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Carmine Stahl

Houston | Minister and Botanist

An ordained Methodist minister who lived in Houston, Mr. Stahl directed a number of church-related camps and participated in ministry and youth outreach. After he retired, he worked as a naturalist in a variety of capacities – as a consultant on design and acquisition of the Cypress Creek Parkway, as an outdoor education trainer for the Houston Independent School District and scouting programs, as director of the Houston Audubon Society, as a program coordinator at Mercer Arboretum, and as a teacher of ecology and botany at the Jesse Jones Park, Houston Museum of Natural Science, University of Houston, Texas A&M and Rice Universities. He was noted as an expert on wild edible plants and on the culture of area Native Americans. With Ria McElvaney, he published the guide, Trees of Texas (Texas A&M Press).

Interview Information

February 23, 1997
Houston, Texas
Reel 1003

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