432036mini-dv00 19 12Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justice25,,000 gal. tank car of ethylene oxide overheated & blew up - big risk during flood
20442036mini-dv00 21 38Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismat Coast Guard hearing heard frightening scenarios, foreign workers can't read!
20452036mini-dv00 24 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismcompanies use contract workers who can't read English signs & warnings
20462036mini-dv00 24 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99ChannelviewgovernmentEPA delegates enforcement to TNRCC, & they are a failure, help corporations!
20472036mini-dv00 26 20Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justiceAmerican Envirotech wanted toxic waste incinerator, citizens fought it, corruption
20482036mini-dv00 28 06Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justice18000 petitions did no good with John Hall, permit was illegal, & Hall went to WMX
20492036mini-dv00 29 40Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpoliticscorporate profit forces bond on increasing Port size, no benefit to citizens
20502036mini-dv00 30 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpoliticsover 95% of tax abatements to corporations never provide any jobs
20512036mini-dv00 31 15Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpoliticscorporations run govt through lobbyists; 2 party politics confusing, money rules
20522036mini-dv00 33 07Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpoliticslobbyists write legislation. she calls Tom Delay a whore
20532036mini-dv00 34 20Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismattended EPA hearing against 400 men, asked Monsanto VP about accidents
20542036mini-dv00 36 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismwrote Clinton letter about life in ship channel town, got positive response
20552036mini-dv00 37 55Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicemother died of bone cancer, dad of emphyzma, many area diseases
20562036mini-dv00 38 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismcorporations have more rights than US citizens, sister has health effects
20572036mini-dv00 39 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justice1000 people a year die from air pollution in Harris Cty, should be a CRIME!
20582036mini-dv00 40 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicecancer rates in Harris statistically higher
20592036mini-dv00 41 21Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionEquistar has been in 'upset' flare condition every week, burning carcinogens
20602036mini-dv00 42 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionupset' defined as 'off-spec' product, so they flare it - unconscionable, no control
20612036mini-dv00 44 20Anderson, Lanell10/05/99ChannelviewactivismGalveston Bay Found. infiltrated by industry & compromise, "astro-turf" roots
20622036mini-dv00 46 34Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewmedianational media people have jobs threatened by industries, 'hires' them for filming
20632036mini-dv00 48 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99ChannelviewmediaJohn McPherson covered some enviro stories, then he was transferred away
20642036mini-dv00 49 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justiceproperty values in Channelview have not improved as well as nation
20652036mini-dv00 50 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justiceindustry buying up waterfront property to build barge moorings, anti-residential
20662036mini-dv00 50 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewincineratorsdisappointed - 600 people fought incinerator & TNRCC approved it anyway
20672036mini-dv00 52 37Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismcorporations threaten employees not to help environmentalists or lose jobs
20682036mini-dv00 54 05Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewcareergrandchild got ill, no bile ducts, died at 6 mos.,blamehormone mimicing chemicals
20692036mini-dv00 56 20Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewcareergranchild paralyzed w/polio, believe it was from compromised immune sysem
20702036mini-dv00 57 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpollution70,000 chemicals in environment w/o health screening, humans as test animals
20712036mini-dv00 58 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justiceupper level plant managers live north of Houston 1.5 hours & commute
20722036mini-dv00 59 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionHouston leads nation in asthma, ozone levels, particulates, everyone breathes it
20732036mini-dv01 01 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutioncars require emission controls, but Exxon & refineries don't, & they pollute
20742037mini-dv00 01 12Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismadvocating for 8 yrs., industry will respond to bad press i.e., public meetings
20752037mini-dv00 02 12Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismat public meetings she, asked TNRCC would they beat up execs for $100 each
20762037mini-dv00 03 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpoliticspublic politicians like Buster Brown divert the issue, hypocrites & criminals
20772037mini-dv00 04 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewpoliticsmust have campaign reform through legislation
20782037mini-dv00 05 15Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismshe's not been able to 'clone' herself, help others focus on solving their problem
20792037mini-dv00 06 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicemost Harris County Superfund sites in communities of color, can't fight industry
20802037mini-dv00 07 20Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismcitizens lose, its depressing, but 'we are the govt' & must speak up, must protect
20812037mini-dv00 08 55Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismcitizens get involved but burn out & move away, creating dead cities
20822037mini-dv00 09 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismsmall victory in that incinerator not built yet, filed appeal w/EPA to fight permit
20832037mini-dv00 10 50Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewearly influencementor is Dr. Neil Karman, Ph.D w/Sierra Club in Austin, he gets info & helps us
20842037mini-dv00 11 45Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewgrandfatheringgrandfathered facilities exempt, they know chemical companies are circumventing
20852037mini-dv00 14 10Anderson, Lanell10/05/99ChannelviewgrandfatheringGeorge Bush known as 'toxic George', TNRCC finally has some public input
20862037mini-dv00 16 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99ChannelviewactivismIf 'we killed or poisoned plant manager' how is that different from what they do?
20872037mini-dv00 17 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismused to waterski in this river as teenager, but now poisoned & oxygen too low
20882037mini-dv00 18 55Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismunions threatened on jobs vs. environment, Crown locked out troublemakers
20892037mini-dv00 22 25Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismcompanies form fake 'citizen advisory panel' then drag it out & 'buy them off'
20902037mini-dv00 23 38Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismat first industry didn't answer to anyone; then used stealth tactic 'CAPs' panels
20912037mini-dv00 24 54Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismabandoned politicians as waste of time & goes right to VP & plant managers
20922037mini-dv00 28 45Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismdid interview at Crown Central on unions & company sent goons in trucks
20932037mini-dv00 29 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionold chemical units are more leaky & smelly than new ones, fugitive emissions
20942037mini-dv00 31 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionTRI reporting not accurate on fugitive emissions
20952037mini-dv00 32 30Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justicehomes near plants are 'kill zones' & winds blow fumes up ship channel
20962037mini-dv00 34 14Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewenvironmental justiceshe could afford to move, but many people can't afford to move - trapped
20972037mini-dv00 35 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionwe breath more air than water -so air pollution more significant cause
20982037mini-dv00 36 14Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewair pollutionHouston Medical Ctr doctors won't speak out against pollution effects
20992037mini-dv00 38 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismsuccess because citizen opposition forced 2 companies to clean up - not TNRCC
21002037mini-dv00 39 22Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismbiggest challenges: no chemical testing - must ask WHY?
