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Kamlesh Lulla

Clear Lake City | Earth Scientist

Dr. Lulla served as Chief of the Office of Earth Sciences at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, where he directed the Earth Observations Science activities from the Space Shuttle flights, the International Space Station, and formerly, the NASA-Russian MIR joint project. Drawing on an archive that stretches back to photos taken by Apollo astronauts, Dr. Lulla’s program at NASA managed a set of over 400,000 images of the Earth, including over 60,000 images online. In managing this program, Dr. Lulla was a pioneer in using remote sensing techniques and images to monitor land uses and environmental impacts around the globe, including the wartime fires in the Kuwaiti oil fields, the draining of Lake Chad in Africa, the burning of the Amazon rainforests, and the development of China.

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October 5, 1999
Clear Lake City, Texas
Reels 2038 and 2039

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