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Laura Dunn

Austin | Filmmaker

Laura Dunn is a storyteller and filmmaker who has explored a number of conservation themes. Her movies include BABY (1999), which presents her personal take on population issues, GREEN (2000), which documents pollution and environmental injustice along the Mississippi River petrochemical corridor, BECOME THE SKY (2002), which depicts the overlaps of energy, politics and war in Texas, THE UNFORESEEN (2007), which shows the collision between a development and environmental efforts in the Austin area,  and LOOK & SEE (2016), which tells the story of traditional and industrial agriculture, as seen through the eyes of the poet and farmer, Wendell Berry. She is currently working on yet another film, FOREST AND THE TREES, which looks at the denaturing of American childhood.

Interview Information

November 10, 2018
Austin, Texas
Reel 3463

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