21012037mini-dv00 40 00Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismwe must take care of communities, govt. & elected officials can't be counted on
21022037mini-dv00 40 40Anderson, Lanell10/05/99Channelviewactivismif we citizens don't stand up for our rights, we'll lose them, fight corporations
21032038mini-dv00 02 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityearly influencegrew up in South Asia, important childhood connection to nature, play & study
21042038mini-dv00 04 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityearly influencenoticed land use change as kid, saw need to preserve nature & teak forests
21052038mini-dv00 06 20Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityearly influencetook trips to enjoy nature, monsoon & rains, swimming, enjoy ecological cycles
21062038mini-dv00 07 33Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityearly influencebrother-in-law took him on photography trips to see lions, & his biology teacher
21072038mini-dv00 09 18Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityearly influenceundergrad BS chem & phys, then MFA in environment, PhD agriculture ecology
21082038mini-dv00 10 40Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Citypesticidelearned that genetically engineered wheat required intensified pesticide & fertilizer
21092038mini-dv00 12 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Citycareerwanted to study issues at 'greater distance' & large areas - lead to remote sensing
21102038mini-dv00 14 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityeducationwanted to teach & encourage multi-disciplinary approach to ecological problems
21112038mini-dv00 16 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake CityeducationNASA established PhD in 'Earth Systems Science' to study interactions
21122038mini-dv00 18 04Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityeducationexample: combined biology, hydrogeology - interdisciplinary combined these
21132038mini-dv00 20 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingswitched from education to work for NASA & make astronauts 'earth smart'
21142038mini-dv00 21 50Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingfight between astronauts & scientists over capsule window, wanted visualization
21152038mini-dv00 24 10Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingApollo photo of 'blue marble eath' proved integrated ecological thinking change
21162038mini-dv00 25 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingSkylab carried out many 'earth looking' sensing projects, radiation, weather, etc
21172038mini-dv00 27 12Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingearly programs still experimenting with techniques, film, Skylab more rigorous
21182038mini-dv00 28 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingground investigators verified space photos, such as urbanization of Cairo/Nile R.
21192038mini-dv00 30 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingNASA combines Shuttle images w/unmanned robotic images for analysis
21202038mini-dv00 31 20Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingused normal cameras and infrared film (not heat seeking) so plants are 'purple'
21212038mini-dv00 33 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcan look at both thermal spectrum (nuclear leak) & infrared (where is the leak?)
21222038mini-dv00 34 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingnewer radar camera on Shuttle can penetrate clouds and see beneath land & soil
21232038mini-dv00 35 29Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingtrained astronaut photographer focuses on useful areas & responds to changes
21242038mini-dv00 39 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingmake astronauts 'earth smart' by field training in geology, earth sciences, weather
21252038mini-dv00 42 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingsome pilots gain appreciation for earth's ecology when viewed from space
21262038mini-dv00 44 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingregional & global issues to study: fires from Mexico blowing towards Texas
21272038mini-dv00 48 20Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingerosion on Gulf of Mexico - changes most visible from space perspective
21282038mini-dv00 49 40Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingmonitor lake Chad in Africa, saw it evaporate over 30 yrs.,
21292038mini-dv00 52 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingburning forests in Amazon, small area during Skylab, but much worse by Shuttle
21302038mini-dv00 53 20Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingsome Brazilians disclaim burning Amazon photos, their data was just ground level
21312038mini-dv00 55 20Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingground survey evidence limited in scope & scale, space sensors pick up more
21322038mini-dv00 57 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcan see the Aral Sea is drying up,
21332038mini-dv00 58 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcan see Lake Amistad drying up, or wetlands reduction/restore in Galveston Bay
21342038mini-dv00 59 35Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcities from space fascinating, sprawling like Houston, can see population shifts
21352038mini-dv01 00 40Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcities in Asia smaller, more dense, need higher resolution; suburbanization effect
21362038mini-dv01 01 25Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcan now recognize ghettoes and rural slums because of impact on vegetation
21372039mini-dv00 01 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcan see habitat of prairie chicken has been altered from space - land use change
21382039mini-dv00 02 50Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingEastern India tiger habitat lost - tigers reduced from 1000s to less than 100
21392039mini-dv00 05 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingmonitored impact of large elephant populations on habitiat, fences fragmented
21402039mini-dv00 07 21Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingroads & development can fragment habitat & destruction can be seen from space
21412039mini-dv00 09 15Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingspace image shows organisms don't have big enough corridors to move & adapt
21422039mini-dv00 10 45Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityearly influenceas child interested in WWF effort to protect tigers, habitat impacted by cities
21432039mini-dv00 13 50Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingastronauts photo clearcut forest, hi-res satellite shows actual types of trees
21442039mini-dv00 17 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingNASA makes data & photos available to EPA to show effects of industry
21452039mini-dv00 21 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingremote sensing can look at water, but can't tell you the PH
21462039mini-dv00 22 20Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingcan see erosion on Galveston Island, can infer, but can't see direct cause
21472039mini-dv00 24 50Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingsubsidence can be seen in change in coloration & geology
21482039mini-dv00 25 50Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingrestoration of wetlands can be seen, but there are few examples on record today
21492039mini-dv00 26 50Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingastronaut photography can monitor coral reef restoration & habitat preserves
21502039mini-dv00 29 30Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingNASA has archaeologist looking for traces of past civilizations with radar
21512039mini-dv00 32 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityremote sensingmajor challenge is understanding 'earth system' i.e., role of clouds, radiation
21522039mini-dv00 33 00Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityecologychallenges: wise use of water, biodiversity, shrinking forests & agriculture
21532039mini-dv00 36 07Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake CitysustainabilityJames Lovelock, Gaia hypothesis, feedback loops, simple models; semantics
21542039mini-dv00 38 40Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityfuture messagemost Americans want NASA to monitor Earth's environment from space
21552039mini-dv00 41 11Lulla, Kamlesh10/05/99Clear Lake Cityfuture messageelement of adventure here on Earth, don't need Six Flags, go do field study
21572040mini-dv00 04 35Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingasks random individuals how they see the world, first Texaswide survey in '90
21582040mini-dv00 06 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingpolling methodology, impossible to ask unbiased questions, must be clear
21592040mini-dv00 07 45Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingsome people answer if even if they have no knowledge - that's random noise
21602040mini-dv00 09 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingin Houston, more Anglos now say they'd live in a mixed neighborhood -shifting
21612040mini-dv00 10 45Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollinguse 'validity checks' to match their answers w/their actions -cross check relations
21622040mini-dv00 11 50Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingasking about environmental attitudes & match w/environmental actions & feelings
21632040mini-dv00 14 45Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingpolling techniques, telephones & computers, pilot interviews, evaluate questions
21642040mini-dv00 16 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingpoll question: "do you feel pollution is better/worse in Galveston Bay?'
