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A.R. "Babe" Schwartz

Galveston | Congressman

Mr. Schwartz served in the Texas Legislature for many years, from 1954 to 1958 in the House and from 1960 to 1980 in the Senate. During his tenure in the Legislature, he sat on the Finance Committee, chaired the Senate Natural Resource Committee and the Texas Coastal and Marine Council. While in the Legislature, he was involved in a variety of environmental legislative initiatives, passing energy, pollution control, coastal, consumer, and general open government bills. He also helped create and fund a number of important institutions, including the University of Texas Marine Science Institute and the Sea Grant Program at Texas A&M. After serving in the Legislature, he continued to be active in environmental protection, through helping found the Galveston Bay Foundation and via other public interest work.

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June 20, 1997
Austin, Texas
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January 20, 2006
Austin, Texas
Reels 2387, 2388, and 2389
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Kindly recorded and provided by Jessica Schoenbaechler

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