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Tony Amos

Port Aransas | Oceanographer

Mr. Amos was a researcher at the Marine Science Institute, an arm of the University of Texas based in Port Aransas, Texas. During the course of his career, he was active in deep ocean research from the Indian Ocean to the Antarctic, focusing on designing, building and operating the instruments which collect information about the seas. His work also took him in other more landward directions: for example, he acted as a witness to the ecology and development of Mustang Island, chronicling the flotsam and trash, from bleach bottles to messages in a bottle, and detailing the natural world, including the shore and migratory birds, as well as the turtles and marine mammals which come ashore.  Finally, he also found time to run the Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) in Port Aransas, where he, with fellow staff and volunteers, provided shelter, food and care for injured birds and sea turtles.
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Interview Information

March 2, 1997
Port Aransas, Texas
Reel 1005

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