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John Prager

Rosanky | Activist

Mr. Prager worked during his career for the Air Force and the University of Texas. As a volunteer and retiree, however, his focus was on protecting the lands and waters near his home in Elgin, Texas, east of Austin. Known for his careful and insightful research, Mr. Prager was particularly active in working with the Central Texas Lignite Watch, Fayette County Resource Watch, and the Bastrop County Environmental Network, in challenging a variety of lignite stripmining proposals for Powell’s Bend, Cummins Creek, and Camp Swift. He was also involved in opposition to central Texas projects to reuse the Longhorn oil pipeline as a gasoline conduit, to construct bullet trains, dams, incinerators and power plants, and to receive sewage from Austin and sell water to San Antonio. Late in his life, he was on the track of state-record size trees in his beloved Bastrop County, having already found immense, record-breaking black locust and American elm.

Interview Information

October 17, 2003
Rosanky, Texas
Reels 2265, 2266, and 2267

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