21652040mini-dv00 18 35Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingcheck that samples reflect statistics of Harris Cnty but over represent women
21662040mini-dv00 19 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingbiases show young people harder to reach, anglos & minorities underrepresented
21672040mini-dv00 21 20Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpolling1990s assumed more like 70s eco attitude, but more interest in crime, economy
21682040mini-dv00 24 12Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingin '96 "Texans keep eye on pollution, hands on pockets" but by 98 more interest
21692040mini-dv00 25 15Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingmost reliable predictors of environmental concern are education, income, youth
21702040mini-dv00 26 15Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingenvironmental concerns not as visible as crime or economy, but 80% do care
21712040mini-dv00 28 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpolling70% believe there's too much govt but 73% want stronger environmental regs
21722040mini-dv00 30 20Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99HoustonpollingTexans parallel most US environmental views, yet Texas govt treats it worst
21732040mini-dv00 32 43Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingmost people prefer environmental protection over jobs, unless it's THEIR job,
21742040mini-dv00 34 50Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonecotourismmore Texans prefer eco-tourism over hunting as in Galveston Bay
21752040mini-dv00 36 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99HoustoneconomicsTexas & Houston built on individual freedom & enterprise - wealth, Adam Smith
21762040mini-dv00 38 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstondevelopmentoverdevelopment can threat enenvironment and the public good
21772040mini-dv00 38 48Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonenergyno 'oil production' only oil extraction, belief in unlimited resources - no longer!
21782040mini-dv00 40 20Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpoliticspolitics in Texas demands big campaign funds, so special interests hold sway
21792040mini-dv00 42 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonsprawlsprawl of Dallas or Houston no longer in vogue, must grow more sensibly
21802040mini-dv00 43 10Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonair pollutionHouston fought EPA regulations, lobby congress, but they've stopped fighting
21812040mini-dv00 44 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonair pollutionHouston's economic future depends on becoming cleaner & more livable
21822040mini-dv00 47 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingdepressing how little public knowledge of politicians & news; but see larger issues
21832040mini-dv00 49 30Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingpeople believe in less car use, but not in increased taxes to discourage driving
21842040mini-dv00 50 50Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingseries of events in 80's brought environment to forefront -it's a vulnerable planet
21852040mini-dv00 53 20Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpolling67% of Texans say either active or sympathetic environmentalists - a consenus
21862040mini-dv00 56 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingrural Texans against gas tax, people would ride mass transit if it was there
21872040mini-dv00 58 23Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingpeople want jobs, growth, low prices & environment - they believe all is possible
21882040mini-dv01 00 09Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonlegislationcontroversy only comes with excessive regulation or job loss, rewards diffuse
21892040mini-dv01 01 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpoliticspoliticians don't want to be perceived as anti-environment or anti-business
21562040mini-dv02 50 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstoncareerhas PhD in social psychology, social change, studied transition in Tunisia
21902041mini-dv00 01 14Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonactivism20% of Texans consider active envrionmentlists, 45% sympathetic by not active
21912041mini-dv00 03 19Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonactivismresidents of Galveston County more likely to see themselves as eco-activists
21922041mini-dv00 06 50Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingdemographic breakdown on environment - no difference between white & black
21932041mini-dv00 08 28Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingconcerns about the poor predict concerns about the environment -social justice
21942041mini-dv00 09 55Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingonly 17% of Texans had someone in their family suffer an environmental problem
21952041mini-dv00 12 00Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollinggrowing awareness that environment & economy are inextricabley linked
21962041mini-dv00 13 45Klineberg, Stephen10/06/99Houstonpollingactivism will succeed if it doesn't go too far, uses 'insentives' & less draconian
21972042mini-dv00 01 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonearly influencechildhood story of racism in St. Louis movie theater, North had segregation too
21982042mini-dv00 04 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonearly influencehe wanted stawberry cone & white lady gave him chocolate, no integrated teams
21992042mini-dv00 05 10Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonearly influenceuncle worked in tannery & died young, dad had leukemia & worked for utility EMF
22002042mini-dv00 06 56Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonearly influenceparents told him 'go along to get along' & avoid white institutions - used churches
22012042mini-dv00 08 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonearly influencebest pal shuns him in high school (cries) 'he's not better than you' remember that
22022042mini-dv00 09 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareercollege career, didn't join fraternity, very few blacks, U. of Iowa for biology, taught
22032042mini-dv00 12 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareerlobbied for open housing conference, joined groups, encouraged to study law
22042042mini-dv00 14 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareerpastor at church influences him to go to law school a Illinois, went to Justice Dept.
22052042mini-dv00 16 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareerworked at special 'mod squad' in Justice Dept., had afro, did civil rights work
22062042mini-dv00 17 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareermoved to Kansas City worked on organized crime strike force, then private
22072042mini-dv00 18 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicetried to stop BFI from putting landfill in historic black area, learned about leachate
22082042mini-dv00 21 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicejudge ruled against them, he filed complaints & DOT ruling defeated them
22092042mini-dv00 22 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareerwas deputy gen. counsel under G. Bush, attended environmental justice counsel & taught
22102042mini-dv00 24 03Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareergen. counsel for NAACP, lead poison issue for blacks, but Ben Hooks vetoed
22112042mini-dv00 25 11Hankins, Grover10/06/99HoustoncareerNAACP had little money, had other issues more priority than environment
22122042mini-dv00 27 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareerstarted various affirmative action type programs and legal defenses
22132042mini-dv00 27 52Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceNAACP didn't put environment on priority w/voting rights until early 80s
22142042mini-dv00 29 50Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicelitigated against states not complying with Lead Act, worked for Dr. Sullivan
22152042mini-dv00 30 44Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceDr. Sullivan sent him to first environmental justice conference & he decided to do that
22162042mini-dv00 32 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstoncareerfinally came to Texas Southern & settled on teaching environmental justice advocacy
22172042mini-dv00 33 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonscienceformed alliance w/head of pharmacy school - they're first alert in toxic poisonings
22182042mini-dv00 34 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicesued over move of hogs across from Black community, the board used epithets
22192042mini-dv00 36 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicestopped shipment of napalm & DDT from California to be burned in Pt. Arthur
22202042mini-dv00 37 12Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicesued Corpus, TNRCC & EPA for unfair treatment in industrial residential area
22212042mini-dv00 38 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicesued HUD over housing planned over old repair facility on contaminated site
22222042mini-dv00 39 17Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicestopped housing from being built up against Mobil refinery in Beaumont
22232042mini-dv00 40 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonlawwill work for black or white clients
22242042mini-dv00 40 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicepeople seek them because they help people for free, hard to get litigation grants
22252042mini-dv00 41 50Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicetry to help people get relocated who live over dump in New Orleans since 1910
22262042mini-dv00 42 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicework with non-profits & Southern Organizing Committee
22272042mini-dv00 43 42Hankins, Grover10/06/99HoustonactivismRev. Malveaux is feisty like a pit bull; Lanell Anderson; Ransom Howard vs. Klan
22282042mini-dv00 46 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceMr. Prince lost case, but didn't want to move his aviary, blocked train w/his truck
22292042mini-dv00 49 17Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceBob Bullard wrote 'Dumping in Dixie" chronicled southern enviro-injustice
22302042mini-dv00 50 50Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicewhite woman organized lawsuit against TV manufacturer from behind the scenes
22312042mini-dv00 52 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicePhylis Glazer used Seagram fortune to fight chemical companies
22322042mini-dv00 54 06Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicestopped Monsanto by putting coffins in front of bulldozers, CNN caught it onTV
22332042mini-dv00 55 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicemost activist don't have fear, but their lives are in danger, driven to justice
22342042mini-dv00 56 56Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceLynn Battle has lupus but works for lead awareness group
22352042mini-dv00 57 51Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonactivismfight for their children's futures, companies need to be responsible, youth groups
22362042mini-dv00 58 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonactivismhealth is the main concern, terratogenic, genocide, but also property values
22372042mini-dv00 59 55Hankins, Grover10/06/99HoustongovernmentFed Govt, DOE, DOD acts same as private industry in dealing w/contamination
22382042mini-dv01 00 45Hankins, Grover10/06/99HoustongovernmentFed judges give deference to army & navy in court, Maxine Waters gets hearings
22392043mini-dv00 01 43Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicesome opponents are fair, like Monsanto in AL, agreed to relocate clients
22402043mini-dv00 03 09Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceworking on resettlement with Humble Oil; some firms hire PR to smooth image
22412043mini-dv00 04 50Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceenvironmental case: stop corporations from expanding in neighborhood
22422043mini-dv00 06 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicewhite group trying to stop Elf Atochem, even though city prohibits chemical plant
22432043mini-dv00 08 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceEPA & others say they 'follow the regulations' is true, but doesn't mean it's safe!
