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Bee Moorhead

Austin | Lobbyist

Ms Moorhead is the executive director of the lobbying group, Texas Impact. She is also the leader of the Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy, Texas Impact’s sister research and education organization. These two groups speak for the progressive faith community, including delegates from the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim traditions. In representing this community, she has helped bring environmental concerns including climate, water, energy and other topics to the attention of the public and their elected officials. One of their green initiatives is Texas Interfaith Power and Light, which seeks to reduce global warming and air pollution through energy conservation and renewable electricity sources. A second key program is the Water Captains project, which helps bring local congregations and citizens into the state’s water planning process. Outside of Texas Impact and the Interfaith Center, Ms Moorhead also serves as an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church, and teaches about lobbying at St. Edward’s University and on faith and public policy at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Interview Information

November 8, 2018
Austin, Texas
Reel 3458

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