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Rick Lowerre

Austin | Environmental Attorney

Mr. Lowerre is an environmental attorney specializing in representing Texas public interest and landowner groups on environmental matters. He was a long-time partner in the law firm of Henry, Lowerre, Johnson, Hess and Frederick, a group of attorneys. He has dealt with cases involving toxic wastes, radioactive materials, pesticides, dams, land protection, strip mines, and air pollution. Aside from his role as an attorney in private practice, Mr. Lowerre has also served as Assistant Commissioner in the Texas Department of Agriculture under the Hightower administration, managing all regulatory programs of the Department, especially pesticide control. As well, he has worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Texas Attorney General’s Office Environmental Protection Division and as a Staff Officer at the National Academy of Sciences dealing with environmental policy research. Most recently, he has led the Caddo Lake Institute, a non-profit group dedicated to study and protection of the only natural lake in Texas.

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June 18, 1999
Austin, Texas
Reels 2005 and 2006

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