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T. Paul Robbins

Austin | Advocate

T. Paul Robbins has been an environmental analyst, author, publisher and advocate in the Austin area for many years. Frequently seen at Austin City Council hearings giving detailed, thoughtful testimony, he is also well known for his work researching, writing, editing, laying out, printing, distributing and fundraising for the Austin Environmental Directory, a broad sourcebook about environmental issues, products, services, and organizations in central Texas. He has also done wide-ranging reporting on conservation questions for non-profits and agencies, including the Hill Country Foundation, Public Citizen, Save Our Springs Alliance, SEED Coalition, Texans for Public Justice, the Texas Railroad Commission’s Alternative Fuels Division, and the City of Austin’s Environmental & Conservation Services, Energy Management Department, and Consumer Advocate office.

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November 9, 2018
Austin, Texas
Reel 3461

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