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Bill Addington

Sierra Blanca | Grocer

A grocer and landowner in the small west Texas community of Sierra Blanca, Mr. Addington has been involved since the early 1980s in fighting proposals to dispose of sewage sludge and radioactive waste near his home in Hudspeth county. Mr. Addington, together with the Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund and other partners, successfully defeated the proposal to site a low-level nuclear waste disposal facility on the Faskin Ranch near Sierra Blanca, due to concerns over an active geologic fault running through the site, violations of the La Paz agreement with Mexico, and disproportionate impacts on the Hispanic, low-income area. In more recent years, Mr. Addington has focused more on worrisome groundwater export proposals, and on efforts to educate the public about the consequences of population and municipal growth in this high desert area.

Interview Information

March 28, 2001
Sierra Blanca, Texas
Reels 2136, 2137 and 2138

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