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Sister Susan Mika

San Antonio | Nun

Sister Susan Mika is a Benedictine nun who lives in San Antonio and who has served as a school teacher and a public advocate. Her advocacy work has focused on showing corporations the need to be more responsible in their care of workers and the environment. To do this, she has worked as a director of the Socially Responsible Investment Coalition, seeking to leverage the equities owned by her Order and other religious investors through informal dialogues with management and by more formal shareholder proxy votes. Through her leadership in the Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras, she has been particularly active and concerned with the pollution and worker safety issues raised by corporations’ maquiladoras along the US/Mexico border. Recognizing that many of the environmental and labor issues raised by the maquiladoras are now appearing in other border and developing nations, she has also served on the Global Corporate Accountability Steering Committee of the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility to seek better international business response to conditions abroad.

Interview Information

April 17, 2002
San Antonio, Texas
Reel 2198 and 2199

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