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David Langford

San Antonio | Photographer

Mr. Langford worked for many years as a professional photographer of Western life and landscapes. Concerned over the breakup of many of the ranchlands he’d grown up on and visited, in 1990 he became Executive Vice President of the Texas Wildlife Association. Formed in 1985 by ranchers, hunters and wildlife managers, the Association has focused on promoting the interests of privately-held lands, which make up 97% of the state. During his years with the Association, Mr. Langford has represented the group in a successful effort to introduce the “wildlife management tax valuation”, which extended discounts on land appraisals that parallel agricultural appraisals. These tax reductions have helped many rural landowners who manage their land for wildlife and hunting or birding or other kinds of nature tourism. He has also worked to defuse tensions between the agricultural and environmental communities through an effort known as Plan-It Texas, which used a Hill Country ranch as a case study on how to protect endangered species, diversify into a profitable bed-and-breakfast, cattle and hunting operation, and keep the land intact long into the future. In addition to his work in the business and non-profit worlds, Mr. Langford has also been involved in a number of appointed positions in government, particularly with Texas Parks and Wildlife. He has served on the the agency’s Hunting Advisory Committee, Whitetail Deer Advisory Committee and Education and Outreach Advisory Committee.

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February 13, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
Reels 2326 and 2327

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