22442043mini-dv00 10 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceEPA delegates to TNRCC which is in bed w/corporations, & their fines are small
22452043mini-dv00 11 12Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicehis class participated in complaint against radioactive dump
22462043mini-dv00 12 08Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicehis students did all the research on Sierra Blanca, wrote up the lawsuit, memos
22472043mini-dv00 14 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceTulane law school students challenged Shintec Inc., but state opposed them
22482043mini-dv00 17 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceGeorge W. Bush and his environmental politics
22492043mini-dv00 18 35Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonfundinghad a grant from the EPA but it was rescinded because of their activism
22502043mini-dv00 20 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonfundinghow he seeks funding for the law center
22512043mini-dv00 20 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonlawdefense lawyers personal attacks & tactics make him ashamed to be a lawyer
22522043mini-dv00 23 50Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonlawin one case the other lawyers attacked an expert on his personal background
22532043mini-dv00 24 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonlawtoo expensive for them to get good experts & scientists; other side buys experts
22542043mini-dv00 26 30Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonpoliticscorporations have big lobbies, citizens only think politicians represent their needs
22552043mini-dv00 27 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonpoliticstrue definition of 'conservative' misused; it has become buzz word for race issue
22562043mini-dv00 28 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonpoliticslobbyists put money with representatives who do their bidding
22572043mini-dv00 29 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonpoliticsonly one democratic judge in Harris County; does not reflect brown & black folks
22582043mini-dv00 30 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceClinton enacted an executive order on environmental justice, but has no force of law
22592043mini-dv00 32 00Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicehigh lead levels in prisons & old houses affect brain health & mostly minorities
22602043mini-dv00 33 50Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonpoliticsrepublicans & democrats now fight like rival sports teams, no more compromise
22612043mini-dv00 35 40Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonactivismneed Lanell, Rev. Malveaux & a lobbying group FROM the citizens like AARP
22622043mini-dv00 37 18Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonactivismblack & white groups come with same set of problems like smell in Sugarland
22632043mini-dv00 39 45Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceAudubon & Sierra deal w/flora & fauna, not people, as perceived by minorities
22642043mini-dv00 41 45Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceLois Gibbs different from Sierra & Audubon, she cares about health first
22652043mini-dv00 42 45Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceNAACP & Urban League now starting to care about environmental justice, outreach
22662043mini-dv00 44 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99HoustonactivismHarold Mitchell's sister died from chemicals & he devoted his life to fighting corp.
22672043mini-dv00 46 15Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceenvironmental justice movement growing internationally i.e., Borden Chem vs. S. Africans
22682043mini-dv00 48 10Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justice20,000 people in S. American sued over nematicide & got $188 million
22692043mini-dv00 50 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceTexaco sued in NY court & validated - alien torts act & human rights issues
22702043mini-dv00 51 18Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justiceHarold Mitchell uses media against IMC fertilizer company in S. Carolina
22712043mini-dv00 52 11Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicegovt & companies know these chemicals have effect, but ignore prevention
22722043mini-dv00 53 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonenvironmental justicebiggest challenge is trying to education the judiciary on enviro issues
22732043mini-dv00 54 20Hankins, Grover10/06/99Houstonfuturecorporations need to realize there is a problem, children need enviro-education
22742044mini-dv00 02 37Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influenceborn in Ozarks, father taught agriculture, concerned about animals, had pet snake
22752044mini-dv00 04 50Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencepicked up turtles, snakes, etc. didn't like hunters, prefers armadillos
22762044mini-dv00 05 56Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencemoved to TX in '50, impressed w/Sam Houston & living in old growth forest
22772044mini-dv00 08 10Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencein E. TX everyone liked killing things, but he didn't, hunt to prove he was 'rreal man'
22782044mini-dv00 10 00Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepesticidesfarmer father gardened & used pesticides & he noticed his lizards died afterwards
22792044mini-dv00 12 00Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencefamily was self reliant, used trees for their own house & furniture, re-use woods
22802044mini-dv00 13 15Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleconservationno need to develop undeveloped land, must re-use existing homes, nails, etc.
22812044mini-dv00 15 15Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleethicsscientists & universities becoming corrupted, eminent world ecological disaster
22822044mini-dv00 18 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvillereligionMrs. C.C. Springfield, religious educator, focused him on nature, 'God's world'
22832044mini-dv00 20 00Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleethicsone illiterate person on a bulldozer can plow under 1000s of species - greed!
