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Merlin Tuttle

Austin | Ecologist, Bat Biologist, Educator, Photographer

Dr. Tuttle is a Ph.D. ecologist and well-known bat biologist, educator and photographer. In 1982, he founded the non-profit, Bat Conservation International, establishing it in Austin shortly after its organization, and continuing to lead it for many year afterward. The organization seeks to gain greater appreciation and protection of the greater diversity and value of bats, and dispel traditional myths and legends that have long clouded understanding of these creatures, regarding rabies, vampires, and the like). With those goals in mind, BCI has conducted research on bat behavior, protected bat caves, enabled bat habitat in artificial locations such as mines, nestboxes, chiroptoria and bridges, and sought to educate the public about bats’ vital role in the environment and economy through numerous tours, books, articles, photos and video documentaries.

Interview Information

February 23, 2008
Austin, Texas
Reels 2400 and 2401

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