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Larry DeMartino

San Antonio | Landscape Architect

Mr. DeMartino is a landscape architect based in San Antonio who has long been interested and active in reconciling the land’s natural features with its intended use. His professional work has included site studies, layouts for private gardens, designs for public parks and open spaces, projects to protect urban streams and watersheds, and classes for university students. His volunteer work has also touched on these same areas. He has served on several appointed boards for the City of San Antonio, including the Committee for the Water Quality Ordinance, the Open Space Advisory Committee, the On-Premise Sign Committee, and the Ad Hoc Committee for the Urban Corridor Ordinance. In addition to his municipal work, he has been heavily involved in the formation and leadership of the San Antonio Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, a group that was effective in making sure that local government was responsive to citizen concerns.

Interview Information

February 20, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
Reels 2350, 2351, 2352

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