22842044mini-dv00 21 15Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleethicsto clearcut an old growth forest is worse than defacing paintings in the Louvre
22852044mini-dv00 22 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleforestryCharles Hurwitz & Maxam rewarded for destruction while kid smoking joint in jail
22862044mini-dv00 23 27Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilledevelopmentlocal mall destroyed forest, he bought mall & revitalized it rather than rebuilt again
22872044mini-dv00 25 30Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepreservationbought 1000 acre 'alligator ranch' on Lake Livingston to protect & conserve it
22882044mini-dv00 28 08Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thicketbefore Lake Livingston hwy 190 passed through tunnel of trees to Louisiana
22892044mini-dv00 30 10Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thicketin 30s Don O'Baird tried to establish Big Thicket park, did X-mas bird count
22902044mini-dv00 31 30Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thicketworked with Claude McCloud, best knowledgable botanist in Big Thicket
22912044mini-dv00 32 20Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleeducationeducation, grad school, ROTC, in Italy 71-74 away during Big Thicket fight
22922044mini-dv00 34 20Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleendangeredvery involved in lawsuit effort to protect red cockaded woodpecker using video
22932044mini-dv00 36 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc wanted to detroy woodpecker so they could sell the trees
22942044mini-dv00 37 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thickettried to save 4-Notch wilderness from Forest Srvc, had death threats, intimidate
22952044mini-dv00 39 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thickethe had death threat before testifying in favor of trees at congressional hearing
22962044mini-dv00 42 25Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc wouldn't use pheremones to treat small pine beetle scare
22972044mini-dv00 47 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc biologist hacked pine tree bark - sent distress signals 'checking trees'
22982044mini-dv00 49 30Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc uses false science, cuts trees, creates epidemic, still fail to destroy it
22992044mini-dv00 51 50Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc brought in giant tree crusher to destroy remaining hardwoods
23002044mini-dv00 53 04Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketEarth First boys chained himself to tree crusher, other guy in tree, tortured them
23012044mini-dv00 55 40Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc cut down tree w/James Jackson & crippled him
23022044mini-dv00 56 30Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketForest Srvc believed Russell was behind Earth First mission, harrassed him
23032044mini-dv00 58 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleactivismMr. Glassman from DC directed harrassment campaign
23042044mini-dv00 59 58Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticstravled to Haiti to study ecology & population, fell into intrigue/conspiracy
23052045mini-dv00 01 20Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsvisit to Haiti, unusul attache - or reporter?- squires them around Haiti,
23062045mini-dv00 06 30Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thicketforest regenerates after devastation, so Forest Srvc napalms, trapping animals
23072045mini-dv00 08 45Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleactivisminvited to Forest Srvc show as 'media' - set him up for arrest, but it was taped
23082045mini-dv00 12 15Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleactivismconvicted by judge, fought case & won, used their video, cost him millions
23092045mini-dv00 16 02Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillegovernmentcivil rights laws don't apply to Forest Srvc, believes 30 men harrassed him
23102045mini-dv00 18 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvillegovernmentForest Srvc employees roll over into lumber industry jobs they aided
23112045mini-dv00 21 00Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvillegovernmentForest Srvc destroys habitat of red cockaded woodpecker & decimates trees
23122045mini-dv00 25 15Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleforestryshould be moratorium on clear cutting, used video documentation on clear cut
23132045mini-dv00 26 30Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleforestryForest Srvc used 'salvage logging' & claims of damage to cut; 'Nazi forestry'
23142045mini-dv00 29 56Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleforestryno reason to clear cut, existing lumber can be used more efficiently , creates jobs
23152045mini-dv00 32 15Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilledamshearing held, Corp of Engineers put onshow, Russell calls them 'egg suckin dog'
23162045mini-dv00 36 00Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilledamssuccessful opposition, Charlie Wilson had dam plans deactivated
23172045mini-dv00 36 45Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsharrrassed Charlie Wilson until he sided with environmentalists
23182045mini-dv00 37 23Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticspeople in Leland's district didn't like clear cut on their childhood land, ethnic folks
23192045mini-dv00 39 40Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvillepoliticsLeland wouldn't file wilderness bill, blackmailed by Charlie Wilson & his women
23202045mini-dv00 42 19Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticshad press conference w/Jim Hightower & found Hightower hiding under his desk
23212045mini-dv00 46 00Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticshonest congressman-retired in poverty took him on hikes in the wilderness
23222045mini-dv00 49 40Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleactivismNed Fritz dedicated to the planet, absent minded, lived in near poverty
23232045mini-dv00 53 20Russell, George10/07/99HuntsvilleactivismNed Fritz would eat realistic marble fruit, made him buy expensive dinner in DC
23242045mini-dv00 55 27Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleactivismhis wife is decendant of Columbus, visit hacienda, see rare jaybirds, ate turtle
23252045mini-dv00 57 30Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillefutureoverpopulation & consumption overwhelming, not much hope, must fight on
23262045mini-dv00 58 00Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvilleethicshopes renewed spirituality on 'sacred earth' will help, education isn't working
23272045mini-dv00 59 30Russell, George10/07/99Huntsvillefavorite placehis alligator ranch, saw bald eagles & pelicans
23282046mini-dv00 02 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencereared near Coolawahee Creek, hunted, fished, learned to love nature
23292046mini-dv00 03 26Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencefather was a wild turkey hunter, but left home when he was 12, had biology class
23302046mini-dv00 04 03Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencedidn't read any environmental books in school, influenced by William Vogt
23312046mini-dv00 05 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influencecollected arrowheads from Creek village, was part Cherokee indian - influence
23322046mini-dv00 06 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleearly influenceChief Seattle, mother earth, early environment problems about over cutting trees
23332046mini-dv00 08 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillecareerwrote column on outdoors, hunting fishing, "Kilmo Blake" hunted with rocks!
