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Linda Stall

Fayetteville | Escrow Agent, Citizen Advocate

Mrs. Stall is an escrow agent and citizen advocate who helped found, which serves to research and share information about the Trans Texas Corridor. The Corridor is an ambitious plan to build a 1200-foot wide, 4000-mile, 584,000-acre set of tollways, railroad tracks, and utility transmission lines which would criss-cross the state. Working with her husband, David Stall, and other volunteers, she has identified a number of concerns about the Corridor, including fragmentation of habitat, takings of historic family homesteads, breakup of agricultural operations, limits to emergency service access, terrorist risk from combined utilities, undercutting of local sales tax revenues, liability for large costs ($184 billion), loss of public revenues from the state transportation system, and limited benefits from alleviated traffic congestion.

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February 24, 2008
Fayetteville, Texas
Reel 2406

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