23342046mini-dv00 09 15Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillecareerloves bass fishing, fought a big one that got away, only hunted in Texas
23352046mini-dv00 10 45Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillecareerhad nervous breakdown, prescription to rest 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, play 8 hours
23362046mini-dv00 11 54Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillecareerwrote a series on national forests for Houston Press - took his grandsons
23372046mini-dv00 12 40Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleecologywas out fishing and enveloped in cloud of topsoil eroded from panhandle
23382046mini-dv00 14 10Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredgingConally created parks & wildlife, used this to turn shell dredgers loose on reefs
23392046mini-dv00 15 55Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredgingbelieves Conally got a payoff to support shell dredgers,
23402046mini-dv00 16 40Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredgingChronicle vs. Post on coverage of shell dredgers, he lost his job over issue
23412046mini-dv00 17 25Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillejournalismHarold Scarlett of past was good writer, Post was better public service paper
23422046mini-dv00 18 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredgingyou can clean up pollution, but you can't replace the reefs - used the calcium
23432046mini-dv00 19 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredginghearings on dredging - alternative limestone in Travis Cnty, almost lost reefs
23442046mini-dv00 21 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredging1967, Eckhardt on NASA panel - showed him aerial photos of Galveston Bay
23452046mini-dv00 22 13Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredgingoystermen plaintinffs in injunction against shell dredgers - who threatened them
23462046mini-dv00 23 52Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleshell dredgingsportsmen new reefs important to bay, Eckhardt says marine life in the crevices
23472046mini-dv00 25 12Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleoyster bedsoysters can purify water, can be moved from polluted reefs & clean themselves
23482046mini-dv00 26 15Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleoyster bedswater quality in ship channel improved, but many non-point sources can't stop
23492046mini-dv00 27 42Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleoyster bedsa lot of reef has been saved due to Robert Eckhardt
23502046mini-dv00 28 36Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsfirst met Eckhardt at Post dinner, had same philosopies: integration, conservation
23512046mini-dv00 29 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleenvironmental justicesimilarities & connection between conservationists and racial justice supporters
23522046mini-dv00 31 04Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillejournalismelected to "Save our Shells"-did present some conflict with newspaper job
23532046mini-dv00 32 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillejournalismHouston Press strong on endangered species, Padre Island, more independent
23542046mini-dv00 33 52Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillecareerif an issue looked good, he chose to cover it; his friends brought him story info
23552046mini-dv00 35 17Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilledamssuggested to Stuart Henry to sue to stop the Wallisville dam ('73) with shrimpers
23562046mini-dv00 38 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilledamsafter Livingston dam salt water intrusion began to kill rice fields, got a "weir"
23572046mini-dv00 39 36Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilledamseffectss of dam: shrimp spawn in the bay, use wetlands as nursery for marine life
23582046mini-dv00 40 55Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillepoliticsEckhardt supported by Unions, opposed by shell dredgers
23592046mini-dv00 42 15Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillepoliticsEPA sued ARMCO steel & won, caused conflict w/steel Union vs. environment
23602046mini-dv00 45 37Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleair pollutionsoot from PA factory soiled clothes, complaints, turned soot into carbon black
23612046mini-dv00 47 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleopen beachesused English law & easements to craft open beaches law even on private beaches
23622046mini-dv00 49 15Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleopen beachesopen beach up to line of vegetation, even if moved by storms - need setback law
23632046mini-dv00 50 25Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleopen beacheswomen advocates rode the coast like Paul Revere spreading the word on beach
23642046mini-dv00 51 15Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleopen beachesbefore open beaches law, high tide was line of usage, not vegetation as is now
23652046mini-dv00 53 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillepreservationEckhardt supported Padre Island, but Ralph Yarborough was responsible
23662046mini-dv00 54 26Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsdemocrats more environmental, republicans supported by moneyed interests
23672046mini-dv00 55 46Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsconservatives argue that clean-up costs money, only now realizing how to save
23682046mini-dv00 56 45Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketEckhardt & coordinating committe, bills declared general area of Thicket units
23692046mini-dv00 58 30Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketCharlie WIlson opposed Big Thicket, he was employed by lumber industry
23702046mini-dv00 59 25Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketBig Thicket benefits Galveston Bay by taking land away from development
23712047mini-dv00 01 34Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thicketlots of women's & sportsman's organizations supported preserve
23722047mini-dv00 02 31Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thicketlumber industry opposed preserve, never saw cutting there
23732047mini-dv00 02 58Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketThicket is biological crossroad of USA, all species, pitcher plants, woodpeckers
23742047mini-dv00 04 42Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig Thickethardcore resistance came from timber industry, told people they'd lose jobs
23752047mini-dv00 06 14Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleBig ThicketNRA supported park as long as there was hunting, strong supporters of Eckhardt
23762047mini-dv00 07 09Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillehuntingboom in white tailed deer population because of screw worm eradication
23772047mini-dv00 09 07Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillehuntingnothing wrong with hunting - need intelligent laws - not simply "anti-gun" lobby
23782047mini-dv00 10 50Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillejournalismEckhardt legislated to clean up ship channel; he wrote published article on it
23792047mini-dv00 11 50Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillepollutionWalter Kibodeaux led fight, enforce laws, but polluters fought them
23802047mini-dv00 13 09Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillepollutionKibodeaux's lawsuits against polluters thrown out by appeals court
23812047mini-dv00 14 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepollutioncalled pollution enforcement conference on law re: interstate shellfish shipping
23822047mini-dv00 16 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillepollutionWater brd. visits Ship Channel, but Champion plywood bought off administrators
23832047mini-dv00 18 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepollutionmunicipal wastewater treatment - population growth too much, public pays for it
23842047mini-dv00 20 42Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvillewaterWater For Texas causes concern over water for estuaries - uncertain fate
23852047mini-dv00 21 30Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvilleestuariesimportance of "stinkin' marshes" to raise seafood, nursery ground needs fresh
23862047mini-dv00 23 24Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleestuariesLake Livingston caused fresh water intrustion, need barrier to protect rice
23872047mini-dv00 24 40Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainschair of flood mitigation committee, shouldn't develop in floodplain - no loans!
23882047mini-dv00 26 40Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainsdevelopers lobbied communities against floodplain restrictions, insurance cap
23892047mini-dv00 28 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainswants bill to cap flood insurance claims at 110%, no rebuilding in same flood zone
23902047mini-dv00 30 10Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainsdevelopers lobby against flood restrictions, prefer to build levy rather than elevate
23912047mini-dv00 32 30Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainspresented flood insurance maps to communities , not "static"
23922047mini-dv00 35 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainsthey wanted to channelize Cyrpus Creek, Baytown, needs local sponsor dollars
23932047mini-dv00 36 10Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefloodplainsnon-structural approach preferred, buy people out instead
23942047mini-dv00 37 30Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillesubsidencesubsidence district caps oil amount to be pumped, channel industries blamed
23952047mini-dv00 40 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefuturepublic pays for environmental protection in higher prices for the goods
23962047mini-dv00 40 49Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefuturehe cares because of his 11 grandchldren & 16 great grandchildren & their futures
23972047mini-dv00 41 29Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillewaterlots of progress in water pollution control - Galveston Bay improving
23982047mini-dv00 42 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepollutionfuture problems from population, Gulf of Mexico delicate & threatened by toxics
23992047mini-dv00 43 00Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepollutionpolluters shooting steel drums with guns & pushing into water near shrimp ground
24002047mini-dv00 45 18Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepollutionno spills or pipe leaks in Galveston Bay
24012047mini-dv00 46 08Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsencourage students to vote, if the politicians don't work, kick 'em out
24022047mini-dv00 47 20Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticspragmatism in politics - some put too much emphasis on re-election
24032047mini-dv00 49 25Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillepoliticsdevelopers & builders most influential in defeating Eckhardt on flood issues
24042047mini-dv00 50 15Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefavorite placeTeton is a favorite place
24052047mini-dv00 50 52Ozmore, Keith10/07/99Huntsvillefavorite placefavorite canyon in Texas
24062047mini-dv00 51 52Ozmore, Keith10/07/99HuntsvilleethicsCherokee genes & beautiful surroundings contributed to environmental ethics
24072048mini-dv00 02 23Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontearly influenceworked at market at 11, smelled awful refinery smell in evenings in Beaumont
24082048mini-dv00 03 45Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontearly influencefather was cement finisher at Mobil refinery, died at 42, was sharecropper in LA
24092048mini-dv00 05 00Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontearly influenceWillie Sonett told him, "whatever you are, be good at!" was adult influence on him
24102048mini-dv00 06 12Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontcareerwas machinist by trade, came in contact with acetone & metals - "awakened" him
24112048mini-dv00 07 28Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismchildren at school while refinery blew up - got him concerned - formed P.A.C.E.
24122048mini-dv00 08 57Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismeducated himself, read "Dumping in Dixie" went to seminars, outraged by TNRCC
24132048mini-dv00 10 30Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismconcerned as his children developed medical problems - church gets involved!
24142048mini-dv00 11 10Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontreligionchurch gets involved - ethic of religion & ecology, "stewards" of planet vs. greed
24152048mini-dv00 12 50Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontethicsman is a link in the chain - some are sacrificed so others can live "deliciously"
24162048mini-dv00 14 40Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicechurch involved because the poor end up living in poor environments
24172048mini-dv00 15 37Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontpoliticslegislature opens loopholes in CAA & CWA and environmental criminals get away
24182048mini-dv00 16 30Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontpoliticspolitics tied to pollution - neighborhoods at risk should be moved - but aren't!
24192048mini-dv00 17 40Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontreligiontoo many "Christians" on board of directors using religion to justify greedy profits
24202048mini-dv00 19 15Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontreligionchildren live in "sacrifice" zones - Church has responsibility to all of them
24212048mini-dv00 21 15Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontreligionchurch reacts slowly to issues (like slavery) & indebted to industry until explosion
24222048mini-dv00 23 35Malveaux, Roy10/08/99BeaumontactivismP.A.C.E. formed in "refinery row" after explosions & no representation from city
24232048mini-dv00 24 49Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontlegislationa bill to move people out from Sen. Carlos Truan; filed Title 6 complaint
24242048mini-dv00 26 40Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismgot tank farm moved, but local gov't. resists moving people out-needs industry
24252048mini-dv00 29 13Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontpoliticssacrifice zones are blighted areas, they stay cause city needs taxes & voters
24262048mini-dv00 31 15Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicehealth impacts & deaths in one area in his neighborhood-can't afford "physicals"
24272048mini-dv00 35 15Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicesome parishoners brought lawsuits, but judges may be tied to corporations
24282048mini-dv00 36 20Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceCitgo bought out neighborhood & did a good job, just attorney's getting rich
24292048mini-dv00 38 20Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicehe educated the people, waiting for an upcoming Joshua or Moses to lead them
24302048mini-dv00 40 04Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceDavid vs. Goliath mentality (jeaolousy, fear) in taking on industry, veiled threats
24312048mini-dv00 41 40Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicesince working in movement he's gotten calls from funeral parlors, employers
24322048mini-dv00 42 36Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismin military & facing giant corporations two most dangerous are general & privates
24332048mini-dv00 44 00Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontreligionother pastors tell him, "can't you get it through your head?" but he keeps the faith
24342048mini-dv00 45 25Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismrecieved threats for 90 days, was asked "what' s it gonna take to leave it alone?"
24352048mini-dv00 47 33Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismreasons he left Corpus Christi; jumped from frying pan into fire; Mobil refinery
24362048mini-dv00 49 00Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceMt. Zion baptist church vs. Mobil refinery - church board felt jeopardized by action
24372048mini-dv00 51 15Malveaux, Roy10/08/99BeaumontpoliticsMayor Mary Rose told him city would never buy-out refinery row, favored industry
24382048mini-dv00 52 55Malveaux, Roy10/08/99BeaumontpoliticsMayor Tom Utter (?) upset with civil rights complaint, very abrasive
24392048mini-dv00 53 40Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontpoliticstalked to Councilman John Davis and he has at least listened to him
24402048mini-dv00 55 07Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontscience3 types of ignorance: if you call the truth junk science & don't accept, you live a lie
24412048mini-dv00 56 19Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicepoor diet, bad habits blamed for illness-dismiss possibility they lived in same place
24422048mini-dv00 57 49Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceonly Marvin Legator & one other doctor actually attributes pollution to illness
24432048mini-dv00 58 30Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismattorneys bring on more & more experts with more accolades to prove case
24442049mini-dv00 02 20Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontearly influencedaughter introduced him to environmental issues - PCB's from Mexico - WMX
24452049mini-dv00 04 00Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontethicspeople influenced by money, Rev. Malveaux can't be bought
24462049mini-dv00 05 00Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceWMX was to burn PCB's, nobody would tell them truth, devastating effects
24472049mini-dv00 06 30Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceresidents suffering from many health problems in Golden Triangle, must organize
24482049mini-dv00 08 00Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontactivismdid "bucket" sampling, got lab results, works harmoniously w/Malveaux
24492049mini-dv00 08 50Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismmet Rev. Dominic while discussing wastewater, "hit it off" with him
24502049mini-dv00 09 50Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontactivismrefineries miscommunicate information, but they understood wastewater issues
24512049mini-dv00 11 16Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontsciencebucket brigade takes certified air samples - industry call "junk science" MTBE!
24522049mini-dv00 14 08Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontethicshuman being worth more than any money; must love & care for one another
24532049mini-dv00 16 09Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumonteconomicsneedy people exploited; Pt. Arthur called "hub of economy" yet is disadvantaged
24542049mini-dv00 18 15Dominic, Alfred10/08/99BeaumonteconomicsFed Gov't. doing a good job, but not filtering down to local people, no local jobs
24552049mini-dv00 20 13Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontreligionpeople are yelling "I love Jesus" but not doing anything concrete for folks
24562049mini-dv00 21 15Dominic, Alfred10/08/99BeaumontactivismMalveaux can't get support because of companies & people's fears hinder him
24572049mini-dv00 22 08Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontpollutionthey don't remove people from pollution areas cause city gets Fed tax money
24582049mini-dv00 23 00Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontpollutionpollution will go away when it is made unprofitable, like slavery , church is inactive
24592049mini-dv00 24 00Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justicepeople exploited so some live deliciously - Mobil refinery in exchange for a soul?
24602049mini-dv00 27 30Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceno "black" church -church must be colorblind - not to dehumanize - hypocracy
24612049mini-dv00 29 50Malveaux, Roy10/08/99BeaumontethicsGod uses nature (disasters), Jonah & whale to get His message across
24622049mini-dv00 31 16Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontreligionin past & present still feels a boundary betwen preacher & congregation
24632049mini-dv00 32 45Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontpollutionnobody cares about pollution as long as everyone gets their money & their own
24642049mini-dv00 35 10Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontactivismuse AFSCME union actions to protest; going to city council first, then congress
24652049mini-dv00 37 00Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceeconomic differences won't let people move or be active; disgusted & frustrated
24662049mini-dv00 38 18Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontenvironmental justiceafter explosion, city moved the nearby dog pound, but not the residents,
24672049mini-dv00 42 37Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontfuturecrisis coming, God allows things to happen to get attention, industry catastrophy
24682049mini-dv00 44 01Dominic, Alfred10/08/99BeaumontfutureTaiwan, Timor, Mexico, Russia, conflicts & catastrophe, abused indians
24692049mini-dv00 49 17Malveaux, Roy10/08/99Beaumontfuturetell children to get in touch with God, Custer had arrows in his ears, wouldn't listen
24702049mini-dv00 51 53Dominic, Alfred10/08/99Beaumontfuturebetter to've lived for what is right, for death is sure, so why take spiritual chances?
24712050mini-dv00 02 20Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonearly influenceborn in AR, grew up on farm, spent time in woods reading, appreciated nature
24722050mini-dv00 04 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonearly influenceher farther operated a sawmill & was timber estimator, no clear-cutting then
24732050mini-dv00 05 01Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonforestryin '30's no management or foresight in forestry, some were more responsible
24742050mini-dv00 06 26Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonearly influencecame to TX in her teens, found it dreadfully flat, had to "refocus" to appreciate TX
24752050mini-dv00 07 48Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketAlice Cashen had her students write & read Big Thicket folklore & Ralph Abernathy
24762050mini-dv00 09 31Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketLance Rosier was interesting, inquisitive person, worked w/Lamar biology dept.
24772050mini-dv00 11 20Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketLance Rosier could make weeds sound glorious, took groups on field trips
24782050mini-dv00 15 18Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketR.E. Jackson was local Santa Fe conductor, leased land for preservation & study
24792050mini-dv00 18 54Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketboundaries of Big Thicket defined as area between Sabine & Brazos, Woodville
24802050mini-dv00 21 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketbiological survey by Jackson identified mixing of flora & fauna, diversity in soils
24812050mini-dv00 22 25Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketJackson's early efforts to protect large, intact areas; discouraged by depression
24822050mini-dv00 23 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketJackson later had plans to dam lakes, airports to attract tourists - compromises
24832050mini-dv00 26 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketfirst Big Thicket Assoc. died w/Jackson, Rosier started new one in 1964
24842050mini-dv00 27 50Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketyou can protect actual flora & fauna of Thicket, but can only record folklore fables
24852050mini-dv00 29 30Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketGeraldine Watson defined ecosystem of Thicket, was great communicator
24862050mini-dv00 30 57Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketfolks felt Thicket needed protection even before Jackson, museum & pilgrimages
24872050mini-dv00 32 39Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketafter 1974 interest shift to Nat'l. Forests, but Assoc. remained focused on Thicket
24882050mini-dv00 33 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketspite cutting of trees by landowners; or "if you buy my land, I won't cut it"
24892050mini-dv00 35 29Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketdeveloper claimed Beaumont area prime, but showed it was a floodplain
24902050mini-dv00 36 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicket1976 southern pine beetle hit, Beech Creek unit decimated by "logging control"
24912050mini-dv00 38 55Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketRaymond McDavid bought tracts, declaration of taking, pushed through congress
24922050mini-dv00 41 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketexample of good pine beetle control - let trees fall where they may - has recovered
24932050mini-dv00 42 30Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketForest Service believed in science that pine beetle could be controlled by cutting
24942050mini-dv00 43 27Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketopponents of preserve, SPIRIT, spread rumors, scare mongering of homeowners
24952050mini-dv00 44 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketNat'l. Park Ser. sent surveys via post offices to see who lived in preserve areas
24962050mini-dv00 46 10Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketEckhardt & others fought misinformation about landowner's fears of home taking
24972050mini-dv00 48 20Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketpeople feared "taking" of their homes to create park, but gov't did pay plenty!
24982050mini-dv00 50 04Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketBeaumont Visitors Bureau referred calls to her at Lamar on location of units
24992050mini-dv00 50 50Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketEckhardt referred people to her & they wouldn't cut their trees if in a proposed unit
25002050mini-dv00 53 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketEckhardt filed bill using conservationists recommendations and maps
25012050mini-dv00 53 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketNed Fritz formed Big Thicket Coordinating Committee - learned about lobbying
25022050mini-dv00 55 57Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketArcher Fullingim in Kountze became active supporter of park w/Ralph Yarborough
25032050mini-dv00 57 30Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketRalph Yarborough introducedThicket bill in '66 - knew it took 8-12 years to pass
25042050mini-dv00 59 30Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketRep. John Doughty a tool of timber company, blocked park, then indicted bribery
25062051mini-dv00 01 44Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketTimber Charlie at angry meeting in Kountze - he stood his ground at first
25072051mini-dv00 03 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketshe used good evidence at meetings, nominated to Texas Forestry Assoc. 25 yrs
25082051mini-dv00 05 53Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thickethe wanted compromise w/ Hardon County area, needed to save Village Creek
25092051mini-dv00 07 34Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thickethe wouldn't be held hostage on Village Creek - told her to keep quiet on issue
25102051mini-dv00 09 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketWIlson eventually agrees to acquire Village Creek unit; private property issues
25112051mini-dv00 11 38Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketunusual shape of preserve an attempt to find the best areas of each type of area
25122051mini-dv00 13 20Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketcorridors of water linking units important for migration of plant & animal species
25132051mini-dv00 15 52Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketoriginal connections only w/ Neches & Pine Island, but since ''86 90% will connect
25142051mini-dv00 16 41Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketAssoc. hassles w/ interference w/ streams & channelization; worked w/ timber
25152051mini-dv00 18 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketHouston's need for water has eye on Rockland dam on Neches, water sales ?!
25162051mini-dv00 19 48Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketgot Rockland Dam de-authorized in '87, but can get it re-authorized w/state money
25172051mini-dv00 21 21Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thickettallow trees & ferrel hogs are problems the park service wants to deal with
25182051mini-dv00 22 20Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketno prairie representation in Thicket area, found tiny tract in subdivision, ARCO $$
25192051mini-dv00 23 20Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thicketprairie grasses rare & valuable to preserve, bought 6 acres; cleared & burned
25202051mini-dv00 26 40Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig Thickettallows invading the prairie, must cut & remove them, girdle them, even herbicide
25212051mini-dv00 29 44Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonBig ThicketAssoc. inconsistent: wants nature to prosper, but also prescribes control burns
25222051mini-dv00 32 18Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonactivismbig mainstay group in effort to protect Thicket & Ken Kramer; TCNR helped too
25232051mini-dv00 34 11Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonactivismNed Fritz made problems in DC, he called her to "calm" Ned down - used as pawn
25242051mini-dv00 36 10Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonactivismlobbying efforts in DC w/ Geraldine Watson - very emotional instead of scientific
25252051mini-dv00 38 00Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonactivismtold Fullingim not to discuss "Holy Ghost" when talking to congress so he didn't
25262051mini-dv00 39 17Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonmediamedia tended to sympathize with flooded residents, more sensational but not fact
25272051mini-dv00 40 05Johnston, Maxine10/11/99Batsonmediaout-of-state media did better job of covering, St. Louis Post, Times Picayune
25282051mini-dv00 41 35Johnston, Maxine10/11/99BatsonmediaNY Times story on entemologist who influenced Chicago Science Academy
25292051mini-dv00 43 53Johnston, Maxine10/11/99